Thursday, January 31, 2008

stuff to share...PART TWO!!!

WOW...i feel good....i knew that i would...hmmm, hhmmmm,hmmmm!!!
( thanx james brown! )
i've been working VERY HARD on organizing my piles and piles of photos that have been causing me anxiety and stress just sitting there with no homes...
of my completed and organized project:
ALTERED PHOTO BOX with scrapped dividers too!!
this is a super easy project that ANYONE can make...just decorate the photo box to your liking...feel free to paint and mod podge for fun too...and then for the dividers, all you have to do is measure the cards that come with the box and cut your own papers to size, glue it to the divider and bling away your little mini layouts....i definately had to add extra dividers as i had lots of categories i wanted to have for filing...the photos in the box are now the photos i want to scrapbook and all the rest have been put into family albums...i used a 3" tab punch by McGill for the tabs at the tops...
WHAT A RELIEF this little project has brought me!!!
TO THIS.....

...and don't forget tomorrow is the cut off date for the early bird ( save $5 )registration for the Gimli Getaway weekend in April!!!
After Feb. 1 registration is $85

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

stuff to share....PART ONE!

....i say PART ONE because i have a continuing post regarding THIS heap of photos!!!

...since i have decided that january is 'get organized' month, i had a couple classes involving making custom calendar's and also altered photo boxes...i have anxiety ( honestly, no kidding! ) when i would look at ALL THESE PHOTOS i have taken sitting in a pile and not getting into photo albums or scrapbooks. enough was enough. seriously. i spent a lot of time organizing the packages and boxes by month and trying to decide which photos i really wanted to scrap and the rest would go into our family albums....( keep in mind that these are all photos from 2006-2007 only! )this was much easier than i thought it would be to do!! i thought i'd be sitting there sulking about how many photos were being filed into the 'photo album' pile instead of the 'just scrap it' pile....but i am feeling sooooo much better seeing them all going into their homes and feel soooo inspired to keep all future photos ON THE BALL and organized like this....
( ...check back for PART TWO...still have to photograph it!!! )

and i thought i'd share a few fun pic's from tyler's swimming lesson last week...he's doing great and his side glide is coming along awesome! he was excited to get to cannon ball into the deep end last time and jump off the bulkhead...once they landed in the pool they had to tread water for 15-20 seconds once they resurfaced! this is the first time tyler was taught how to 'tread water'...great lesson! PLUS, grandma came along to watch him swim too, so it was a great lesson for tyler all around!!

...courtney had her last Intermediate dance competition this past saturday and did great!! boy, competition is sure getting tough!!!! ( she finished fourth overall out of 10 dancers ) we were all very excited to see courtney do her JIG dance in her "magic shoes" we purchased from her older dance pal Alex for the first time in competition! alex told courtney they were 'magic' and that's all courtney needed to hear...she just went for it on saturday in this dance and she won 1st!!! ( her first 1st for that dance too!! )
so now more than before, courtney believes alex in telling her they were 'magic shoes'
so....stay tuned for the continuing post and pictures of my organized mess!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so, i've been a bit busy...

...making some new projects for upcoming classes....
last night i finished the basic creation for the Feb.4 Tag Pocket Album ( inspired by donna downey ) ..kind of a Valentine's project for someone you love!! ( better half, daughter, mom, grandma, friend...)

...hope you can make it out for this fun little class! check your newsletters for all the details and other fun classes and crops planned for February! Please email if you'd like to be added to my contact list for monthly newsletters!
...AND...LOOK what i found for my family!! Besides Christmas, my next favorite occasion is Valentine's day...maybe because of all the pink? I don't know, but i also LOVE all the different sweet treats out there for valentine's day as well....and all those cute heart crafts to make...LOVE IT ALL!!!
i bought one for each of us to use at the table for all february...i am hoping to find plates 'n stuff to go along with it all too!!!!
...and the latest rage in our house is WEBKINZ!!! oh my gosh, the kids are banana's over them!!
courtney now has 4 of them and tyler is still working on his first...although he has several on his birthday 'wish list' for the end of feb....there are video games ( and some are even educational! ) that the kids can play to earn money and buy their online pets things for their rooms and houses...they have to buy them food and feed them, go to the doctor, etc....i think it's brainwashing them into young responsibilites!!!!!hahahahaha!!!
is it a craze in your house too???
...this was taken this afternoon...
tyler and quackers.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last night....

