Thursday, December 31, 2009

here we go........

as i said the other day, i have a whole month of 'catch up' to do, so i will try to keep things brief...
nov. 21 - courtney had a dance's us with good friend Kelsey...

...thanks for the laughs Kelsey....hahaha!!!!
nov. 26 - Nerf Gun Battle at home between the kids and i....they still lost!! MOI HA HA!!!

...we had a blast that night, and i was exhausted by the time we finished!!

dec. 4 - So You Think You Can Dance CANADA tour with my friend Lori ( and daughter alex )
WOW....what a great show...highly entertaining...and AWESOME to see my fav, EMMANUEL perform live!!! sooooooo good!!
thanks again lori for taking me with you on one of your fanstastic wins!! ( wink )

...canada's favorite dancer, tara jean, and vincent!!

...emmanuel and kim... ( i WISH, "me" kim...haha )

...everett and kim...

...everett and jaime rae...

...the FINALE!!!!

...dec. 6 - courtney and dance friends perform in the annual
SANTA'S SHOWCASE at the deaf centre manitoba theatre....
...lord selkirk boys pipe band members perform for us...

...courtney on far left...

AWESOME job girls!!!!!

...dancer finale...

...this last pic was sooooo funny b/c courtney being courtney and all....
Santa comes out and a couple of his BELLS fall off his strap and miss courtney bursts into
hysterics over this....and there she is, bustin' a gut laughin' it up.....

great show girls.....
dec. 13 - finally put up and decorated christmas tree.....( only 12 days past tradition...)

dec. 17 - here's a few shots from a little photo shoot i did of my little man...
he is just looking so grown up and handsome these days, i had to catch him!!

( your heart out edward cullen....)
dec. 22 - tyler became a 'big brother' to his new little step sister, Olivia, on dec. 17.
she was brought in for a little 'hello' tonight when tyler came home from his visit with ed.
tyler is pretty excited that the baby is finally here....he loves her so much already!! so cute!
dec. 25 - chirstmas morning.
every other year, ed and i alternate visit times from chirstmas eve to christmas morning, so this year was pretty quiet with just courtney home christmas morning.....

...but she still had lots of fun!!!

...when tyler came home at 2pm, it was rip into presents again for the kids....
fun stuff!!!! family all came over around 4pm for dinner and a visit....and more presents...
this is my niece airiel and her b/f skyler....awwwwwww....
my kids LOVE money...especially that little fiend on the left...hahahahahhaa!!!!

...after all was said and done, we all went up to the hospital to visit grandma.
she was really good today, but her recovery is very, very slow and not very productive.
but she was thrilled and so happy to see us all come up together
to wish her a merry chirstmas and give her lots of hugs!!!!
( and one of her nurses shared a cabbage roll with her too!! )
well, that's about it for a photo montage of an update this last month.
i am staying positive about things and still taking things one day at a time, and i know that things will get better each and every day....time heals all things, right??
i want to share something with you that i have been looking VERY forward to for a while now...
i am going to be traveling to the Myan Riviera in Mexico with my sweet friend Tara in March!!
we have been looking forward to this 'girls trip' for a while now, and it's getting closer to the date so i thought i'd share a pic of our resort that we will be staying at....
...EEeeep!!!! ( soooo excited!! ) scrapbooking news, i will be emailing my january newsletter hopefully tomorrow ( jan. 1 )
with upcoming classes and crops....for now, i can tell you that my hall crop is still set for
FRIDAY, JANUARY 8 at st. saviours at 6pm......
i will also have the GIMLI GETAWAY announcement and information for the new year coming soon...just pending confirmation on the date!
I am looking forward to 6.5 hours from now to kiss this year goodbye!!
Hope you all have safe and happy plans for tonight and all the best in the
New Year to you all my friends!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honey.....I'm HOOOOOMMMMMME!!!!!

...hello my friends and family.
i know you've all been supporting my difficult time lately by either emails or phone calls, and i can't tell you all how much i appreciate your love, support and encouragement during my MIA recently! our ups and downs in life are certainly easier to bear with a solid rock of loving friends and family behind you!
i want you all to know that i am doing much better now, things are 'on the mend' that needed to be worked out and i am just taking things one day at a time.
i will be doing a 'catch up' post very soon to update this past month, and upcoming business events...i promise!! but for now, i just wanted you all to know that i'm okay!
Luv Luv