Friday, May 21, 2010


( almost there!!! )
well, my day didn't start off too great...not feeling well at all and to be honest, I am one crabby patty today!!! hahaha....while chatting with tara today, she said "too bad it's THIS week you're journaling!" and i said " well, it's still life...and it's not always a bowl full of jelly"...
so it's all about trying to make the best of everything and not sweating the small stuff, right?
my mom and mike and the kids went to mom's house to go set up her new computer she treated herself too! ( YES, 3 blessed hours of peace and quiet too! -wink )
and upon their return home around lunch time, she brought me

...awwwww yeaaahhhh....
2 spicy thai chicken mcminis...and i don't really care that my niece thinks they're "McGross"...they hit the spot and i thought they were pretty good!
...while cleaning up downstairs today, LOOK what i came accross!!!
these are MY old practice records from when i used to be in highland dance myself!!
of course courtney has CD's to practice with, so she thought these looked pretty ancient...which they are, really. GAH.
...thought i'd share Oliver's first scrapbook layout with you! it's based on a sketch from
My Scrap Shoppe's blog.
i loved all the colors and had fun scrappin' something with our little bunny in it!
...and i impulsively grabbed tyler outside in our yard to do a quick little photo shoot since he looked so handsome today!!!
here's a few of my fav's from the shoot.

...LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this one with his chillaxin' toes...

why do they have to grow so fast on us?
...i also kept smelling the next door neighbors lilac tree while i was taking pictures.
sooooo....why not?

...mike's been out in the garage most of the day working on the brakes on his truck.
he has saved our family A LOT of money being our own mechanic!!!
...but this is where he loves to be...out tinkering in the garage!
...the kids are going to have a sleepover with my mom tonight! so i made them a quick dinner before sending them off for the night...
good 'ol KD when you're in a pinch for time!
( mike and i hate it, don't eat it, but the kids love it!!!! )
...and after their dinner, they had a little bit of time to play before i took them over to moms...
MOST of the time, they get along and play well together, this was one of those days where they both enjoyed each others company!!!
AMEN., since they were playing, i decided to play a little as well.
here's a quick little step-by-step layout using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Tim Holtz alphabet masks....
1) select your photo and a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock
2) place your title using the alphabet masks and select your color of Glimmer Mist to spray.
* you can always use more than one color, but for this layout, i only used Jazz Blue.

3) spray Glimmer Mist over your alpha title in a safe area to not "paint" anything other than your layout! I spray my stuff holding it in my laundry sink in the basement!

4) remove alpha masks when dry ( about 10 mins or so ). matte photo, add chipboard letters to title, add embellishments and TA DAAAAA!!
DoNe In 20 MiNuTeS!!!!

...well, kids are at moms.
i am still not feeling very well.
i am going to go make me a cup of Earl Grey tea, get into my jammies and watch
It's Complicated.
Thank goodness for VOD!!!!
hopefully all will be better and i may have the energy to motivate myself to get stuff ready and head to the cabin and open 'er up!!!
see ya tomorrow.....
be safe!
and to Alex and Kelsey who are competing in Regina this weekend...
GOOD LUCK girls!!! we will be thinking of you sunday and rooting for you here at home!


it's me said...

Loved the lay-outs and loved your shots of Tyler. I am thinking you had a pretty good day. Enjoy the movie.


Kim said...

yep...i had a pretty good day, once i got past about 2pm and the naproxin kicked in!! it was a quiet and relaxing day once we decided to wait on going to the cabin. mike has to fix the brakes on the truck before he can go anywhere, and i was not prepared to go yet...( have to pack for a bunny now too! ) so we just 'took a day' at home to get things together and unwind.

Ashley Thomas said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome layout Kim!! I loved the movie also!! I thought I would pee myself a few times(laptop exposure...LMAO) We have to go see a girlie movie soon!! ....Nikki