...courtney's dance school celebrated Robbie Burns day (he's a Scottish poet-Auld Lang syne- 'Ode to a Haggis'...heard of him? )
anyway...we had a beautiful sit down dinner at the holiday inn with the traditional Parade of the guests- where a piper pipes everyone to their tables, and then the piper piped the traditional Parade of the haggis, followed by the reading (by a true Scott no less ) of the poem "ode to a haggis" ---which we also found an ice cream scoop size on our dinner plates---yeech!!! ( i'm not that brave, but mike ate mine, mom's and his own...hero! )
the dancers all get to dress up their best for this formal evening and even have their own eating quarters to themselves ( little party room of dancers! )
and then afterwards, the kids all do about a half hour performance of course with highland dancing!!!

i took a few pic's of miss courtney all dressed up and thought, especially in this one of her alone, that she looks like a little 'pre-teen' and look at those long slender slinky little legs she's developed!!! she's not supposed to look so grown up yet...she's only 9!!!!! aaaghhhh!!!! i guess this means that i am getting older too...although i don't like to admit it! { GIGGLE }
( courtney's in the middle )

...this group photo in the black and white outfits is a choreography number called "cry of the celts" and the music is from Lord of the i LOVE this music and performance!! way to go girls on another outstanding show!!! ( and we missed you tonight KELSEY!!! courtney and i were thinking of you and your exciting weekend!! )

i guess that's our update....not much else exciting around here but school, dance, swim, work, and of course all my PLANNING for my first weekend getaway crop in gimli in April....( keep reading down for more details....)

I will be sending out the February newsletter in the next couple days ( see, it's only January 19 and i feel like i'm ahead of the game, as planned! ...remember...ORGANIZATION is my goal for 2008!! ) I have 2 spots still available for the Custom Calendar class that was changed to THIS MONDAY night ( jan.21 ) and also 2 spots still available for the altered photo box class on friday, jan. 25....if you need more info regarding these 2 classes, please email me at and i will send you the newsletter with the details!!!


...enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008


first of all...i just want to THANK all my scrappin' friends who came out to my 2nd ANNIVERSARY hall crop last night!!! i had a great turn out, my best ever, and it feels so good to look back at 2 years ago when i was just starting my business and to see where i am today!!
i could not have accomplished where The Scrappin Studio is at today without all the support and encouragement from all of you!! thank you soooo much!!!
yesterday i opened the registration for the first ever
weekend crop and have had a great overnight success with it already!! thank you again!
GOOD NEWS and UPDATE for the getaway:
there was a little anxiety in the air once people started booking rooms and some were being told there were no more rooms available...THERE IS!!
the staff were not told yet to open up more rooms if needed after all the blocked off rooms were reserved. sooooooo.....
i spoke with the manager today ( saturday january 12 ) and i have blocked off ALL the standard rooms and ALL the deluxe rooms in the lodge for you!
sorry, but the motel units are all reserved.
they have offered in addition to standard and deluxe rooms, EXECUTIVE rooms ( sleeps up to 4 people ..$145.00 / night, gas fireplace, jacuzzi bathtub-in bathroom- ) and they ALSO have TWO CHALETS ( separate 'cabins' ) for larger groups looking to share accomodations!
the chalets will accomodate up to 8 guests and would cost only $37.50 / person a night if you can arrange for 8 people in one of these!! they are 3 and 4 bedroom chalets with plenty of room and full kitchens and bathrooms....something to think about if you have a large group!!
PLEASE, PLEASE email me if you need help or have ANY questions at all about reservations or the weekend getaway!!! if you are wanting to attend but are coming solo and wouldn't mind sharing a room with someone, I will do my best to help you find a roomie!!! :O)
again, please email if you have any questions at all about the Gimli Getaway or are interested in receiving a registration form with ALL THE DETAILS!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway Announcement!!!

