Thursday, May 31, 2007

so bummed out

for those of you i've been talking to about registering and waiting to get courtney into the multi age school program in september...i just got off the phone with the principal of the school and courtney did not get in. they only take 8 grade 4 students into the program and 7 of them were already guaranteed to the class coming from the grade 3 multi age program. so that left only 1 person to fill the quota and they chose a student already in the school regular class program since this would be an out of district and school of choice for our family.
you have no idea how much this is bothering me. i'm so totally bummed out now. and since this is MY JOURNAL afterall, i decided to vent and let it out here!!! the principal told me to register tyler for kindergarten there in september and then he'd 'pretty much' be guaranteed a spot in the junior multi age program starting with grade 1 the following year. but what about courtney now? i don't want to take tyler there with the promise of what's to come for him and then feel like i'm settling with regular classes for courtney when i know what she could have had...i need a couple days to figure this one out...any advice? (!!!)
i know i'm not the only one who's very disappointed that my child didn't get in the program as several other children were turned away too, but it's almost personal, ya know? i'm so competitive that i think i'm taking it on a different level than it really is, the fact that, well, there was only 1 spot to fill and my kid didn't get it. it's like just because we are not in that district we were already at the bottom of the totem pole.
disappointment is tough, but it's also reality. but it seems to sting more when it happens to your child.

man, i need a hug!!!
on a happier note...tyler's preschool went on a field trip to visit the firemen at the Kimberly Fire Station yesterday! what a great bunch of guys there! they were soooo good to and with all the children and tyler LOVED it! they showed them a fire safety video and then took them into the garage and showed them all kinds of tools and cool things on the fire trucks...but, not only showed them, they explained what things did. like the 'jaws of life' and all the big fans in the truck, their rescue scuba suits and so much more! i didn't know that this station is the home of winnipeg's technical unit too. these are our tall building rescue repellers too! they have their own mascot there...since they feel like Spiderman repelling down tall buildings, they have a stuffed Spiderman attached to the front of their technical truck! i got a real cute picture of tyler standing in front of it! i found the whole thing extremely interesting myself! the kids all got to walk through, touch and explore on 2 trucks and sit in the driver seat of a pumper truck! of course, pictures galore..( but they're all on my cell phone camera...can you believe I, ME, yes I forgot my camera??? BAD KIM.
it was a great visit and we're grateful for the help and safetly of the Winnipeg Fire Dept. and all their dedicated committment to us all! and many thanks to tyler's wonderful teacher for arranging such a great visit!

Monday, May 28, 2007


home sweet home...
it's been a while since i had some free time to blog so this is gonna be a 'catch up' put the tea on and have a sit!!!
since i last posted, there's been so much going on and it's been impossible to sit and blog never mind trying to accomplish anything else that i wanted to do...
i've been having fun planning and drooling over my kits i ordered and received from COLLEEN in georgia! i love the stuff she puts together and she's got herself some great designers to help her sell her products...if you haven't already checked out her website, go and have a look!
many thanks again colleen...i can't wait to play with it all! and must check out her site for her july kit, she said there's gonna be some jenni bowlin stuff in that one!!
THE KIDS have been keeping us busy with all their school and preschool activities happening lately! i was the 'helper' at tyler's preschool on the 18th and had a fun day with the kids again! tyler LOVES being the 'star of the day' when it's my turn to be the helper! if i was 5 i'm sure i'd enjoy it too! last week i volunteered again on another field trip for courtney's class to the bowling alley! it was the grade three's wind up with their little reading buddies from kindergarten so the big kids took the little guys bowling! fun and noisy morning! and then last thursday mike, my mom, the kids and i headed out for a road trip dance competition for courtney is saskatoon, sk...i love going there with her for dance and a fun time shopping and lots of swimming in the hotel POOLS! one of my favorite little scrapbook stores is located there called JUST SCRAP IT. my mom and i had a hayday in there...
to our surprise when we arrived at the competition there was a bus full of dancers from alberta so the competition was real tuff! she danced in an "11 & under" category, but i think she was the only "& under" one in that class...she seemed so little up there with all those big girls! anyway, she danced very well, especially with dancing 3 never competed before dances to boot! she won a 1st, a 2nd, and a 4th in her dances she did and finished 3rd overall in her class!!! we are very proud of her and all her hard work ( man, i was a nervous wreck at this one for some reason ) but now i'm glad we're home safe and sound and back at our normal routine, whatever that may be....HA!!!
here's some pictures of our little trip...
stopping to stretch out legs, and of course a little photo opp off the highway...
look out comes tyler!
(by the end of the day, he was going down the same time as courtney, head first on his tummy and diving off the slide...little daredevil!)

she wanted mike to throw her...honest!! just look at the huge giggle on her face!

our beautiful little girl

...ahem...and our cute little sailor!!
these were taken after the competition outside in her SAILOR'S HORNPIPE costume!
i did a little photo shoot of her in it for a chipboard album i am making for her, but i can't show you all the pic''ll have to see the album when it's all done!!

