Friday, April 30, 2010

...we have a new family member!!

meet OLIVER.
we finally caved into the kids begging for years for a pet.
although he is not a dog ( which the kids wanted most ) he is the newest member
to the Griffin clan!!
we just got him today and we all love him to pieces already...
he's very docile and cuddly and cute as can be!
Oliver is 10 weeks old. Petland picking Oliver out and getting him ready to bring to his new home...

...tyler finally has a REAL bunny!!!!
( Oliver is going to be very well loved! )

( and yes, his little bunny nose goes a mile a minute!!!)

...and just to catch up since last weekend...
April 25 was mike's birthday and we had a little get together on the 24th to celebrate!
...i made him cupcakes this year instead of a cake, which i think he felt a little ripped off because last year was a DQ ice cream cake....haha!
awwweeeee yyeaaaahhhh...
makin' up some banana martini's!!

Cheers to nikki and i....
( yes tara, i had a few for you too! )

..this is my totally cute niece airiel, with her totally cute boyfriend skyler, playing on courtney's totally cute PINK guitar!!!!

....the malinowski's....
:) little bro curt and his fiancee erith...

...mike and john BEFORE the chair incident....
happy birthday honey!!!!!

...and just a little scrappin fun stuff...
i taught a sketches class monday night and here's the layouts we based the sketces on.
for the first one, we punched out butterflies out of corrugated COFFEE CUP COZIES from Mac's ( heehee ) and then glued pearls ( or rhinestones ) down the body of the butterfly!!
you can use pop dots to lift them off the page and also bend the wings up to give them a 3D look!

Good Times...
( you've seen this one recently )
we rubber stamped all the circles onto a blank sheet of Bazzill Kraft cardstock to create our own 'patterned paper' and then punced small circles out of some scrap papers to embellish with. the title is painted using foam alpha letters and acrylic paints. then we sewed on a few buttons, added a journaling card and voila!!!

have a great weekend everyone!!!!!


xoxo... t said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't even handle how precious that little guy is! You too Tyler! HAHA! I can't wait to meet little Oliver tonight! Congratulations to the whole family on your new pet!

EEK! Love it!

KIM! I am so sad I had to miss sketches. I never like missing a good ol' fashioned Monday night nerf gun fight. LOVE the layouts, of COURSE the one of us in Mexico!

Can't wait for tonight, I've got big plans to get some work done! HA!

Anonymous said...

Awww, a bunny. Congratulations.
I am sure Tyler's other "bunny" is a bit forlorn now that there's a new warm bunny in town.
Enjoy Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Tyler looks so EXCITED to have this little cuddly Oliver, it is so cute that you even feel his excitement!!! That party for Mike was so fun,the chair "accident" priceless!!!! Thanks for a GREAT night of fun fun fun! I so love the layouts as usual Kim!!!...Nikki

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