This will be the location for The Scrappin Studio's 1st Annual Weekend Getaway Crop!!!
"Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin"
will take place April 4, 5, & 6th, 2008
in Gimli, Manitoba.
The lodge is about one hour out of the city ( maybe less...depending on who's driving! ) and they are excited to be hosting a bunch of giddy scrapbookers for the whole weekend!
mike and i go here every year for our anniversary so i was REALLY hoping that they would accomodate our needs and be fair in pricing...
i chose Misty Lake because i wanted you to get out of the city, take a load off and have some relaxation time for yourself. the lodge is about 5 minutes down the highway from the town and Main docks. super easy to find as it's right off the highway. i have several rooms blocked off with set prices for my if you would like some room pricing, please email me!
the lodge features very cozy and spacious rooms, an olympic size indoor heated swimming pool with an 8 person hot tub!! ( so bring your bathing suits and go for a dip! ) the lodge also has its own restaurant with AMAZING food so you don't even have to leave if you don't want to! i was told by the banquet manager that the chef will be preparing daily lunch and dinner specials for us as well!! If you want to go for a quick stop into town to stretch ( only a 5 min. drive ) there is several places to eat in town as well ( including Oma's Tea House right on the docks beside the Museum! )
go to and check out the lodge for yourself... they now have some photos of the rooms up. ( keep in mind that the prices of the rooms i have blocked off are different than what is on their site. a great deal! )
i won't get into any more details on Misty Lake Lodge for now...please email me if you want more info on the location.
Registration Fee $85
Early bird Reg. Fee $80 ( by February 1, 2008, after the 1st it goes to $85 )
what do you get?
-awesome welcome bag ( value minimum $30 )
-door prizes drawn on sunday at 3pm
-ticket drawn layout contests-optional ( no judging )
-FAVORITE LAYOUT CONTEST- (one ballot per welcome bag, to be drawn sunday with door prize draws, YOU vote for your favorite layout! this is also an optional contest...
pay $1.00 per layout to enter ( enter as many as you wish! ) and 100% proceeds from this contest will be donated to PARKINSON SOCIETY MANITOBA. the layout with the most votes will win some sweet scrappin' eye candy!!!
-2 FREE classes with basic supplies included!!! ( projects to be announced )
-FREE coffee and tea available all day
-i will be providing you with a danish, donut and muffin morning snack both mornings!
-LOTS of spread out cropping room all to ourselves!
-LOTS of other fun little surprises planned while we're there...can't tell though 'cuz then it wouldn't be a surprise would it? ( heeheehee, you know me! )
this getaway weekend is exclusive to The Scrappin Studio alone so i can give you my personal attention and enjoy a great weekend with you with no extra distractions or chaos!!! i am sooooo excited to be hosting this weekend and i really hope you will be able to come out and relax with some 'ME ' time! come with your mom, sister, daughter, friend...or even will make new friends no problem!!
please email me at the above noted addie for more information or to have a registration form sent to you!!! if you are looking for a roomate, or wish to share a room with 2-4 people to cut expenses, please let me know so i can help you organize that.
Gimli Getaway, Gone Scrappin'
is limited to 50 SPOTS so please register as soon as you can to guarantee your spot!!!
FRIDAY, April 4....check in and registration begins at 4pm and crop until MIDNITE!
SATURDAY, April 5...crop from 9am until MIDNITE!
SUNDAY, April 6...crop from 9am until 4pm...all draws at 3pm...must be packed up by 4pm!! ( check out is at 11am on sunday but you can bring your travel bag either to our crop room or put it into your vehicle! )
sorry i forgot to mention this earlier!!!


...'til i share the details about
The Scrappin Studio's 1st Annual Spring Weekend Getaway Crop!!!!
...make sure you pack you bathing suit along with your cropping totes for some serious R & R too!!!

...check back tomorrow for all the details!!!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

red, red...NOT wine....

courtney's friend rachel came over last night for a sleep over and came in the door with bright RED hair!! Rachel has had several colors in her hair before, and also has some hilited blonde so the color always takes REAL GOOD to her hair....courtney, after a little convincing from Mike and yes, even myself, and of course from Rachel, decided she wanted to try the red bottle out herself!
why not? it's only hair and it washes out within a couple weeks...
and so began our evening in the 'hair salon' ( bathroom ) after mike ran out to get the goods....
(before )
( YIKES...during...)

