Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sad news this morning.

we had a phone call from mike's mom this morning to let us know that
mike's sweet little Gramma passed away earlier this morning.
she had been in the hospital for about 4 days for a supposed common procedure which in turn
led to further complications and caused her to arrest several times.
her frail little body began to shut itself down over the last couple of days and today
we all pray for her loving, kind spirit that she is at peace.
we love you and will miss you Gramma Griffin.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

upcoming classes!

what a B-E-A-Utiful day out there today!
hope you've been enjoying our winnipeg summer at the end of september!
here is a list of my upcoming October classes and events.
if you would like to be added to my newsletter email list where you will receive more
detailed info regarding the classes and crops please drop me a line at
and i'd be happy to fill you in and have you join us sometime!
6pm - midnite
Class Fee $25
we will be making this adorable "carefree summer days" chipboard album...inspired and templates based on HEIDI SWAPP'S House of 3 project.
you will be tracing out these templates onto raw chipboard sheets...

...then cutting out your chipboard album pages...

...you will then get to select 8 12x12 patterned papers and 3 12x12 cardstocks of your choice
to create your basic chipboard album...

...class fee also includes binder rings, use of paints, inks, rubber stamps, ribbon and a few embellishments!! You will need to bring your own basics ( paper trimmer, adhesives, glue stick, your own scrappin' embellishment stash to add to your album, and of course PHOTOS! )
as always, home classes also include a half time snack, coffee and tea.
please feel free to bring your own pop/ water bottles.
also happening in OCTOBER:
friday oct. 2 - 'carefree summer days' chipboard album ( 6pm - midnite ) $25
monday oct. 5 - SKETCHES class ( 630 - 930pm ) $20
friday oct. 9 - The Scrappin Studio HALL CROP - 6pm - midnite $10
friday oct. 16 - HALL CROP with Lora Leigh Zurstegge 630pm - midnite - $12
monday Oct. 19 - SKETCHES class (630 - 930pm ) $20
friday oct. 30 - HALLOWEEN PARTY & CROP- The Scrappin Studio
6pm - midnite $10 ( costume optional! )
...thanks for stopping by...


Sunday, September 20, 2009

this weekend, we were...

we all love our visits from Maggie when her family is away for a few days!
here's a few promised blog photos for the fam!
~ she's soooo cute!! ~

( see...your dog CAN run and play!!! )

...no wonder she crashes when she leaves our house!!
thanks for the visit with her Malinowski's...hope you had a great weekend!!!
...well, tomorrow is back to Tae Kwon Do for tyler! he usually goes wednesday nights, but this week it's his meet the teacher bbq, so we're starting tomorrow instead!
looks like after this, our family is completely back into our routine of school, my classes and all our activities!
is your family all back to normal yet???

Saturday, September 19, 2009


it was on t.v a couple nights ago and i sooooo
loved watching a flick from my good ol' high school days!!
This movie has a special place with me...and it was sooooo fun to watch it again after all these years! you must check it out yourself sometime.
( molly ringwald, john cryer, andrew mcarthy )
mmmmm...so good!

today is miss kelsey's birthday ( courtney's good friend from dance ) and the girls were all
back into the swing of saturday workshops today and were lucky to be
treated with some birthday cake from kelsey's mom at the end of the lesson!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY...and thanks for the cake for the girls Susan!!

...it was great seeing all the girls again and amazing to see how much they've GROWN over the last two months!!
...and last night i was playing with paper, glue and scissors...
i made my spin off of one of elsie's recipe box sketches!
looking forward to a quiet night in with the family...maybe a pizza and movie night?
...and how is your weekend so far??

Friday, September 18, 2009

"what i like the best..."

"about middle school is...
those were courtney's words about first day of school and here's your proof from yesterdays's
'meet the teacher bbq'!!!

...ask Miss Rachel ( courtney's BFF ) the same question, and you will get the same reply!

...and here's just a couple pics from the sketches class i had on monday night...
you should come and try them sometime!
{ giggle }

my sweet friend Tara has FINALLY started her own blog...
you can go have a looksie and visit often
( don't forget to leave her a comment...us bloggers LOOOOVE comments!!
at www.tleclaire.blogspot.com

happy weekend everyone!
it's gonna be a great one...
what are your plans????

Monday, September 14, 2009

quick inspriation!!

well hello.
i had a lovely visit yesterday with my mom at Donalda's house in lorette...thank you again for such a welcoming and fun day!!!
here's the layouts i made yesterday...

...sorry...i trimmed the photos and then i couldn't find the file they were in, so in my rush today, you're getting the unedited version!! hahaha!!
hope everyone enjoyed the great weather over the weekend...
happy monday!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

and the winner is....

