Friday, May 28, 2010

Project update..... I really, really enjoyed documenting our "week in the life" last week...
i had a few of my friends tell me they were sad the week was over because they were enjoying seeing and hearing about our daily business!!!
so during our "week" i was wondering just how to go about pulling all the photos and journaling i popped into dollarama one day and strolled around seeing if i could come up with something different than a typical scrapbook album.
and this is what i've come up with!!!
* I bought two white canvas boards ( found in the craft aisle by the paints ) to use for my front and back covers.
*And for the pages, I bought two packages of baseball / hockey card collectors pages ( found in the childrens book aisle ).
*I decided to use Tim Holtz alpha stencils again with 3 different colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist...and also a Heidi Swapp tulip mask ( i added the third color AFTER i took the picture! )

( sorry this shot is a little you can see, i just left the back cover with only misting, not sure if i will add anything to it or not...i guess i'll decide later )

...after misting, remove the stencils and add embellishments....i am also not decided yet if i am going to add anything else to the front cover...i kind of like it the simple way it is and i dont' want to take away from the stencils and misting....
I am going to be punching 3 holes and binding everything with binder rings and adding ribbons to them, but that will happen when i'm finished the album pages!

...and here's just a few shots of the work in progress....
( yikes, don't mind the mess! )

( i have an 8 x 10 of me with my camera that will be scrapped on the inside left cover once i pick up the photo!! ) i did a half page because the photos were all taken horizontal. so i cut off 1/4 of the page and stitched with embroidery floss down the side!!!

...hope you like it so far...
i will definitely take pictures properly of the whole thing once i'm finished, so conisder this your Teaser Trailer....
Have a great weekend everyone....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


well, here is the last day of my "week in the life" project.
it's been a lot of fun documenting our every day activities and routines and spontaneous adventures through photography to share with you on my blog!
hopefully within the next couple weeks i will have my idea complete for 'scrappin' this project to share with you as well! started as every other day since we welcomed oliver into our family.
he was having some fun climbing around on the shoe rack at the front door...
this photo reminds me of Sesame Street's "One of these things just doesn't belong here"...

...the kids spent the night again with my mom last night, so after sleeping in til 9:30 this morning, i enjoyed a quiet cup of my favorite tea....and an entire cup this time too! planned, mom brought the kids home and i took them out to st. vital centre to do some "summer shopping"....looking for flip flops for ALL of us, maybe some new shorts and t's for the kids....first stop, Old Navy! (apparently we missed the big $1 flip flop sale YESTERDAY - of course! )

...courtney, being the entirely WAY TOO picky clothes shopper that she is, left Old Navy empty handed. however, we found lots for tyler....including a silly addition to the store manequins....

...checked out HMV for a new case for courtney's ipod touch, but no luck. all we found was a photo opp for tyler and more silliness....

...finally! a score of 2 pairs of flip flops, 5 pairs of sockettes and a new hairband for courtney from Ardene....

...and more shorts and t's for tyler at The Children's Place...

and THE MOM was itchin' to get into HERE for her first time since it opened.....

...courtney couldn't wait to get her socks and shoes off and slip on a pair of her new flip flops...

...after several hours of walking around and shopping, it was time for our next stop...
Boston Pizza!!!! ( we were pretty hungry by then! )

courtney - lg. caesar salad, garlic cheese toast
tyler - kids cheese pizza, caesar salad
kim - individ. spicy perogy pizza.

...and finally our last stop for the evening...
cinema city!!!

the kids ( tyler especially ) have been into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. All four of them have been purchased and read ( well, except the second one, but it's been read anyway ) and the kids have been anxious to see the movie! so today was the day!
it was not a cartoon, and i quite enjoyed it myself...i've also been reading the books along with tyler so i would know what it's all 's a good little chuckle!!, now we're home and getting ready to settle down and watch a VOD movie together, but first, here's our shopping from the day!!!!!!
flip flops for the family....

...tyler's new stash...

...courtney's new goodies...
( minus the shorts and t's she was SUPPOSED to get! )
but she DID make sure she got a cute cover for her ipod touch!
...and my addition to the others under my bathroom sink....
Mmmmm.....i love BBW!!!!!

...and now, i have completed blogging about a week in our life.
...the kids are waiting for me to watch ASTRO BOY...

( yes, that's an edward blanket courtney has there...)
and now, i am off to join the kids and see if i actually stay awake for this movie after our busy day out!!!
thanks for sharing our week...
see ya soon!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


guess what?
i think i just had THE most lazy and relaxed day in my life!
i have NO pictures to share today...
why not?
because i didn't do anything AT ALL today!
...the kids slept over at my moms last night.
so mike and i got to sleep in this morning...10:30am.
...took oliver out for a nice long play visit.
...caught up on some blog reading that i enjoy checking out regularly.
...then i played a bit on Facebook...Bejeweled Blitz and Family Feud ( a little obsession i enjoy )
...contemplated doing some scrapbooking today, but stripping our bed and exchanging for fresh linens won out! ( i LOVE crawling into fresh bed sheets!!! Mmmmmm )
...i did practice piano for a while today.
...then my mom brough the kids by to get clean clothes for tomorrow as she wanted them to spend the night again tonight!! WOW!!! talk about a relaxing day! so that produced another visit with the bunny!!! he sure is getting comfy with his surroundings and with us! we have to be careful not to step on him when he's out because he now follows us around!
...mike picked us up supper and we ate in our bedroom...a rare occasion!
...and now i just finished watching one of my FAVORITE movies of all time...
P.S, i love you.
So good.
i will definitely be having a full day tomorrow to share with you...
we opted out of going to the cabin this weekend due to several obstacles around home, but i have been totally enjoying a couple completely stress free days and the time to re-energize!
...hope you're all having a fantastic long weekend!!!!
see ya tomorrow!

