Tuesday, September 30, 2008

upcoming class

with thanksgiving around the corner, wouldn't it be nice to have a
cute, little THANKFUL album
to have sitting out in your living room
for holiday guests to admire?
your home?
your bed?
comfy shoes?
yummy food?
come and make this special thanksgiving album in a box for your special holiday...
keep it to put out every year or give it to someone special for a holiday gift when you go for turkey dinner at their home...
lots of possibilities here!

Thankful album class: ( at my house )
October 6, 2008
6:30pm - 9:30pm-ish!
Class fee $15
includes all basic supplies as shown here ( brown craft box with metal corners, 1 pkg, black foam letters/numbers, use of paints and paint pen, all chipboard pages are ready to paint and cut with edge scissors, jute rope for binding, and a few other extras...PLUS a small snack, coffee & tea )
please email or comment to register ( or call me if you have my # )
...i will be using sepia tone photos to complete my album. Also recommend using black and white if you want to try something different than color photos!!
( extra chipboard pages will be available if you want to add more pages )
I will be emailing the October newsletter out by this evening so if you'd like to be added to my contact list you can email me ( see above ) and I will add you.
feeling inspired today to get lots done....
happy tuesday ( that feels like a monday...)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

girls night out...

( wow...i know! )
last night, five of us gals
( me, mom, dana, lori & christine )
drove out to beausejour for a girls night out of
and a scrapbooking project
taught by the very talented

what did we make?
we turned this old reader's digest hardcover book...
...into our own pretty little scrapbook albums!
we all chose our own colors / themes and i had bought this paper ahead of time to make
a funky girl album "all about courtney" at 10 years old...
her likes ( music, food, interests )
and dislikes,
pictures of her bedroom right now,
favourite foods, candies,
song lists,
stuff like that!
( teehee...thelma, as you can see, when i got home last night, i tore apart the buttons and ribbon that were on the spine and re-did it with some of my stash at home on hemp cord...)

...i love how the basics turned out and i can't wait to start fillling it in with all the pretty papers i bought for it!!

naturally, i cannot leave tyler out of this fun project, so i have a few extra books i bought to make one too for the Tyman!!

here's the gals, hard at their creations!

...and ALL DONE and proud of it...

i had fun playing for a change instead of working and thelma caught me at play on my camera...

...here's a peek at all the gals projects once completed.

...thanks for a fun night out gals, we'll have to do it again!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nikki P...you are a winner!

so remember last post i told you guys to leave me a comment regarding something new you want to try in your scrapbooking??
well, it was an easy thing to enter into the 'random surprise giveaway' and only FOUR of you went for it....
easy odds here!
i drew a winning name for a surprise
you are my winner this time!!
what did you win??
oh yes.
going to be all kinds of variety with these cuties!!
lots more of ideas coming but for now, i'd like to introduce you to the brand new
( nikki this is YOUR SURPRISE! the first 'edition'...teehee.)
a bundle:
one dozen very cute 6 x 6 patterned papers ( including glitter, flocked, embossed, etc...) ready to use for cardmaking, matting, layers...and MORE!!
ALL different patterns!

...i have 15 ready to sell at $3 a bundle so get the fall release while you can...
( leave me a comment to hold or call me if you have my # )
fun stuff.

...and on an even cuter note...
tyler and miss kelly at 'meet the teacher' BBQ at school this evening.
a good day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

feelin' the groove baby!

sketches class here last night was a hoot, as always!
the gals made the following post two layouts PLUS this one too!
( we always make 3 mayouts at a sketch class )
can you tell i love paints?
i have to admit that this layout is my new favourite...for now!

...i missed scrapbooking soooo much this summer as with going to victoria in july, then lots of cabin visits and then most of august in scotland, i had NO TIME to play with my scrapbooking at all! but after my hall crop this past friday night, i have been sooooooo super inspired to create that it's overwhelming me!
seriously, i can't sleep at night because i have ideas swimming in my head, ( well, plus mike's SNORING doesn't help either...)
anyway, i just want to sit alone and have some time to make art.
that's what i want to do.
today i bought a WHACK of new idea stuff to create with and i feel so energized to get to it...but i have to go pick up the kids from school soon, then right off to dance lessons with courtney...so maybe tonight when they're both off into bed and it's quiet!
idea stuff for myself,
for class projects,
and to experiement with!
I have
does that ever happen to you?
( driving yourself crazy with ideas you want to make and no time to do it??)
c'mon...tell me your ideas that you will eventually try for yourself...
IF YOU SHARE YOUR 'TO TRY LIST' in the comments of this post...
(wink )
( scrapbooking lists to try only people...hahaha! )

