Monday, November 16, 2009

well hello....

i'm sure those of you who played along with my little contest last week are
waiting to see who won!!!
well wait no more...
i was very surprised that some of you die hard scrappers guessed so low...don't you ever stack your layouts??? hahaha!!!!
the winner is....
tara leclaire with her guess of 60!!
( there was exactly 70 layouts in this pile!! )

here's your fun prize tara..i will give it to you at next crop or class!

thank you for playing everyone!!
well, this past weekend was Lora Leigh's friday night crop and all day crop on saturday, it went great and it was a lot of fun! thank you to all my loyal shoppers for your support
in my store...
saturday night was our good friends john's 40th birthday bash, waaaaayy too much fun there ( needed all day yesterday to recover! ) but such is life right?
we can sleep and rest when we're dead! ( wink )
not much esle to share today...still about 10 spots available for this coming
friday night hall crop at st. saviour's ( friday Nov. 20 )
so if you're looking for a night out with the me to register!
~ sigh~
4 MORE SLEEPS til lovely delicious edward...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

****don't forget to read on to the next post to enter a fun contest ****
yesterday was very restful for me.
mike and our friend dave took all the kids on an adventure!
they took them to Pinawa to see the dam and the suspension bridge, and also went for a drive thrugh 7 Sisters...
i stayed home and enjoyed a quiet house to myself!
( but of course i sent the camera along! )
here's a few pics from their outting...

tyler and miss kelly...

this bridge looks questionable to me...

but they had fun on it!

courtney and rachel

...and while i was enjoying a quiet day ( and a few too many vodka and clamato's...)
i played with paper for a bit too!

don't forget to read on to the next post...there's a contest to enter at the end of it!!!
you have until midnite tomorrow night to enter.
and IF any of you are on Facebook, snag me as a 'friend' as i also just posted an
album of a ton of my layouts ...inspiration!!!
there is also still lots of room for next friday nights hall crop ( nov. 20 ) with me so if you wanna make some plans with your friends, email to register!
there is also still room for this Monday Night Sketches class as well ( nov. 16 630 - 930pm )
be well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New creations....AND a fun little contest!

***FIRST quickly***
courtney is feeling much better and well on the road to recovery after her 8 day ordeal
of Strep throat and H1N1.
Doctor at Childrens Hospital Emerg on friday put her on Tamaflu, a highly effective
prescription for bacterial influenza infections...and also off the amoxocillin and onto something stronger for her major case of strep. she was night and day within 24 hours...
just finished 5th day of it tonight and a couple more days yet for strep meds.
she has also FINALLY been referred to a ENT specialist about a possible tonsillectomy...
this will be a good thing, as like her mother was, she is prone to strep / tonsillitis 4-6 times /year!
...and i can't help but feel annoyed with certain people that the same concern and
efforts weren't made for courtney as other people lately diagnosed with the same.
but that's the way it always goes.
i am used to it by now.
anyway, enough about that...
i wanted to share some of my newest creations i've made over this weekend!
a few of them were the layouts i used to teach at my
Monday Night Sketches class last night,
so if your interest is peeked, you should come out to a sketches class soon!
( wink)

i have also been busy today with reorganzing the kids' scrapbook albums.
( always having to resort as I add more, dangit, I like things in order )
after pulling out and adding the stack of piling up layouts to the new pile to be sorted,
i decided to have a fun little contest...
( i got this idea a loooong time ago off someone else's blog too, good idea, huh? )
and you might win something fun and scrappy!!
( only one guess per person...and don't even TRY to count them by the photo tara leclaire! )
Deadline for guesses is midnite friday nov. 13... ( Wpg. time )
tell your friends!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

this is how 38 looks on me...

every year around my birthday i try to remember to take a portrait or two of myself to document my year for my scrapbook album...
here's this years photo electives...
which one do you like better??

hope you're having a happy, smiley day!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

fun project!

( before i start...can i just tell you how much i LOOOOVE this song playing??
the louder the better!!!! )
so my november newsletter is a little late coming out
( I blame it on halloween and it's busy-ness!! )
but this friday night is the Kick Off start for classes this month!
now that Halloween is over, and you took a ton of photos, come over and make this
cute felt mini album...perfect for showing off you cute little monsters!!
OR...bring your photos from halloweens past!

-album size is 5 x 61/2.
-12 pages to add your photos and embellishments to...
-6pm - midnite
Friday November 6!!!
class fee $15 - includes all basic supplies to create project, a few extras including some patterened papers and embellies...and as always, a half time snack, coffee and tea!
= a fun night out with the girls and scrapping your haunted memories!
for more info regarding classes and crops, email Kim at
i'd be happy to add you to my monthly newsletter!!
...other news...
my poor little girl is sick, sick, sick.
yesterday ( sunday ) was most unpleasant.
took her to the doc today and she's got strep throat, AGAIN.
she just had it in september too.
because she has developed a "liking" to strep throat and catches it about 4 or 5 times a year, her doctor has referred her to a ENT specialist to consider a tonsillectomy!
FINALLY! she is just like me when i was younger, and getting my tonsils out changed everything..hopefully this will get settled and done within the year!!!
Feel better Punky!!!
Luv luv...