Wednesday, May 19, 2010



( still with me?? )

***i just have to tell you that yesterday morning before my alarm clock went off i was having a pretty funny dream. i don't always remember all of my dreams, but lately they are sticking with me. anyway, i was laughing so hard in my dream yesterday that i woke up LAUGHING! has this ever happened to you? well, today i again woke up having another vivid dream just before the alram went off and this time it was not so funny. i was dreaming that i had been assaulted in a parkade by being hit in the back of the head several times with a big piece of wood by several men. for some reason, they let me go off stumbling my way until i eventually saw my mom in the parkade with courtney. i collapsed as i saw them running over to me. then the alarm went off. i have had a bad headache most of the day.

( i figured this was going to be a sign that i wasn't going to have such a good day.....)

anyway....... up this morning and again had our little play visit with oliver and gave him some fresh alfalfa and got on with the kids' breakfast...

tyler is NEVER any trouble to get up and going in the morning! he comes down after 'first call' dressed and ready for the day. so he often has time after eating to do whatever he would like to do before we head off to school. lately, he's been doing his piano practising during this time...he is trying his best to do well at our upcoming piano recital on june 11...

...after getting the kids off to school, i went to pick up my mom to go for a visit to see grandma and grandpa. but we had to make a pit stop for mike for a slurpee and drop it off at his work on our way to the Maples!
Grandma was excited for our visit because she knew i was bringing her the new photos i took of her little goslings that hatched on Mother's Day....she was so happy to see them!

( here's just a couple of them...) and i stayed and took grandma and grandpa down to the nice dining room for lunch.
*navy bean soup
*potato and cheese perogies with sour cream
*chocolate pudding and tea was pretty yummy!
see you again soon grandma and grandpa!!!! SMOOCH!!!

...later in the afternoon, i dropped mom back off at home and then tried to rush in a stop at the bank. i needed to get some blank cheques until my new ones arrived and OF COURSE, because i was in a rush against time, i was stopped by a dang TRAIN.
typical. and following suit to my 'not so great' day already...

...well, with just enough time, i zipped back home after the bank, grabbed courtney's highland dance competition registration form and ran off again to get the kids from school.
courtney will be competing at the Manitoba Highland Gathering in Selkirk on June 19...
...ok. enough was enough already, plus it was stinkin' hot out. and with all the running around, in and out of the van, i was just super hot and annoyed and irritated and my 'evening' was just about to begin...sooooo...

*** another WEIRD to my day was while at Mac's my total came to $6.66
time to add on a pack of gum to de-jinx that one chalking up my insane day...
...we dropped of courtney back with my mom for her to have dinner and a visit with her while i took tyler to Tae Kwon Do and piano after another drop off, tyler and i headed back home for 25 minutes so he can change, and so i could cram in another quick practice myself!...then we were off to Tae Kwon Do!
(515 - 615 East End Comm. Club through KANG'S TAE KWON DO ACADEMY )

***and the weird signs continue...while actually on our way to TKD, a black cat crossed in front of the van in the street....wishing me more happiness to this day! HA. i intend to stay away from any ladders the rest of the evening....
...right after TKD we run back to our end of the city for mine and tyler's piano lesson!
(7 - 8pm, half hour each )
we are working on our recial pieces for our spring show on june 11...
...and we BOTH got 2 star stickers each in our books tonight...

...after our lesson we zipped back to pick up courtney from my mom...who is still living at my grandparents apartment until the end of may...and sent with the kids was a ziplock bag each with $15.70 of loose coins from Nana and Papa ( they had a couple little coin banks they told the kids could split between them ).
...and then ran to Giant Tiger for a
right. know how that one works too...$20 later!
...finally back at home. had another play visit with oliver while i freshened up his cage, then the kids were off to bed... you hear anything?
Tara stopped by to pick up some pages she ordered ( YEP, for scrappin' her own "week in the life" project ) and i am almost ready for bed myself!
today i crossed ALL but one thing off my "to do" list, but hey, tomorrow is another day!!!'s a cute little card tyler made for mike and i at "Centres" during school today...
i love little surprises like this!

Goodnight everyone....see ya tomorrow!!!


xoxo... t said...

Sounds like a crazy day Kimmy... glad it ended! Hope you got a good and DREAMLESS sleep! So excited about those page protectors!

Way to go on your gold stars!


Anonymous said...

Wow another crazy busy day for you, I dont know how you muster up the energy some days!!!!
Way to go on the gold stars!!!!

Rosalynd Kelly said...

You are such a busy lady! I laughed at your total from the store $6.66.....I had a phone call come in yesterday while I wasn't at home.....the phone number on my call display? 666!!!!!! The devil called me???

Kim said...

Hahaha....that's funny Roz! Have you been naughty lately? Maybe I've been bad too...The Devil is checking up on us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and family and friends!
I am enjoying your day by day. and see--yesterday ended up nice, not bad at all! for the kids anyhow (a bundle of change!)
I am glad Courtney's coming to selkirk games. I hope it isn't quite as hot as today but even if it is it will be fun!

You and Tyler deserve your gold stars for all that practising! way to go.

Lori N.

it's me said...

Wednesday is always the 'hump day' in the week. It's all downhill from here!!