Saturday, December 20, 2008

need a smile today?

whew...been crazy busy preparing and planning for the holidays, as i'm sure everyone is at this time of year....
i'm 'cleaning' up the basement today ( and and making my meatballs later...AND i have all day to do it...heeheehee ) but of course when i opened the photo album cupboard i couldn't resist looking through a few old albums!
this photo from tylers 1st chritsmas eve just makes me giggle and makes me look even more forward to seeing the kids' smiles on christmas morn....
...ok...back to work!
( make sure you do some of your own reminiscing this weekend! )

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just in time for christmas...

..but first a couple things to show you...
is the newest PINK addition to our christmas decorations!
i added pink to our holiday decor last year starting with our tree, and now it's kinda spreading...
mike says as long as i don't start dressing him in pink, the decorations are fine!
...the kids and i made our first GINGERBREAD HOUSE sunday night...
kinda looks more like a 'fixer upper' when you compare it to the photo on the box the kit came in!!
...i never said i was very crafty outside of scrapbooking...
but the kids made it look yummy!
just in time for last minute scrapbooking gift ideas is a new little kit...
"Flirty" by Bo Bunny
-4 x double sided 12 x 12 patterned papers
-3 x Bazzill textured 12 x 12 cardstock
-1 x Doodlebug Bubble Blue glitter 12 x 12 paper
-1 x Maya Road 2 3/4 x 5 3/4 Coffee Break chipboard Book
1 x KaiserCraft sheet rubons "Enchanted"
1 x Bo Bunny "So Happy Together" Transparency
1 x Pink Paislee Pixie Stix - Bubblegum
-3 yards assorted ribbons ( 1 yd. each )
KIT PRICE $20 (can)

( other side of patterned papers )

(transparency )

( lotsa glitter! )

kits sell for $20 each (can) and are available while quantities last!!
you can email me at
or leave a comment below to reserve your kit and i will make arrangements with you for pick up!
GIFT CERTIFICATES are also available for the store in any denomination...
there's still time!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm dreaming....

...of a PINK Christmas!!! FAVORITE holiday celebration of the year!!
what's yours?

Monday, December 8, 2008


post #2 in the same day??
well ladies,
hosted by The Scrappin Studio ( moi ), is booked and underway!
registration is now open and there are only 50 spots available, so PLEASE register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!!!
mark the weekend of APRIL 3, 4 and 5, 2009 on your calendar and take part of a most relaxing and accomodating and FUN weekend of the Spring!
Located at Misty Lake Lodge in Gimli, Mb, just 5 minutes past the main docks in town, you will stay in a secluded ground level cozy cabin-feel lodge and rest that 'cabin fever' urge until summer!
reduced rates have been given for my group attending at most reasonable prices!
the entire lodge is ground level, including the main large event hall where you will have 4ft of cropping space all to yourself!! no stairs to climb, no elevators to haul your totes, and the events room gets locked up at night with a key in MY hand so you don't have to pack up all your stuff each night either!!
Misty Lake Lodge also has an onsite fully licensed resaurant ( large portions, EXCELLENT food ) so you don't even have to leave the lodge for your meals....if you choose to step out for lunch or dinner, there are several restaurants located 5mins back into town, including Oma's Teahouse just off the harbour docks!
the only thing you need to pack other than your scrapbooking for the weekend is your BATHING SUIT!! misty lake has an olympic sized indoor heated swimming pool, along with a 10 person hot tub!!
PLEASE email if you have not yet received your registration form for this event or if you are interested in attending.
full details, registration fees, and hotel room rates will be found on the registration form.
lots of optional FUN ( and free ) contests, morning snack, coffee and tea provided each day and
you won't want to miss it!!

crazy busy weekend...

i am hoping this is going to be post #2 of the day...i am going to be posting a scrapbooking announcement right away, so stay tuned...
this weekend was a very busy one with TWO dance Christmas concerts in TWO days for courtney and the girls!!
saturday was the Manitoba Highland Dancers' Association concert at st.james civic centre ( with a rehersal prior to it that same morning for yesterdays concert )
and then sunday was courtneys annual dance concert for her dance teachers school at the manitoba deaf it was a hectic weekend indeed!
but oh so enjoyable too....
the MHDA is making up a book for dancers over the past 20 years so this installed a large group photo to be taken yesterday at the concert ( for submission ) before we opened the doors...i took some for lynn on my nikon too, but here is one of the digital ones for a sneak peek for my dance mom friends!!

...and here's a few shots during the concert...
EXCELLENT performance you girls!!!
us moms sure do feel proud seeing you dance with your hearts up on that stage!!
( courtney's in the turquoise )

( and here in the blue sailor costume, back left )

( and front, far left )

and all the dancers have a visit with Santa and receive a gift from Lynn ( the teacher ) after the show!!

~ sigh ~
all over for another year....
last night was an exception to the bedtime rule as courntey and i have been watching our favorite show together for the last 13 weeks....
had the FINALE last night, from 9 - 11pm....way past bedtime, but what the heck!!
i have been hoping for and voting for NICO since auditions, and our second favorite was the little 'mouse' ballerina, Allie....

