Sunday, May 16, 2010

...practice run....

...i have been inspired by my friend tara to try out the ever popular "A week in the life...."
scrapbooking project....started by the very talented Ali Edwards in the scrapbooking world.
anyway, you basically take some photos throughout the day of your everyday life happenings and add some journaling to finish off the days events once you have all your photos for the day selected. do this every day for a week, then turn your photos and journaling stories into a
Mini Album!!!
so, since i have also been enticed to ponder the possibility of compiling lots of fun goodies and journaling cards together to teach a "365" project in the late summer, early fall ( yes, that's right, all of the above but for EVERY DAY FOR ONE YEAR!!!! ) i thought i had better give the idea a trial it didn't inspire me to get ready for my "a week in the life" which i will be starting tomorrow, until we were about to sit down for dinner tonight...
so, here's my evening efforts for practice!
...since it was such a lovely, lovely weekend with great weather ( i even got a sunburn today! ) mike thought it was time to break in the BBQ for the summer...

...the BBQ King...

...Mom and the Meatballs...

...there's no photo for proof, but i even brought out my Scotland scrapbooking stuff - since i'm still finishing off my photo page planning - outside and worked at the patio table while enjoying more warm sunshine! ( as if i didn't get enough already while Courtney was at dance this afternoon...i brought it all with me to work on at her dance teachers deck too! )

...i even went for a bike ride on courtney's bike with tyler after dinner! i don't have my own bike, and since courtney is taller than me, i figured her bike should be big enough for me too....and a way more comfier seat than the bike at the cabin!!!
what a fabulous day!!!

...oh, we also have one happy little Oliver with a freshly cleaned cage and some fresh apple slices and another new chew toy we bought him today!!!


...also got another load of laundry in the wash and plans to get some scrappin' finished off tonight for tomorrow night's sketches class!!
So.....there's my practice day for my "week in the life" that I will be starting tomorrow ( monday )....
Wish Me Luck!!!!
( and YES....that means a blog read every evening this week!!! )


xoxo... t said...

Eeeeek! LOVE IT! Looks like you're going to do a great job! I had the most trouble on Thursday and Sunday - HAHA, oh well!

Anyway so glad you're doing this and can't wait to see how it comes together!

That plate of food looks SO delicious.

See ya at Sketches tonight!


Original Inspirations said...

I'm interested to see what you do with this! Last Friday, I printed off my picture-a-day pics and now I have to pull it all together somehow. Have some ideas swilling in my mind ... but now, will see what you come up with!!!

it's me said...

Looking forward to a great week at the computer!! What a inspiring week with the long week-end approaching!! It all should be good!!