( after...)

..the two redheads...
eat your heart out CarrotTop!!!
( oh yes...just imagine the scrapbook layouts i will make with these....not to mention the blackmail with courtney's future in 30 years when we allow her to date! )

Thursday, January 3, 2008

January kits R ready 4 U!!!

a New Year brings us all new starts, fresh opportunities and bright open eyes to new changes and new perspectives...
are U ready to
this months kit features Reminisce's line 'live out loud' AND all at a great special NEW YEAR price for the month of January!!
keeping in mind that we are all recovering from the expenses of the holidays, i have made you a little smaller kit this month to offer you a fantastic new year savings!!
JANUARY'S KIT will be only $20...with tax included!
these papers feature bright, bold eye catching colors that will really compliment your layout designs!
5 x reminisce 12 x 12 'live out loud' patterned papers
2 x bazzill cardstock in textured tink pink, and smoothie canary
1 x bazzill pinked edge cardstock in black
1 pkg. black journaling rubons by reminisce
1 heavy weight 12 x 12 cardstock die cut stickers by reminisce
1 sheet 'live out loud' stickers
1 yellow bazzill textured envelope
10 black photo corners
1 yard cotton crocheted ribbon in green

...AND the papers in this awesome kit are also DOUBLE SIDED!!! great funky patterns on both sides will leave you with tough choices on which side to use!!!

...don't miss this opportunity to ADD ON to your january kit with this months add on!!
ADD ON includes:
1 x co-ordinating 12 x 12 heavy weight 'live out loud' die cut stickers
1 x bazzill textured cardstock in butterfly
1 x bazzill 6 x 12 textured edge cardstock in tink pink scallop
1 pkg. reminisce color rub ons 'live out loud'
2 heidi swapp square writer's block journaling cards

ADD ON available for only $8 ( including tax )!!!
...starting in february 2008 i will be starting kit subscriptions for either 3 or 6 month committments! the kits retail for $29 individually OR start up your subscription and save even more...
3 month subscription.....$27 per kit ($81 for 3 kits...SAVE $6!! )
6 month subscription...$25 per kit ($150 for 6 kits...SAVE $24!! )
i am looking into shipping costs right now for those of you who want the kits mailed to you. for the most part however, they will be available to pick up at any of my monthly classes or hall crops, or to make it easier, just email me to arrange a pick up date at your best convenience!!
( saves even more $$$ )
The Scrappin Studio also has a
I will be hosting my first ever
scrappin' weekend this spring!!!!
complete details will be announced on january 11 so be sure to check back and get in on the excitement!!!
(scrappin' spots will be limited to 50 guests!!! )
i am sooooooo excited to tell all but you'll hafta wait while the fine details are gettin' ironed out for you!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


is it really 2008 already?
it seems not very long ago that the world was in a panic state with the approaching millenium and now that was 8 years ago...yesterdays i am getting old! { GIGGLE }
i love 'new years' and what they represent...
new beginnings, fresh starts, new outlooks and goals, a time to look back at all we've done the previous year, and a time to be hopeful for a whole new year full of new blessings, changes and appreciation! i love new year's!!!
we started our fun day with the kids yesterday going sledding at a nearby hill with some friends of ours...DANG was it cold out! i think we lasted about an hour before the complaining started about being cold! the windchill was an hour was enough!!
then we call came back to our house for a little 'new years' celebration! we ordered in a bunch of pizza's and i made some caesar salad...shortly after we found the kids ( and MIKE ) induldging in about an hours fun of TWISTER! good laughs! and later mike had the fire pit set up and snowblowed the yard so the kids could roast some marshmallows outside for fun! and then of course some more yummy snacks and drinks and one good fun night!!!
i hope you take some time together to look back on last year and all you've encountered, good and bad, what you have done to make the best of things, and count all the many blessings you have in your lives!
here's to a new year full of good health, much happiness and lots of love!
...i'm gonna let the photos here speak for themselves...

... i wanted to show you what tyler made for me at kindergarten for christmas...
my first elementary school present!!!!
AAAWWWWW!!!! thanks little buddy!!!