Wednesday, February 25, 2009


this boy HAS to be the CUTEST in the world!
his Tae Kwon Do uniform has arrived and i've been sewing on his badges to complete it...
the uniform was ready for some ACTION shots at lessons tonight...
( and i think that HE thinks he 'fights' better now!! )
***look out diane, you've created a monster!***

( the beginners 'white belt' )

...what a great lesson tonight...
( thursday )

Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend report!

first of all...
haven't had one since i was a teen.
cream soda.
pretty PINK pic-a-pop.

...and here's a new layout i did friday nite...
i worked on this sucker in a 4 hour period ( including martini making, snack making and kids' bedtime...) but i love how it turned out...
elsie flannigan, you inspire me!

...this was a dance comsumed weekend for us.
on saturday courtney had her Winnipeg Scottish Festival Championships competition, with the 3 Scottish judges i mentioned in my last post....

( miss kailey, miss courtney, and miss alex ) was a LONG day and in the end, it was a pretty good day too!!
courtney and kelsey were in a 10 & under class and kelsey won 2nd runner up and courntey won 4th runner up...

...they get to keep the little trophy and their medals they won, and the big trophy cup is theirs for a year and it goes back at next years Scottish Festival....their names just have to get engraved on it first!
( good for you babe! )

...and miss alex won 5th runner up in the 11 & 12 year class!!
way to go alex!!

...this was kailey's first championships competition and she won a judges placing medal for her first time and that's pretty awesome too!! good for you kailey!

...and thank you to my mom who comes to all of courtneys competitions to cheer her on, give ALL of us moms support and encouragement and lots of great hugs!!

...later that night, our friends linda and dave along with mike and i, went to Shannon's Irish Pub for a few drinks and some live celtic entertainment...then we went to their house for some more cheer and was a good day!!
sunday was another run for dance for courtney at the prairie theatre exchange in portage place for a 2 1/2 hour workshop with the Scottish judges from saturday, and then some serious R & R once we got home from a quick visit to my grandparents and dinner out to applebee's with my mom....
the kids and mike and i played UNO for about 45 mins. last night before bed...tyler just loves it!!
yep...and today is monday, back to work and back to reality....
and how was your weekend everyone???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


...where does the time go???
okay...before Tara and Lori have withdrawl, i thought i'd better post!
well, i've been doing a bit of scrapbooking...
here's a peek...

...and the next two were used in a sketches class...
( you really have to click on the photos to enlarge so you can see all the details, like SEWING! )

...and of course Valentines Day has come and gone for another year...
i didn't even get my little candy dish shrine out this year for V. Day...bummer.
oh well, it would have been hard to resist anyway!!!
here's our collection of cards from and for everyone...including my flowers from Mike!!
he took me out for dinner to Carlos & Murphys for Mexican on V. Day...YUMMY!!
then we picked up the kids from my moms and mike made them all banana splits ( i was strong and declined...) and then we piled on our bed and watched Shrek the Third together!!
and what did you do??? anything special???
...we had planned to go glo bowling but most lanes were booked until around 9pm, which was too late as courtney had a dance workshop the next day, soooooo...
on sunday we took the kids glo bowling ( 3 games too...) and we ordered a pizza!!
what a fun, fun afternoon!!

...we are getting ready for the Winnipeg Scottish Festival dance competition ( and Championships ) coming up this saturday for courtney...the girls have all been working hard at home and at loooonnnggg lessons in preparation for the big day!!
there are 3 judges coming in for the competition and they are all from Scotland, so it's pretty exciting!
Courtney, Kelsey, Alex and Kailey...i wish you all the best on saturday and will be cheering you all on - GO FOR IT!! that's about it...
been pretty quiet around here lately!
I am still making preparations for my Gimli Getaway scrapbooking retreat coming up in April
( so exciting! )
and doing lots of ordering for new stock for the store at the event too!!
the two free class projects are decided and being worked on now to show some sneek peeks soon to those of you who are attending the retreat!
i plan to send out an email soon with a few updates and surprises...
and i think that's about all for now...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


...who lost his 3rd tooth last night???

...his first top tooth and he's starting to look more and more like a
hockey player!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

well hello,

...told you i'd be back...
i snapped these of the kids today after school.
despite the hazardous rain throughout the day today, the temperature was still pretty nice out and gave a sense of warmer days to come...

planning and preparations for the Gimli Getaway retreat in April are well underway and i'm getting VERY excited for this fun weekend to arrive!
new stock to stash away for the retreat has been arriving and i can hardly wait for everyone to see it!!
there are still about 15 spots available if you are still undecided, or if you need more information you can contact me at and i'll be happy to help you!
not too much else has been going on around home...
courtney had a dance competition on jan. 31 and did very well and came home with 5 new medals...she is now working very hard and preparing for the Winnipeg Scottish Festival competition this month...tyler is doing great in his swimming lessons and
tae kwon do is going strong...tyler loves it so much!
his 'uniform' came in last week, but it was too big...hopefully the little man will get it fitting right at this weeks lesson!!
here's a couple shots from last week working on roundhouse kicks and snap kicks...and doing some sparring matches with kicks!!
so awesome!!
and thanks to the internet, i have taught tyler how to count to 10 in Korean for counting his drills at class!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009


...I'm still alive.
Just have back soon!