Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it's all over.
my week and a half reading engulfment in the Twilight novel epidemic has come to an end.
i have never been so intrigued and compelled in my life over a fantastic read!
...I have an infatuation addiction with Edward Cullen, kinda scary actually...

...courtney is now almost halfway through the first of the series...that's my girl!!
( also a serious Edward lover too! )
~mike caught us reading together saturday afternoon...i love this!!
...but YES...for those of you who think ALL I HAVE DONE is READ for the last week and a half, life has been going on here...
on the 18th i went to my friend allison's Scrapaganza all day crop in Stonewall with my mom, tara and dana...we had a super fun day and actually got some work done!
of course, i brought my laptop so tara and i could post a big picture of Edward on the screensaver to watch us ( it was a LOOOONG day without any reading for me....)
hahahaha.....good times!

...allison had a TON of fabulous prizes to give away at the crop and she kept skipping by the tables and throwing free tickets into the air and caused several frenzies throughout the day as the crazed scrapbookers dove to the floor to grab some!!
here's my mom in action....and tara is in here somewhere too....hahahahaha!!!!

...on the 19th, it was my sweet grandpa's 88th birthday so we all went over for a visit, tea and cake!! he had a great day!!!
love you grandpa!!!!
this past weekend we did an overnight babysitting favour for our friends through dance...
we took in sweet little Zoey friday to saturday night and courtney was in heaven having her to play with! we enjoyed her furry little company and she can spend the night anytime!

( an acutal moments peace and quiet in the griffin house....)

"where's Zoey"????

....saturday was mike's birthday and we had a PAR-TAY at our house....our first bonfire of the spring / summer season and lots of good food, drinks and friends!!
( sorry i could not post all accusing photos taken....hahahaha....)
lets just say that later into the evening, the game TWISTER was brought outside and a little bit of WWF between linda and I!!!! hahahahaha....
our family also has some very EXCITING news to announce as well...
my baby brother FINALLY got engaged last week!!!! so we will be having a family wedding to look forward to next summer!!! i can't wait to hear all their plans and details....I am sooooo happy for curtis and erith!!!! Congratulations again you two!!!!! WOOHOO!!!
( we are planning to go for some engagement pic's soon now that the weather is looking a bit better....can't wait!! )
curty and erith!!
...and happy birthday to my honey!!! i am positive that he had a very FUN birthday celebration!!

...i suppose that's the family update....
i will be sending out my may newsletter soon for upcoming classes...but here's a tease for you...
i will be having a Monday night Sketches class on monday may 4 from 6:30 -9:30pm-ish...and here's the layouts we will be doing.....keep in mind that you choose your color themes and papers to scrap with!!!
watch for more details in your newsletter coming within a couple days!!!

....are you happy now???
no more obsessive reading for a while....BOO!
happy to be back in the blogging world....i missed you too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i feel like a teenager again,
totally hooked
in the thrill and romance of
i saw the movie twice, and finally gave into the 'tara cullen fan club' pressures of
"you have GOT to read all the books"....
so the last two days have aquired a lot of my 'no kids around' attention while at school so i can get lost in the awesomeness of the first book.
i am totally and completely addicted now
( thank you tara! )
and knowing that i will most definitely finish reading the fist novel tonight, i ran out to the store and bought the other three remaining dreamy Edward sequels...
...funny that i haven't been this intruigued by a novel sequence since stephen kings 'the green mile' novel was released one book at a time over a period of 6 months...talk about cliffhanger! and of course the movie was also most superbly done as well...
just like twilight!!
yep, i'm infatuated and compelled with each turn of a new page...can't wait to complete the series and HURRY UP Nov. 20 for New Moon to come into theatres!!!

the future t.v. series 'tyler cullen'????

...these are mostly for tara...
UNLESS there's any other edward cullen lover wannabee's out there??
drool on edward lovers, drool on....



( okay...jaw ON FLOOR )
tara, you and i need to get these tshirts!!!!

like i said in the beginning of this post.
OCD, that's me today!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

( music on? )

...i hope you are all having a lovely little easter holiday with your families!
we had a terrific visit and super yummy dinner at mike's parents out in woodmore on friday!
thank you liz for feeding us soooo well and for all the goodies for the kids!
yesterday after our dinner at home, the kids and i had a 'color lab' going for our Easter Eggs to take to my moms today for dinner...
well, that's not ENTIRELY true...
since most of the eggs don't really get eaten...
if you recall from last year's easter holiday stories, our family has a traditional egg rolling race using only your NOSE to cross it over the finish line!
My grandparents started this 'fun' tradition when i was just a small kid and it is still going strong...with a marble egg and $5 as the annual prepetual trophy!! hahahaha....
anyway, here's our egg lab from last night...