SOOO SERIOUS!!!! ( the look of concentration!)

salute matey!!

i've been playing with the idea of trying out some pre-made kits of my own to sell in my shop and here's your sneak peak at the JUNE KIT!!!
( i only have 5 available for this month as this is just a trial period for the summer...i will have 6 of each kit for the months of JULY and AUGUST yet to come...)
the kits will sell at $29.99 plus PST with no substitutions!
please email or leave a comment to reserve and pay for your kit ASAP as i really have no idea how this will take off!!!
any suggestions for choice supplier's for my kits are more than welcome as i want to make up kits with the products you love!!!

3 12x 12 bazzill cardstocks
1 12 x 12 dcwv scalloped cardstock
3 12 x 12 double sided 'my little shoebox' patterned papers
1 5 x 7 'my little shoebox' white printed transparency
27 pc. MLS co-ordinating adhesives (shapes, frames, corners, tags & more )
3 yds. MLS ribbons ( 1yd of 3 different ribbons ea.)
1 pkg making memories brown boho chic tiny alphas
1 pkg lil davis designs clay phrases
1 pkg heidi swapp XL pink swirl photo corners
1 pkg american crafts chipboard thickers alpha
1 pine cone press CD tin (great for a mini album or creative card )
3 copper creative impressions circle clips
4 making memories mini brads
3 bling flower jewels

these are great products in yummy kit already for you to play with....
GIT 'EM while you can!!
thanks for sticking to this and reading to the end..i know it was a long post and i still have more to tell you and show you...
but tomorrow is another day!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


being a week without my computer has been interesting...
i suffered only minor withdrawl symptoms and found that i really didn't miss it all that much...!
last friday mike took our 'puter in for some overhaulin' and de-bugging of viruses found. the computer was freezing and shutting down too often and getting really, after some fine tweeking and some new updated software and RAM, we are now back on track!! gotta love technology...i don't know how to do most of that stuff so that's why we took it in to the shop...i had a friend offer her husbands superior knowledge and help for future reference...thanks Kris!!! (and Troy! )

courtney had a dance competition on may 6 and did very well...two 2nds and a 5th...good for you punky! she worked very hard and danced very well and we're very proud of her! we are actually off to saskatoon the last weekend in may for a road trip dance competition! we are not going with the rest of the dance school....i like to take her once or twice a year somewhere to compete with kids she doesn't usually dance against for a "change in scenery"....i really enjoy driving out to saskatoon and we always love our 4 day stay at the travelodge there....TWO POOL ROOMS ya know!!! anyway, i usually drive out there by myself with the kids as mike doesn't want to lose 2 days pay to come with us ( i still love ya honey ) but this time my mom is taggin' along with the kids and i!!! i'm starting to get anxious for this little road trip now....OH, and courtney will be doing 5 dances in total at the competition, with 3 of them never danced before in competition, so it's very exciting for us!!!

happy "yesterday" mother's day to you mom's out there.....i had to work and close last night. i didn't even get to see tyler as he was having his visit this weekend and he didn't come home til 8pm and i was at work. and of course the kids were in bed by the time i finally got off work and came home at midnight. courtney had a private dance lesson yesterday at 11am and then i dropped her off at a birthday party right after and i was gone to work before she came home from the party. so, basically i had a 'no kids' mother's day. mike took me to the olive garden for lunch before i went to work, but, ya know, seeing all those families there together kinda put a damper on my lunch. i love my kids and my family. it somehow was just a lonely mother's day. oh well, i think it's overated anyway. my kids make me beautiful pictures and crafts everyday, so it's mother's day here everyday for me!!!

...i did a layout for the last scrapjacked post, but i didn't have my computer to enter it it's over. bummer. oh well, they're posting a new jack on the 15th...i'll try again!!! have you tried it yet? if anything, it inspires you to try something new.....

well, i better be off....i have to get tyler from preschool and go get some groceries for supper tonight...i think it's gonna be a spaghetti and salad night...courtney has manta after school and i don't feel like making a huge meal's a crummy, cool rainy day today too. yep. spaghetti it is....heeheehee....

have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

exploding box class

i've had several inquiries as to what an 'exploding box' is regarding my home class this coming friday ( may 4 ).
this is just the basic construcion of one...naturally you can 'bling' it up til your hearts content and add up to 20 little photos if you'd like. or you can use a handful of photos and just embellish the other's your's to create and have fun with!
you can use it as a mother's day gift/card, give it as a shower gift (makes a unique guest book too) or keep it for yourself since it's so darn cute!
please email me if you have any other questions regarding this class!!