( you can thank tyler for drawing your comment this morning!! )
thank you everyone again for all your blog visits, comments and kind words!!!
...now, onto planning a scrap day tomorrow with my mom and donalda in Lorette!!! YAY for playtime!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


300TH POST???
300 times i've sat at my computer,
uploaded photos
and shared our family and business adventures
with the world!
as promised to you, i have a fun little give-away in celebration of this
fun, fun occasion!!
i LOVE my blog for many reasons:
it's definitely threraputic,
it's an awesome way to keep connected with our world wide family and friends,
and it lets me share exciting business updates with my
scrapbooking world!!
Here's some pic's of my give-away today...
all you have to do to enter to win is leave me a comment at the end of this post, i'll print them off and the kids will draw a lucky name of the winner!
you have until MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT ( tomorrow night, winnipeg time ) to enter.
one comment entry per person for you smart people already thinking ahead...


and on another scrapbooking note...
for those of you who are registered for tomorrow nights hall crop
( which is now a full house again...THANK YOU! )
don't forget that it's
bring any unwanted or gently used items for the TRADING POST table...clean up that stash that you KNOW you're not going to use and is piling up...leave something and take something...
it's all for fun and it's all free...
and one last thing for today...
last night tyler and i FINALLY had our very first piano lessons!
it was awesome...he did great...and i'm gonna love this new musical adventure...
( plus mike is tired of hearing me play Bella's Lullaby all the time - self taught this summer through internet piano tutorials )
( I went from that to playing "merrily we row along" last night....too funny! )
BUT...i was READING music notes at last!
...here's my boy...

( note Bunny on the far right of the bench!!! )

.. for those of you who know tyler well, KNOW that Bunny goes everywhere he goes...
even to first piano lessons...
dang, i love that kid.
...well, good luck to you all...
don't forget to leave a comment to enter the give-away today!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


...one more post to go til 300!!!!
well, i survived "back to school" this morning.
tyler - grade 2
courtney - grade 6...junior high!

they were excited to go, especially courtney, and i had butterflies in my tummy!
but, all went well and now my house is too quiet and i'm bored!!
( i miss them already...i'm such a sap! )

...courtney and BFF rachel at JUNIOR HIGH....how did this happen already??

...have great days "back to...." everyone!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

#298...2 more to go...

until my 300th post AND giveaway!!!

stay tuned this week...

just a quick recap for the fall / winter 2009 hall crop dates for
The Scrappin Studio...

Friday, Sept. 11....
Friday, Oct. 9....
Friday, Nov. 20...
Friday, Dec. 11...

please email for more information on hall crops and classes at
hope you join us soon for a fun evening of scrappin' and friendship!!

...family stuff...
we just came home late last night from 3 days in the U.S.
we left friday with the malinowski family to Thief River Falls to stay a night at the Waterpark hotel....the kids had a TOTAL blast there!!
( as usual )

...poor unsuspecting carson about to get doused by his sister...

...and the good ol' lazy river ride...gotta love it!

...we did a TON of shopping, back to school clothes, runners, a BBW stop for me, picked up a few little scrapbooking treats for myself, courtney bought herself her GUITAR she's been asking for for months now....we gave her some B-day $$ to help her along...AND...it's PINK...that's my girl!
we indulged ourselves ( at my request ) at Paradiso's on friday night for dinner...YUMMY!!
and yesterday for 'lupper' at the malinowski's request, we ate at Space Aliens...
different, fun for kids, and great food!!
PLUS...we had an alien encounter right outside Area 51 in the restaurant.....

a great way to finish off our summer holidays before school starts again on wednesday.
~ sigh ~
best wishes to all our family and friends who are returning back to school this week AND to all of us parents as we all start up our usual routine schedules with the kids' activities...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

random things about our last three days at the lake...

1) had my first ever TIRE BLOW-OUT on the hiway to the cabin tuesday...NOT fun.
thank God for Mike, ya know? my hero.
he left work to come and change the tire...what a guy!
( and yes, of course I took a picture of it....did you forget who I am??-wink )

2) the kids and I FINALLY exposed my mom to TWILIGHT for
tuesday night's cabin movie!!!
( she's totally Team Jacob...she's not my mother anymore....BAHAHAA!! )
we love edward in the griffin home...

3) endulged the kids in their favorite summer food EVER last night with supper...

4) got some really cute shots of this friendly, fearless little guy...

5) my boy was "minnow fishing" all afternoon today...he was also playing with them in his bare hands in the pail afterwards too...
( yes linda, he sanitized!!! hahahaha!!! )

"the minnow hotel"

...yep, a great couple days with awesome weather and even better company!!
now, off to the states for more adventures tomorrow!!
...don't forget to keep checking for my 300th POST GIVEAWAY coming soon!!!!