Saturday, May 22, 2010


guess what?
i think i just had THE most lazy and relaxed day in my life!
i have NO pictures to share today...
why not?
because i didn't do anything AT ALL today!
...the kids slept over at my moms last night.
so mike and i got to sleep in this morning...10:30am.
...took oliver out for a nice long play visit.
...caught up on some blog reading that i enjoy checking out regularly.
...then i played a bit on Facebook...Bejeweled Blitz and Family Feud ( a little obsession i enjoy )
...contemplated doing some scrapbooking today, but stripping our bed and exchanging for fresh linens won out! ( i LOVE crawling into fresh bed sheets!!! Mmmmmm )
...i did practice piano for a while today.
...then my mom brough the kids by to get clean clothes for tomorrow as she wanted them to spend the night again tonight!! WOW!!! talk about a relaxing day! so that produced another visit with the bunny!!! he sure is getting comfy with his surroundings and with us! we have to be careful not to step on him when he's out because he now follows us around!
...mike picked us up supper and we ate in our bedroom...a rare occasion!
...and now i just finished watching one of my FAVORITE movies of all time...
P.S, i love you.
So good.
i will definitely be having a full day tomorrow to share with you...
we opted out of going to the cabin this weekend due to several obstacles around home, but i have been totally enjoying a couple completely stress free days and the time to re-energize!
...hope you're all having a fantastic long weekend!!!!
see ya tomorrow!

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xoxo... t said...

Kim! Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend! Just what you needed! I will forgive you for not putting my blog on your faves to read list. HA!

Glad to hear you had such a nice weekend!

Oh how I love little Oliver!

I worked on your Mexico album this weekend! AND this weekend when I came into work, Lindsay had gotten me the WRMK stuff as requested! I am so excited!