Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh My.....'s been a while!
our little Oliver is getting cuter and cuter every day...he's very cuddly and LOVES to have full run of the living room!!
i just took him in today for a nail clipping and a little visit to Tyler's classroom before lunch break...his friends have been dying to see him and Oliver behaved perfectly!

...i have been VERY, VERY excited about what I am about to share with you...
guess who has FINALLY started working on her Scotland scrapbook album?'s only been almost two years....
so, here was my dilema on the delay of the project:
simply stated, that's how i felt about making this album.
where to start? how should i do it? do i type / write my journaling?
how many pictures ( of my over 1000 that i took ) do i narrow it down to?
do i make a 12 x 12 album with page protectors - or do i leave it open with interraction?
do i make it a 8.5 x 11 album and have it coil bound?
...and the list in my head goes on. trust me.
after seeing peeks of another scrappy gals recent Congo trip
and using her MULTI PHOTO PAGE PROTECTOR idea she got off of Ali Edwads, i knew instantly when i saw her version that THIS was the solution to scrapping our family trip to Scotland
once and for all!!!!!
so......i have started with a scrapped title page and have been working all week ( when time is allowed to sit and work on it ) and here's the beginnings of the album...
don't worry, i'll post more pics and the pages actually come together in completion!
***i chose a 12 x 12 album i wanted to use for my scrapbook
( Pinoeer black faux suede binder album )

***i am using We Are Memory Keepers Multipack Page Protectors ( and i have some of these coming into my store soon!!! - YAY! )

***cut out a picture of the page sizes to have handy as i went through my FIVE albums of photos to select which photos to use and which page to accomodate them....

( i have also been writing in a little notebook the layout pages in order and what photos / page will go next for photo printing purposes - some are 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 8 x 12 and mini prints )

... i sent photos off to Costco online for printing ( and it's an ongoing job, still in printing process into Album 3 - so be patient! ) and sort into piles and have ready to fill pages

***this was the tough one. adding whatever pamplets, booklets, tickets, and other paraphanilia to the scrapbook. so the easiest thing to do was to sort the stuff out in order of places visited, and when i got to those places in the photo albums, i just had to decide what extra little goodies to add to the page OR to punch holes and add the booklets directly into the album!

***then i have started filling the photos and extra memory items as i went along until i needed to add more photos or get to the journaling part of the pages. i plan to fill an empty pocket on each page with a patterned paper or cardstock with the journaling for that page.

***so just to give you the jist of's a few sample "in process" pages....

i will definitely share more of this album as it comes more together!!!!!
hope you like it so far!!! other family news....
on mother's day, grandma's geese became parents, again with 7 new little goslings!!!
they are perfectly adorable, and have already left their home / nest to be near a water source....but it's been another fun adventure seeing them come back, next in the exact same spot, and get to see the little ones before they left for another year!!

...also on mother's day, we took the kids up to see Grandma and Grandpa in their new digs.
they are not happy there at all, and mentally DO NOT belong there, but grandpa is 24 hour care and grandma cannot look after him with her own physical limitations now.
they LOVE having company!!!

...grandma was thrilled to hear about her little goslings hatching this same day too!!

...three generations, the fourth was taking the picture....
...courtney and tyler trying out the wheels in the hallway. i told tyler to make an old man face while in the wheelchair and this is what i got...

...and last night tyler was in the chorus for his first school Musical play!
( only grade 3 & 4 got acting parts, but since he is in a 2/3 classroom, the music teacher allowed him to participate in the chorus! )
"it's a jungle out there" was the theme...

be back soon!


xoxo... t said...

Oh my goodness I do not even know where to start. I have to come back to this when I have more than 5 minutes to really take it all in!


xoxo T

Kim said...

tara, you're too funny!!!!

it's me said...

Wow, has Oliver ever got big. He looks like he is loving his new home!!! The goslings are priceless too!! What special memories to have!!


Lisa said...

Good news about the multipacks. Thanks to Tara I'm going to need some of those.;)
Can't wait to see your finished album.

xoxo... t said...

Kim, just absolutely beautiful and inspirational! I CANNOT wait to see it up close!

Oh those goslings are adorable!


HAHA Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Love the Scotland idea--I am in awe!
see you soon,
Lori N

Leigh said...

Love what you've done with your Scotland album so far, Kim! Can't wait to see it complete! (I say as I really have to make some time to work on my Congo album.....)