Thursday, July 30, 2009


( silly, quirky ADORABLE courtney...)
apparently i've been a blog slacker.
i've been home for 4 days and have NOT blogged yet and people are sending me whinning emails about posting!!!! guys are so addicted....i LOOOOVE it!!!
but in all reality, i haven't really done much very exciting to post about. not really.
so here's the basics.
you know i went to the lake again last weekend for 4 days, so that is simply just more beach and jetskiing photos! ( aren't you bored of those yet? )
my "groom-to-be" bro came out with his fiance erith for the weekend too, to they went for a few bike rides and then some swimming, frisbee and good eats with us!

and of course, some jetskiing and tubing...

the weather was actally pretty nice all weekend out there, nice enough during the day to be down at the lake in the water all day...but bringing too many friggin' mosquitoes at night to enjoy any bonfires, so it kept us indoors in the evenings having AGGRAVATION board game competitions!!! woohoo!!!
once packed up and heading home sunday night, it LITERALLY clouded over and rained all the way home!! but my attentive daughter caught the rainbow in her sights, so of course....
( not a great one, but it was a 'pull out of the crazy-sunday-night-traffic-coming-home kinda shot...while getting soaked at the same time...)
so, take it or leave it!!
can i tell you how much i miss edward?
november is too long a wait.
that filming for Eclipse starts this FALL and VICTORIA has been replaced?
she's only like the MAIN bad vampire of the book...her moment of glory...
and she's gone.
( though...i'd take the part...GIGGLE )
I will leave you with this, for now.
this is my newest piece of inspiration for my next scrapbooking project.
my newest $50 Tupperware collection, purchased from the newest and most lovely
Tupperware consultant, Tara.
be back soon with results!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Business...and pleasure!

...but business first!
~ first of all ~
AUGUST 7, 2009 is the next hall crop at st. saviour's ( 6pm - midnite ), so please email to register
or if you'd like more information regarding hall crops!!!
GREAT ESCAPE by Making Memories!
LOOOOOVVVEE the bright colors!

12 x 12 double sided patterned papers, foil, varnished and transparencies...

double pack rub ons, cork alpha stickers, mini stamp sets, blossom and button boxes and journal books...

...ALSO now available...
TRAVELER by My Little Yellow Bicycle!
so fun!
12 x 12 double sided patterned papers, die cut papers, varnished and TRAVEL WORD lace papers...

...embossed stickers, rubons, clear glitter stickers, brads and transparency shapes / diecuts!

FANCY PANTS Kraft Kuts papers!
Luuuuuuv it all!!
12 x 12 patterned kraft papers...

...die cut shape kraft papers...
AND kraft alpha stickers!!
soooooo cute!!!
( and more coming soon! )

...last week we were at the lake again for 5 days. we came home sunday night and have been home sice then, UNTIL tonight!
I am heading back out to the cabin for a few more days...
Mike and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary at the lake on friday with our friends joining us for a night too ( the malinowski's ). we had a great day, bbq'd steaks and I cooked up some garlic buttered shrimp too...and yes, by the end of the day...some of us had a little more "fun" than others in our celebration!!! ( we won't mention any names though...) teehee.
look at mike in this picture.
he is about to take courtney and carson for a tube ride with rachel spotting.
does this look like a face you would trust to give you a tube ride?
i recommend NOT taking up an offer from him...
here's just a few shots from over the weekend with the "toy" and lots of fun!


" sweet ride"??? HAVE to click on the next picture to see courtney's hilarious expression bigger!!!

...and miss kelly boppin' along...

...i've taken the last three days to catch up on laundry ( again ) and started trying to reorganize all MY scrapbooking stash. it has been piling up and piling up and getting "out of hand" messy, so I am 3 days into a huge purge and cleaning expedition and have to leave it unfinished until i come home again sunday night...grrr...i wanted to have it done. oh well.
Yesterday was my little bro's birthday.
curt and his fiance erith are staying at Bird's Hill campground right now so i took the kids out yesterday afternoon for a visit and the family was out last night for a bonfire weiner roast for dinner to celebrate!
Happy Birthday again Curty!!!
( YES...that's a DQ ice cream Blizzard cake - erith's parents brought it out! ) was another fun summer day! back again in a few...
i hope YOU'RE enjoying your summer too
keep those cameras rolling!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fun times!

so, after packing up my store and cleaning up from my hall crop friday night,
my mom and i headed out to the cabin!
( mike and courtney were already there )
we arrived there at 2:15am!!!
( but it was nice to be there already in the morning instead of having to drive out then...)
anyway...we had a really nice weekend at the lake!
saturday the weather was cool and windy so we didn't get any swimming in,
but on sunday, we made it happen!
we were in the water and jetskiing the cool afternoon away!
we also had a bonfire with marshmallows for mom on saturday night too!

...we came home sunday night and had a good nights sleep...
and yesterday ( monday ) i took the kids with me and drove out to St. Malo Campground
for a day visit at our friends site!
Linda, Dave and the kids are there for a week, so we took advantage of a great day of weather and drove out to spend the day on the beach and swimming with them!
Lots of fun!!!