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sketches class samples

so i'm trying something new by advertising the sketches for monday's class ahead of time!
in a sketches class, you pay $20 and go home with 3 complete 12 x 12 layouts using different sized photos and playing with different techniques and products on each one!
All basic supplies are included in the class fee ( bring your own adhesives and paper trimmer ) and also includes door prizes and a half time snack!
all classes with the exception of monthly HALL CROPS are taught at my house.
you can email to register and i will then give you the address!
all sketches are premade to the design you will be creating, but YOU have the choice in color schemes!
you need to bring 1 black and white 5 x 7 photo
( if you don't have time to print one off, a color 4 x 6 will work just fine too! )
"Unique because..."
you will need to bring 6 - 4 x 6 photos ( or smaller ) to use with a 2 x 2" punch!
"back yard fun"
...and LAYOUT 3 will remain a surprise for the class night...
but you will need to bring 2 4 x 6 photos for that one!
( color OR black and white - your choioce )
6:30PM - 9:30-ISH!!
( we never finish at 9:30, just so you know! )
please call or email to register ( or leave in comments for this post )

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tales from Ireland! ( lots of pics )

( you need the irish feel of it...)
because Lori didn't have a camera for 3 days while in Dublin, Ireland...here's a teaser for you until you can get some copies...
a sharing time for everyone else!!
( this is only a handful from dublin...)
aug.20 we arrived in dublin where we stayed for a 3 day mini tour
( tyler was pretty excited to be here as you can see )

...a first peek of Ireland from the plane...

...we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Dublin...
by far THE nicest hotel we stayed in the whole 3 weeks!

...snuggled in for bed...

on our first tour day we all chose to take the 'hop on hop off' bus tour or downtown Dublin.
miss courtney's 10th birthday that day!
( must wear green 'whilst' in Ireland )

...this is a few shots around downtown dublin...
the Cathedral ( sorry i don't have my notes handy here with the name of it, but it was huge! )

...of course we had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for mikey!
1 cool zippered hoody
1 cool t-shirt
$128 canadian!!!
...but very cool...

...downtown also holds praise to the famous
Grafton Street...
the street of SHOPPING galore!!!
it was pretty instense around there.

...grafton street fresh flower market...so pretty!

that evening, we had tickets to go to the Gaiety Theatre and see the performance of a lifetime...
...LIVE in Ireland...
when will i ever see that again??
( plus the lead guy that night was pretty hot too...heeheehee )

( but, my lead guy is the hottest!! )
-good save, I know...
after the show and back at the hotel lounge, we celebrated courntey's birthday with several gifts and a couple birthday cakes that i bought from MARKS AND SPENCER!!! hahahha....okay, YOU try to find a bakery in downtown dublin that makes birthday cakes...not so popular in europe!

...the lovely miss alex...

...on our last day in ireland, we all went on a country side bus tour for the day and that too
we went first to ( i know it's spelled wrong, but this way you can pronounce it!! )
it was very beautiful and scenic and historical...
and not so surprisingly very much like Scotland...

...the hills and mountains were all covered in that purple hue of wild Heather plant, the sheep were wild on the hilltops and the view was just breathtaking!

...in 'glendaluck' we went to St. Kevin's cemetery and surrounding area.
this is one of the old celtic crosses that were in the hundreds in that cemetery...so cool.

...the kids and i went for a long walk up the mountain to the top where there was a lake.
surprise...it was simply called 'upper lake'.
have you seen the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson?
well, this is the very lake that the movie used in several of the scenes and in particular when the english killed william wallace's wife by the lake...yep, this is the one.

after our visit here, we went on to a town called Bray.
It too was very pretty and scenic, and some of the group went shopping after lunch while mike and the kids and i went hiking up the hills!
...but NOT before we all experienced feeding swans up close and personal...
so fun!
they really are huge too!

...we had a nice visit with the Irish Sea as well...
mike, the kids and I ate lunch on the rocks and I told the kids to take off their shoes and roll up their pants and go for a splash...they were thrilled and didn't ask twice if I was sure that they could go play in the sea!
( Kelsey and Kyle, this is where Courtney and Tyler picked out the lava rocks for you!! )

so that was ireland!