Monday, April 30, 2007

it's finally here!!! let's see who checks my blog...

for those of you ( and you know who you are ) who have been
(and probably forgotten...)
theHeidi Swapp printed roller date stamp
has finally been delivered!!!
can you believe i have been ordering this thing since december?
anyway...i have 10 left in total so get 'em while you can 'cuz who
knows how long they will last?
and let's just see now who really does check my blog...
( am i being a meanie posting 'dibs' here? moi ha ha...)

( sorry the pic isn't very good, but you know what it is!!! )

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i tried...

so i didn't win the scrapjacked challenge...but i did make it to their final favorites posted on their blog!!! it's shown in their slide show on their blogspot...
go to
and look in the slide show for my black "YO HO" pirate layout....
i had a lot of fun doing this layout and it also got me started on courtney's last birthday album!! their next scrapjack starts on May 1...check it out and give it a've got nothing to lose, and only a prize to win!!!
i had to work tonight, and the last few weeks i've only been scheduled as a pre-closer instead of closing ( which i've done every sunday for 4 years ) so it was actually kind of nice to be off at 9pm tonight with some time at home before going to bed!!
i am looking forward to an eventful monday with lots of things on my 'to do' list that i'd REALLY like to get done around here...tyler has a visit after preschool tomorrow and courtney will be in school, so i will have til 1:30 to get busy before my boy gets home!!!
i am working on my "exploding box" demo to post for a class coming up so stay tuned...
i leave you with this....
'nite world...til morning!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

revised Heidi Swapp scrapjack...scanned in for better quality

(scanned in 'cuz it just looks better..)
(see previous post for camera phone pic's )

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"scrapjacked" layout

so...i've found myself a FANTASTIC little blog that has inspired me to try out some scrapbooking challenges....
and right now they're challenging people to 'scrapjack' ( a sketch ) off a Heidi Swapp i would miss out on that opportunity??? hahahaha!!!
anyway...the demo's for the layout were mostly used with 'things' and not i followed suit and actually started my most aniticipated project album for courtney...her 'pirate party' album!!!
here's my version of the scrapjack...hope you like it!!
(and here we go's finally started! )

-basic grey "motifica" paper
-bazzill cardstock
-HS edge distresser
-decoart acrylic paints
-HS crimson chipboard alpha
-lerman decor embroidery floss
-sakura white gelly roll pen
-making memories brads

lookin forward to continue on with this most awesome project for courtney...stay tuned for more layouts to come as it develops!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new stuff to show ya

i've been MIA for a few days from doing my income tax return last thursday...BLAH. so glad to be done with that for another year. here's a quick pic of 'some' of the mess when we were done...WE??? my wonderful mikey helps again!!! we were up until almost 2:30am last thursday night/morning getting it all done together. honestly people, he is a one-in-a-million NO, you can't have him!! {heeheehee}

the next few pic's are a layout i did of courtney and her good pal rachel from school! i took the girls out for a few days last summer to our cottage and we had some great weather with lots of swimming...hence lots of fun swimming pictures of course!!

i made the fold out mini album out of a sheet of 12 x 12 paper scoring one side at 4" and at 8". rotate once to the right and score again at 4" and 8" and then you simply cut the 4 courners out and fold it up however you want to do it!! this is a fun idea if you only want to do a one page layout but have lots of picures to use up. i just used a whack of glue dots to attach it right on the OUTSIDE of the page protector so people looking at it can have easy access to check it out without having to slide the page out to get to the mini album!!

oh yes, and LOVE those heidi swapp fuzzy rubons...they're kinda a pain to work with but bear with them 'cuz the outcome is just too cute!! ( and hey, it's FUZZY! )

..still loving to paint...
foam stamps of any kind are a playful way to add a textured touch to your pages and projects!

this one of courtney was so much fun to do!! not only was it a stroll down memory lane but i got to play with more paint and a new HS mask!! she was only 2 years in these pictures...sob!

and this last one was a real struggle to start with...but i love the finished product! i tried out the new Chatterbox Doodle Genie ( breezy ) and started with penciling in the stencil. then i went over the pencil lines with a medium marker, then i wasn't liking how 'thick' the lines were looking so i added a few more free hand doodles with the marker and colored some in....once i added the photos and 'bling' to it i started liking it more!!! fun new toy to try out...what will they think of next???
i know this is getting to be a long post...but i have one more thing to share with you!
while surfing the net today i stumbled onto this totally cute scrapbooking website! she's out of her home too ( at least i think that's what she said ) i'm sure i'll be corrected if i'm wrong...
anyway, she ( being Colleen from Cupcake Scrapshop ) makes up these monthly kits for sale and i bought her april kit today!!! i am so excited to get some different stuff other than what's available for me to order all the time! (plus, we've got to support all our friendly scrapbookers of the world! )
she's located in Atlanta, Georgia and her prices are pretty reasonable for the product you get! check out her cute website and have a look around!
Thelma, if you see this before i see you next, she told me she's making up a Jenni Bowlin kit sometime in the summer!!! (woohoo for you! )
and one more note of the night....
THANK YOU michelle for doing another fantastic job hosting my class last night!!! everyone loves their cards and card keeper you taught ( me too ) and you are one creative and talented Stampin Up demonstrator! lookin' forward to your mini book class...
'nite all...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

refreshed and recharged!!!