...the kids were asking dave to throw them in the water....
too funny to see all these kids flying through the air!!!

( courtney and BFF rachel )

...thanks for a fun, fun day malinowski family!!!
...this beauty was on our way home...
i am going back out to the cabin again either later tonight ( tuesday ) or tomorrow morning with the kids...depends on how fast i can repack and grocery shop!
be back soon...hope you're having fun too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand Beach

...back from the cabin...
not much to tell except that the kids and i had a great time!
i took them to
on tuesday, it was nice out but really windy, so there were some pretty big and FUN waves to play in all day!
we had so much fun, we even went back again on wednesday too!
( it's a 15 mintue drive there from our cabin...)
it was so nice to PLAY in the water with my kids, with no committments, no lists of things to do, no rushing around....
just nothing but time and whatever we wanted to do!

...we are going back to the cabin after my hall crop tomorrow night...can't wait!
i have received a couple new orders that will be available at tomorrow night's hall crop.
I have one more order arriving today, so I will post some photos of the new arrivals later tonight once it gets here!!!
YAY for new goodies!!
hope you're all having fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

6 day update!

well, hello!
our new keyboard has been causing a great deal of entertainment in our home so far!
tyler thinks he's a rockstar...when really all he can play right now is the two key notes to the JAWS sneak attack from the movie ( dun-dun, dun-dun...)
i taught courtney how to play the high notes to "heart and soul" and we can now play that together! i am really excited for our lessons to start in the fall, but in the meantime, we are having fun just playing with it and the kids make up their own songs...

...last week was CRAZY busy with dance, tae kwon do and school winding up for the summer. and as if those tasks weren't enough, i had made arrangements for courtney to finally meet my grandparents request and come to dance at their seniors apartment for them and all their new friends!
on monday, june 29, courtney along with her brave fellow dance friends,
Kelsey, Alex and Kailey,
performed their whole resume of dances together and put on a great show that i'm sure will be the talk of the town there for a long time to come! it certainly made my grandparents the 1115 celebrities that's for sure...( as if their little geese weren't enought already! ) wink....
i was hosting / M.C'ing the evening so I unfortunately did not have a moment's time to snap any photos of the girls together or any of the dancing...these were taken after it was all over!
( did your pic's turn out?? I would love some copies if that's okay!!! )
( and courtney was happy she didn't have to do it alone!!! )

...june 30 brought us to the last day of school! YAY!!
great report cards and courtney's last walk through the school as a student there...( sigh )
this is what i made for tyler's grade one teacher.
it was just a little album full of photos of tyler's grade one year in her classroom...from the first day to all kinds of activities throughout the school year.
i also made her a "journal jar"...which included making up a journal to go along with it.
you can make these in any theme as a gift...such a great find on the internet!
the jar contains a yearly supply of teacher related questions...the teacher picks a slip out each day, attaches it to a new page in their journal and writes a reply to the question they pulled out of the the end of the school year, they can reflect over their last year's teaching!!!
i just embellished the jar and journal with school related goodies and voila!
she loved it!

...for courtney's teacher, i made him a scrapbook album.
i went into the classroom a few weeks before school was out with pre-printed pages for the kids to fill out themselves. i took each of them outside and took their portrait and attached their photo opposite their journal page.

we also bought him a pineapple with a big bow tied on it....he was always eating pineapple in the classroom....
he loved his gift too!

the next day, july 1st, the kids and i were finally off to the cabin for some R & R!!
we usually bring fireworks out for Canada Day...but since i am chicken to set those things off alone, the kids had to settle for canada day cookies...

...and glow sticks at night while we walked and drove around looking at other peoples fireworks!!! hahahaha!!!

...mike came out to join us thursday night and friday the malinowski's joined us for the day..
well, actually...the little malinowski's came out thursday night for the night with us first!
we had a super fun day friday with the jetski's going all day...and tubing....sigh, i love being at the lake!!!
tyler could hardly wait for his first ride on the jetski...these pic's are actually pretty funny if you look at his hair in each of them from the start of his first ride to the last one!

too funny!
...and of course, courtney is always gung-ho to go riding too!!!

( heehee...courtney and i flew off the jetski yesterday while i took a sharp turn on a wave...thank god for kill switches, ya know? )
i'm sure whoever witnessed THAT from the shore had a good chuckle!!!
fortunately, we can both recover and climb back on quickly without too much humiliation!!!
...and dave was determined and trying hard to flip me off my tube ride too...
i thought i was hanging on for dear life pretty good...
...BUT APPARENTLY NOT!, that's what's new this past week!
we just came home this afternoon and i am taking the kids back out tomorrow until wednesday.
courtney was one very lucky kid as she was asked to go to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight a while ago by her good friend amanda from school ( and who also is a lovely little highland dancer too! )...she hasn't stopped talking about it since she came home a while ago....I'm sure she will remember this concert for the rest of her life! I'm so grateful that she got to go with her friend and see a live show by her most favorite band / idols/ hearthrobs / teen magazine money suckers...!!!! apparently is was a great show!!!
and how is your first week of july going so far???