...boil 2 dozen eggs...

...pick your colors ( and feel free to blend the dyes to make lots of other interesting colors such as 'boogers' like we made last night....)

...try to keep control of the egg dipping with the younger children or else you may end up with green fingers like me...

...use a white crayola crayon to draw names or designs on your eggs BEFORE dipping them into the dyed water...

...and finally, be very proud of your egg masterpieces!!!

...this morining was still exciting as ever for the kids to go tearing through the house looking for all kinds of easter candies, chocolates and their hidden easter baskets...

...and then finishing up the egg hunt with a little gift from mom and dad too!
Since they both love Build-A-Bear Workshp so much, they both got new outfits and accesories for their little stuffed buddies!!
...yep, easter morning today = two happy little kids!
AND....i just wanted to share this photo with you too...
on friday when we were out at mike's parents out in woodmore, we went for a visit with my FIL when he went to go feed his neighbors cows to go see this new little calf!

he was a week and a half old of friday and the mystery about this little guy is that when they got the heffer in the pasture ( yes, with a 'days are numbered' ticket!! ) it was noticed by my FIL that she was getting fatter than the others...AND SO since there was NO BULL in the pasture with them, it was my FIL's surprise when he discovered her giving birth in her little sheltered shed to this little guy!!
Immaculet Conception???
hahahaha....anyway....it was just too cute a pic to not share with you!
...we are off to my moms in about half an hour for my family's easter dinner...and some egg racing! I hope you and your family have all had a happy easter with the remembrance of the true meaning of this blessed holiday!
Love Luv

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...first things first...

yesterday ( monday ) was my beautiful grandma's 88th birthday!
the kids and i went for a visit with flowers and chocolates after dinner and found my mom already there with cake and tea ready to go!
"Happy Birthday Grandma!!! We love you SOOOOO much!!"

I am ( i think ) finally starting to feel refreshed, rested and re-energized after a
super fun and super busy weekend from my
Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin II event this past weekend!
I think it's fair to say that the majority of my girls had a fantastic time and really enjoyed themselves...and that's exactly what this weekend was about!
I enjoyed all my planning and preparing and work i put into this event and hope that everyone who attended went home with lots of fun stories to share with family and friends and made some new scrapbooking friends while there!
"To have JOY, one must share it."
~Lord Byron

...feeling all rested up and ready for the next adventure!

...here you go...
a photo collection from the weekend...
( for most photos, i only posted those that I knew or thought would be okay...the whole collection will be at next years event in an album for sure!!! ) - wink
( if you would like your photo removed from this post, please email me! )
...gift mugs i had made up for everyone...
(except for the two that people did not take with them...thank you...i will use them for prizes for those who would appreciate to have them! )
...our crop room before arrivals!!
....friday night name tag contest...
nice work ladies!!! now you can tie them onto your scrapbooking bags or totes for fun!

....classroom fun for everyone...

...fusing plastic...so cool!

...me and tara, my most positive energy and support throughout this whole event planning, right from day ONE!!! I don't know what I would have done without your friendship!
You're excitement and humour constantly reminds me of why I enjoy doing these things for all my scrapbooking friends!!!

...tracy, i will laugh at your card FOREVER!
Luv U!!!

Nyhof, the Roller Derbie grunt...watch out or she'll kick yo' ass!!

...lunch time emptiness...
Any guesses as to how much $$$ worth of supplies are in this room!

...Tara and Rachelle...
Chipboard challenge contest winners!!
Congratualtions ladies!!!
~everyone's albums were amazing!!! Loved 'em all!!! Hope you enjoyed this one!
...Anne, the Favorite Layout contest winner!!
~enjoy all your new goodies Missy! Your layout was amazing...loved it all!!!
...and thank you to EVERYONE who entered into this contest, you're work is unreal and sooooo creative!! I'm sure it was hard for everyone to pick just one!!
This contest was also my charity contest with 100% proceeds going to Breast Cancer Manitoba...we raised them $115...so thank you for your generous donations and I hope you had fun with your entries too!
Congratulations Anne!!
...and ALL the optional free layout contest winners!!!
Fun stuff, loved all of them!!

...so, it was a super fun weekend and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got some serious rest sunday night!!!
Thank you ALL for coming out and joining me at my event!
Hope to see you again next spring!
...of course, me being me and all, i had to stop a few times along the highway on the ride home for some photo Op's!!!

Thanks again everyone!