...the top 4...
nico, natalli, allie and miles....awaiting their news...
who will be voted
....and the winner is....

i'm sure you're killing yourself laughing at me for taking pictures of my t.v. as it happened,
but it was something to blog about for sure!!!
- giggle -

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


...tyler started with a head cold yesterday.
( it's winter, and here we go...)
as the day went on the poor little guys nose was running like a faucet, and of course,
not to interrupt his school teacher to get a KLEENEX, guess whats been wiped over his sleeves?
( do boys EVER outgrow doing that? )
this morning he woke up and was pale, rosy cheeked, fevered and still pretty stuffy.
so guess who's cozy in my bed today with about a thousand stuffies and watching some kids T.V?
mr. sniffles himself
( love him! )
i've been on a scrapbooking rampage lately...
feeling sooooo inspired,
so creative,
just wanting to scrapbook for FUN!
here's a few of my newest layous....

( 'gifted' was one of the sketches layous from last nights class )

( and so was this one....)

( and this 'dude' one was the thrid layout )

...mike is out of town for work this week, AGAIN, so i am holding down fort Griffin for another week solo!
dec. 1 we traditionally put up our christmas tree, but i was teaching a sketches class last night and daddy wasn't here to do it with the we're hoping that tonight we might have some success pulling out the Christmas decorations...
wish us luck!
you won't want to miss it!!!
...and speaking of friday, dec. 5...
there's still lots of room at my hall crop that night!
6pm - midnight
includes small welcome gift, half time yummy snack, coffe, tea and door prizes.
please email for more information and to register at

Thursday, November 27, 2008

farewell to lots of memories...

an emotional morning today indeed...
mom and i went to my Grandparents house to get the last utility readings and one last
check through their house.
the new owners move in tomorrow.
of course we all know that grandma and grandpa's move into their brand new
seniors apartment was the BEST thing for them, but it is still very difficult for
all of us as we have now come to this last day of calling their house
The Smith Residence.
They lived here over 65 years, raised all of their children in this house and shared a
lifetime of happy memories here.
naturally, it's hard to let the tangable aspect of a lifetime go.
the very foundation of new beginnings, family traditions taught lovingly and a home filled with the warmest welcome when you walk in the door.
we must remind ourselves that none of this has changed, only the address of its tenants.
Farewell 767.
I promised my Grandma I would take as many pictures as possible as I walked about their house today.
so vivid i could almost hear them,
flooded me as i wandered through the upstairs with my camera.
I had to sit against the wall, right in the corner where she kept her big wooden sewing box, and have myself a little is indeed hard to let go.

..but i do have a happy and funny memory that i will share with you...
( there's so many, but this one is a great one )
these trecharous stairs.
thin carpet, steep drop, and most inviting to 7 & 8 year olds...
so many times my two brothers and I would climb to the top and race down these stairs on our STOMACHS only to be practically in tears by the bottom from the severe carpet burn we got on our travel down! Oh yes, we did it on purpose to compare battle scars after racing each other down a few times ( and before my parents figured out what we were doing and hollered to KNOCK IT OFF !!! )
man, were we dumb!

Moms last photo on the back door steps....

"This too shall pass"

Friday, November 21, 2008

december class head's up....and I'VE BEEN PLAYING!

i've taken advantage of some free daytime while the kids were at school and actually
with no deadline, ultimate purpose or neccessity!!!
that was fun!
( i've been digging out some older photos sitting in old albums...i've found GOLD i tell you....gonna be LOTS more to come! )

( yes, i used JAVEX and BUBBLE WRAP on the layout above!!! FUN STUFF...

just a head's up for December class dates:
Monday, Dec. 1 - Monday night SKETCHES
Friday, Dec, 5 - HALL CROP AT St. Saviours Church HALL
Monday, Dec. 8 - Christmas Journal class
Friday, Dec. 12 - Potluck Christmas Crop / Party at my house.
( i have sent out an email to everyone on my contact list with a detailed outline of these classes, if you have not received it or wish to be added to my email list, please contact me at
and i will add you to my special list!!
( wink )
have a FABULOUS weekend everyone....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday night Sketches Class...

one or two mondays a month i teach a 'sketches' class at my house.
you always complete three different 12 x 12 layouts and EVERYTHING ( except you bring your own adhesives ) is provided for you to create them!!!
once you register, you are given an outline of what size and how many photos you will need for the class and the rest is easy as pie!
i always try to use different techniques to get you to play with more products out there and hope that you try something new you haven't done before.
Sketches classes are great for beginner scrapbookers AND also for the experienced scrapper who sometimes hits a brick wall in the creativity dept. and needs some new ideas, or just a refresher too!!
although we always follow the sketch design for the layout, the paper choices and color themes are always your own to choose to suit your own photos.
here are tonights layouts we will be doing...

-playing with acrylic paints
-rubber stamping ( acrylics )
-heat embossing with glitter powder
-making your own chipboard titles and heat embossing them
-using felt and basic stitching
-using fibers on your layouts
6:30 - 9:30PM
happy monday everyone!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


stinkin' cute

mike took tyler snowmobiling today for the day with our friends
and they had a blast!
last weekend, both courtney and tyler got to go for their first time,
went along with them!!!!
so this time,
i made sure mike took the camera with him!!
i think tyler looks so cute in his little snowmobiling gear!!
mike and dave gave the kids rides towing a sled behind the machines....
wish i coulda been there to snap some pic's myself
( courtney had another dance lesson )
looks like i missed out on the fun this time....