Tuesday, May 4, 2010

not much....

...to say...
on saturday courtney had her provincial rep selection meet dance competition.
she taught herself a tough lesson that day and did not earn herself a spot at this years
Canadian Championships.
all in all, it was a very stressful and frustrating day.
i will be glad when june is here and we can take a break for the summer!!!!
( or longer?? heeheehee.....? )

...our little Oliver is adjusting well to our family. he is enjoying his frequent visits and playtime with us and WE are going to be investing some time into litter training the little
poop machine....
but he is just adorable and very cuddly!!!


...scrappy news...
finishing off the newsletter, but the hall crop date is set
for Friday, May 14....
more info regarding classes coming soon!!!


xoxo... t said...

Oh I just love him! He is so cuddly and adorable! AAAGH!

I'll let you know about the Hall Crop stat!



Anonymous said...

Hi kim
We missed you at dance class tonight. We will see you on Thursday however at MTYP!
Glad that Oliver is keeping you all hopping-- ha ha.
Courtney had a bad day on Saturday but she's a very very strong dancer so next time will be better. We all have our ups and downs in this Highland dance game. Courtney has all her friends cheering her on, don't forget the good stuff too. see you soon.
Lori N.

Anonymous said...

I so can't wait to meet this adorable cute and cuddly Oliver!!!! Love the group shot of Courtney and teammates!!...Nikki