Tuesday, May 18, 2010


( hi again! )
...today was a little quieter than yesterday...but i am totally enjoying this little project so far!

...the kids and i had our usual morning visit with Oliver to start our day then i drove them off to school. when i returned home, i uploaded my photos from yesterday and blogged for monday ( last night was too late by the time everyone left to start doing this....sorry! )

...while tyler was home at lunchtime, we brought oliver into the kitchen with us and gave him some fresh spinach....which he LOVED and gobbled up like a little piggy!

...then it was back to school for the rest of the day for tyler...see ya after school buddy!

...i made a quick dash into the nearby dollarama to have a look around to see if i could come up with any scrapbooking ideas for this project to scrap after the week is up....
and i did find something, but you will have to wait to see it when it's finished!!
...then it was finally time to sit outside on my deck and enjoy some hot sunshiny weather...
of course, i brought out my Scotland scrappin' stuff to keep working on too!
( and a Dr. Pepper -although i would have loved a lemonade instead...)
...after about an hour and a half, and red arms and red face, it was time to come in to the air conditioned house and cool down....WHEW!
tyler was off for a visit tonight, and courtney and i were off to her tuesday night highland dance lesson ( 515 - 615 ) at lynn's.
-courtney is on the far side againt the wall in the front row-

courtney's dance pals!!!
(alyssa, kailey, kelsey and alex )
...then we were back on our way home...with no dinner ready. and being 7pm, it was too late to start cooking a meal, so we drove thru A & W for our grub...

...hahahaha....thanx heather from A & W for being a great photo sport for my cause!!!
( i had to explain to her why i wanted her permission to take her picture and yes, she sounded as enthused as she looks....definitely NOT a scrapbooker!!! hahaha...but she did it anyway! )

...after dinner we played with oliver for a while then courtney finished off her homework and
i practised piano ( spring recital coming up june 11 ).

...and now it's time for the kids to get to bed, and then i plan to finish the last few pages of my photo album selection for my Scotland album and send them in to Costco for printing...
THEN it will soon be time to start the actual journaling and scrapbooking to add to the pages!!
goodnite and see ya tomorrow......


xoxo... t said...

I LOVE the pic of Oliver eating the spinach out of the bowl, hee hee! What a cutie!

Looks like you had a great Tuesday! And I LOVE A&W!


Rosalynd Kelly said...

Hiya Kim! Just want to let you know that I'm following along and reading your daily blog entries! Think this is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know I am readding your daily life stories and loving it. you are one busy mama!!!

it's me said...

This is great Kim. Keep going!!