here i am 'settin up shop' at the Scrapaganza!!! i was so excited to bring my store you can all see, my store is getting bigger all the time!! yaaaa!
and what would i ever do without my mike? he's so good, too good, to me. he helped load up both our vehicles with stock and fixtures and hauled it all out there with me and then hung around another 4 hours with me to help me set up my store the night before the function!
i'd be lost without him...thank you soooo much honey for all your support and no complaining!!! heehee

if you put both pictures side by side, left to right, that's what it looked like all set up!!! lots of goodies huh? i have no idea how i pack it all away in my house....

come 'n git it ladies...

heeheehee...i caught my mom shopping in allison's brads and eyelets....

here's a little peak at my goodie bags...i had a little snap close separated storage case in each bag, and a zip bag full of PINK embellishments...a strawberry cream chocolate truffle wrapped up so nice that i had my friend Charleen make for me, some fibers and business cards...allison gave the mega goodie bags when you registered!! i just gave these cuties out at my classes!!

caren and charlette at the end of the night....
good times!!!

and here's poor allison...AKA 'Gimpy'
she fell and broke her leg skiing in montana during spring break, on their first day there...about 2 hours into the skiing....
but, everyone who wanted to had a chance at a new project...
well, it was a great day with lots of fantastic homemade meals and snacks, lots of creativity in the room, and lots of real good feedback from everyone! i for sure had a great time with everyone, i made some great sales and also made some new customers/friends!!!
this was a great event with lots of wonderful new exposure for The Scrappin Studio...
i am looking forward to doing it all again and more in November 2007...stay tuned for more info to come!!!
thanks to everyone who showed their support by coming out and playing with us!!!
thanks to my mom for always encouraging and supporting me in every thing i do. you are the best mom in the world!!!
thanks to my mikey for all your love and support you give me. i am grateful for you love and so blessed to have you as my husband!!
and to allison for inviting me to share her big day with me!!! it means a lot to me and i am so glad we have crossed paths and have an opportunity to be friends!!! you're the best!!
see you all soon!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

it's over.

scrapaganza is all over. it came, it saw, it kicked my butt, and now it's all done. until the next one in november!!! woohoo (thanks tara)!
i taught another class tonight painting with HS masks and also painting with foam stamps. everyone loved trying something new and a little more 'artistic'...good times.
i will be posting some pic's from scrapaganza later tonight. i need some serious ZZZzzzzz's and some fresh energy to tell you all about it...i just wanted to let you all know that it went FANTASTIC, i had a blast and so did everyone there. a great success.
g'night all.....gonna watch some 'little people big world' and fall asleep....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 more sleeps...

only 3 more sleeps until Scrapaganza.
i have been sooooo busy preparing and planning for this event and now it's just around the corner...
sorry i haven't blogged in a while.
see, TARA got herself a nice little blog happening and wanted me to 'leave comments' like all of us bloggers do, but she is on MY SPACE so in order to leave a comment, you have to sign up. so, after her pleads of 'it will only take like 2 minutes...' and almost 4 hours later of "pimping my profile' i now have a SECOND profile and blog on myspace as well...i posted a couple easter blogs if you want to catch up!
if you feel like catching up on anything, like more info on scrapaganza as well, check this out! i even have music and a photo slideshow on it!

THIS blog however, i will remain ever faithful to!!! i will be posting some photos tomorrow of what i've been 'up to' for preparations for scrapaganza, and i also did a new layout using Chatterbox's new 'doodle genie's'...too cute and fun!!
well, off to do more work...i'm soooo hyped for saturday's event!

on another note, courtney ALSO has a big day on saturday...another dance competition! she missed her march one due to a 2 week long flu bug, but, she's back in action! her dance teacher offered me a long time ago to take courtney friday night for a sleepover and to be her 'mom' for the day at the competition as she knew i wasn't planning on entering this one because of my event. she said she wanted to do it for all the work i do for her as a favor returned!!! she can be so, we'll see how it all goes..i will be thinking of her all morning until i get that phone call with a 'hi mom' from her after the competition!!! good luck Punky!!!! i love you!

Monday, April 2, 2007

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...

i'm soooooo excited that i could do a HIGHLAND FLING right about now.....(well, probably not, but i am very excited!)
know how i mentioned in my last post that i might email my pictures of the altered Heidi Swapp record to her staff and see if they could forward it to her??? well, i did it. and they forwarded it.
and Heidi Swapp herself emailed me today!!! you guys have NO IDEA how freaked out i was to see her name as the sender in my email list! i wrote to them basically say what i said the record was about in my last post and that she might enjoy seeing some inspiration created using her products and PACKAGING in a fun way!!
here's what she wrote me:
"i am laughing! that is a lot of heidi stuff, and heidi packaging!
you are indeed inspired!
i love it, thanks for sharing!
my favorite part is where she wrote "i love it"...
(big sigh, big smile, life is good!)
if this is the last project i ever make, i will feel confident that it was a good one!!!
i told my friend tara ( who's just so sweet ) that in comparison, it would be like singing on American Idol and Simon tells you afterwards that he liked your singing....this is truly a huge compliment! That she took the time to look at all EIGHT pictures of it and then a few more minutes to send me an email...
anywho...enough basking for me!
i just wanted to share my excitement with all my friends because i simply can't phone all of you and with the same enthusiasm tell the same story over and over, here's where it's at!!
and on a different note quickly....for those of you coming to Scrapaganza in 12 MORE SLEEPS, make sure you bring a PEN with you...WHY???? you ask? Allison just came home from a spring break week in Montana with her family to go skiing...guess who fell and broke her leg on DAY 1 about an hour and a half into the trip? Yep. Allison.
so, bring a pen to scrapaganza to sign her cast and make her feel better!!!
(hugs to you Allison!)
g'night all!!!