Friday, May 21, 2010


( almost there!!! )
well, my day didn't start off too great...not feeling well at all and to be honest, I am one crabby patty today!!! hahaha....while chatting with tara today, she said "too bad it's THIS week you're journaling!" and i said " well, it's still life...and it's not always a bowl full of jelly"...
so it's all about trying to make the best of everything and not sweating the small stuff, right?
my mom and mike and the kids went to mom's house to go set up her new computer she treated herself too! ( YES, 3 blessed hours of peace and quiet too! -wink )
and upon their return home around lunch time, she brought me

...awwwww yeaaahhhh....
2 spicy thai chicken mcminis...and i don't really care that my niece thinks they're "McGross"...they hit the spot and i thought they were pretty good!
...while cleaning up downstairs today, LOOK what i came accross!!!
these are MY old practice records from when i used to be in highland dance myself!!
of course courtney has CD's to practice with, so she thought these looked pretty ancient...which they are, really. GAH.
...thought i'd share Oliver's first scrapbook layout with you! it's based on a sketch from
My Scrap Shoppe's blog.
i loved all the colors and had fun scrappin' something with our little bunny in it!
...and i impulsively grabbed tyler outside in our yard to do a quick little photo shoot since he looked so handsome today!!!
here's a few of my fav's from the shoot.

...LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this one with his chillaxin' toes...

why do they have to grow so fast on us?
...i also kept smelling the next door neighbors lilac tree while i was taking pictures.
sooooo....why not?

...mike's been out in the garage most of the day working on the brakes on his truck.
he has saved our family A LOT of money being our own mechanic!!!
...but this is where he loves to be...out tinkering in the garage!
...the kids are going to have a sleepover with my mom tonight! so i made them a quick dinner before sending them off for the night...
good 'ol KD when you're in a pinch for time!
( mike and i hate it, don't eat it, but the kids love it!!!! )
...and after their dinner, they had a little bit of time to play before i took them over to moms...
MOST of the time, they get along and play well together, this was one of those days where they both enjoyed each others company!!!
AMEN., since they were playing, i decided to play a little as well.
here's a quick little step-by-step layout using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Tim Holtz alphabet masks....
1) select your photo and a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock
2) place your title using the alphabet masks and select your color of Glimmer Mist to spray.
* you can always use more than one color, but for this layout, i only used Jazz Blue.

3) spray Glimmer Mist over your alpha title in a safe area to not "paint" anything other than your layout! I spray my stuff holding it in my laundry sink in the basement!

4) remove alpha masks when dry ( about 10 mins or so ). matte photo, add chipboard letters to title, add embellishments and TA DAAAAA!!
DoNe In 20 MiNuTeS!!!!

...well, kids are at moms.
i am still not feeling very well.
i am going to go make me a cup of Earl Grey tea, get into my jammies and watch
It's Complicated.
Thank goodness for VOD!!!!
hopefully all will be better and i may have the energy to motivate myself to get stuff ready and head to the cabin and open 'er up!!!
see ya tomorrow.....
be safe!
and to Alex and Kelsey who are competing in Regina this weekend...
GOOD LUCK girls!!! we will be thinking of you sunday and rooting for you here at home!


( and still going! )
...although i am playing 'catch up' from yesterday!
...after morning showers and breakfast, we jumped into our routine of dropping the kids off at school ( and of course after some play time with oliver! )

...tyler's school was having their School Division Folk Dance Music Festival at McIvor park today. he said the only dance he likes to do of all the ones he had to learn was
The Chicken Dance!!!
( used to be Courtney's favorite too...)
...have great days at school my babes!!!

...then i came home to more laundry to do. we are PLANNING on getting out to the lake sometime over the weekend to open it up and i didn't want to come home to piles of laundry to do from home AND the, Cinderella...night and day it's Cinderella...

...i have a lot of tax prep work i need to catch up on so when it comes to income tax time next year, i don't feel soooo stressed out and overwhelmed with my bad bookeeping....hahahaa...but THEN i saw my scrapbooking desk and how badly it needed some constructive organizing from monday nights class mess, so i got sidetracked....( i can't work in a messy space anyway....)
***yes, this is the BEFORE photo!!!! i spent most of my afternoon straightening out my desk, gathering paperwork i need for bookeeping, pricing another store order that came in and pretty much stressed myself out over paperwork!!! GAH. i hate it. i was NOT born to be an accountant on ANY measure!!
after the kids came home, we took oliver out for a nice, long visit.
funny how our extended family members can pick up your spirits when you're blue...

...we were down on the floor with him and he was just hopping and jumping all over us, sniffing and snuggling...dang, this is one cute little bunny!!!
( and of course he got a bowl of spinach after playtime for a snack! ) nightime, i was done.
i was crabby, irritable, and "aunt flo" is in town making me even more miserable.
i couldn't wait to sit and relax a bit and watch the season finale of
Grey's Anatomy.
was that one intense show....did any of you watch it too?
holy moly. friend susan had commented after my not so great wednesday that the rest of the week often goes downhill from there.
i had a bad night last night BUT i will not let that bring me down the rest of the week....
i intend to make the best of the weekend with my family, and hopefully we do get out to the cabin at some point, and whatever we do, we will be happy!!!!
See ya later friday night....