Tuesday, February 27, 2007

another project!

here's your sneak peak....i will be teaching this adorable folded mini tag album at the Scrapaganza in stonewall in april. the pictures are of my courtney, man time flies. i had fun pulling out the baby pictures again, i miss that! sometimes it's almost fun to contemplate a third child, but then the yelling and bickering of that sweet love between the two we already have pulls us back to smart reality and the thought is gone and more of a nightmare actually... :O) i pat my scrapbooking icon on the back as she's expecting her 5th baby in july! yep. five. heidi swapp you rock...a-bye! well, i'm dog tired. have to catch up on some rest and sleep from the last couple crazy days. tyler is sleeping with his new spiderman from his pal taylor again tonight. courtney has her stuffed dogs all lined down the side of her bed against the wall...funny 'cuz that's EXACTLY what i did with all my favorite stuffed toys on my bed at bedtime too!! and the house is quiet...ssshhhh...zzzz!

adding on...

Tyler's birthday pool party!!
ok.so i was able to get a couple more pic's up for you to see from tyler's 5th birthday party at the pool on sunday. he must have jumped at least 20 times off that diving board...
we had more company last night to celebrate his birthday (as his actual BD was yesterday ) so it was a fun and busy day right til bedtime. i don't remember ever having a 48 hour birthday, times have changed haven't they?
those of you who are patiently waiting for the Heidi Swapp roller date stamp to come in...i was told by mid-march they would have them in stock to order. hang in there a little longer!!! AND, i still have room at this friday's crop at my place (pizza party, yeah!) come out 'n play!

Monday, February 26, 2007

catching up

Wow...are you really 5 years old already?? Where has the time gone? We've been so busy here lately...hence the lack of posts, sorry!! Let's see...since my last post i had another fun hall crop. congrats to josie who won the altered chocolate box of scrappin goodies!! courtney had another dance competition on the 17th, not a great day but she won 3 new medals and had lots of fun with her group choreography dance ( music was from Lord of the Dance...i loved it! ) she also had her dance exams last week as well, so there's lots of preparation put into those tests too. found out she did fantastic on her tests! way to go courtney...keep up the excellent hard work and we're very proud of you! AND....yesterday we had tyler's birthday party at the pool and had loads of fun! I was so impressed as courtney and her friend wanted to go into the diving pool to swim and jump off the diving boards and tyler wanted to go along too! i didn't think he'd go for it as he had to swim 2 laps ( 50 m ) for the lifeguard before he could enter the diving pool. but the little turkey did it. he wore a lifejacket as he couldn't do it without it, i'm sure, but he still swam his laps! i took more pictures to share with you but i was having trouble today posting any pictures...but at least i got this one in for you! ( dang, the one of him on the diving board wouldn't come up for me, oh well. you'll see it in my albums! )
so, that's been our excitement for the last couple weeks. i was a "helper" at tyler's preschool today as well so he had a fun day there too. he received a gift from his teacher and i brought cupcakes to have with snack for all the kids. we are having company tonight for MORE birthday cake and MORE presents...how old are kids before they ever realize how very spoiled they are??? fun stuff! i have emailed my march calendar of classes out the other day ( finally, sorry it's taken so long ) but if you haven't received your calendar please email me so i can send it out to you!! better go...company's coming!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last chance...

last call ladies...for your chance to come out to my Valentine's hall crop this friday night ( feb 16 6pm - midnite ) and be the lucky winner of this altered scrappin' goodie box!!
please email me if you need more info at thegriffs@mts.net I hope to round up a few more happy scrappers yet!
we've been busy at home here making valentines for everyone..the kids' classmates, dance friends, grandparents, nana's and papa's, teachers....if you have kids then you can share my exhaustion! all the little "extra's" never seem to end!! tyler is especially excited for valentine's day, he's been counting down how many more sleeps for about 2 weeks already! he's so sweet! and my courntey is totally bummed out, and tearful at bedtime tonight, that i have to work tomorrow night, on valentine's day. when i was tucking her in to bed she said, " your work should know better then to make you work on valentine's day because you're a mom." ain't that the truth? kids have such a way to make you feel guilty don't they? i think that if all mom's had their way courtney, none of them would work. ( they'd just scrapbook all day when you're at school...wink! )
well, another long night at dance lessons...getting ready for another competition this saturday. it's a big one with 3 judges coming from Scotland, and one of them will also be judging the kids' dance exams next week as well. so, you can imagine the extra "dance stress" in the air right now...and all you dance mom's out there can SURELY sympathize with me right? :o)
i wish i had some cherry cheesecake right now...
g'night all!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Layouts, layouts, layouts

whew...as promised, i did some new layouts for you this weekend! i had a fairly productive night last night at the hall crop and completed 4 layouts and then another 2 today when i was in stonewall at the SCRAPYARD with allison www.scrapyardcanada.com
the watermelon layout is a 12 x 12 and all the rest are for a new 8 x 8 album i am putting together for my crops and will be featured at the SCRAPZGANZA 2 in stonewall April 14...here i am creating layouts featuring products that i sell in my store and to give you ideas of how to embellish your own layouts with the products! i am having TONS of fun playing with the heidi swapp masks...who would have known how cool they actually look? I used them on the watermelon title and also on the blue hibiscus flowers on courtney's beach layout! my pal allison also brought me a gift back from CHA in LA a couple weeks ago...heidi swapp's new product catalogue with a sweet little logo pin!! i feel so special...even though ALLISON is the one who got to have her picture taken with my idol!! thanks for thinking of me while you were away...
anyway, i had a pretty relaxing last couple of days with lots of scrapbooking time...thanks mike for letting me play this weekend!
and i'll see those of you who are coming for the altered clipboard class on monday at my house...lots of fun!!
g'night all....:o)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New stuff...Happy day!!!

it was a fun afternoon for me yesterday..i got some new stock delivered, of course only half my order was in stock...HMPH.
some of you had requested more doodlebug rub on letters and some new chipboard letters...LOVE those basic grey chipboard monograms..i will be ordering lots more fun stuff as i'm preparing to stock up my store for the SCRAPAGANZA ( www.scrapyardcanada.com ) on April 14!!!!! anyway, just wanted to share my glee with ya!
i'm going to a hall crop (not mine) tomorrow night to play with some other pals of mine and i'm looking forward to a nice relaxing evening and i'm always hopeful that i actually get some work done!! (heehee) so i hope to have some new work to post over the weekend.
courtney danced 7 dances this afternoon at my church for my grandparents seniors group...they have been bugging our family for a couple years now about "when can we see courtney dance??"...well today was the day! My grandfather (turning 86) grabbed the microphone while i was doing a costume change on courtney and he was "quite emotional" as my mom put it, as he talked about how proud he is of HIS courtney and how hard she works at her dancing and a bunch of other sweet remarks. i love my grandparents to pieces and i'm so blessed to share such amazing love in our family from them. they are definately the solid rock we all stand on together.
today was a very happy day for me. i am very proud of my girl and i feel overwhelmingly happy that my grandparents had such a wonderful afternoon with her. those seniors will be talking for months about this with them...and hey, it sure beats having another afternoon of canasta!!!
big hugs to all you loving grandparents out there...and thankyou God for such a wonderful happy day!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mini album project

last nights's crop at my house was a fun...and silly one!!! thanks for your entertainment girls...you know who i'm talking about...and i hope your date goes well tonight "double L Michelle"...there's always burger king!! (tee hee) and don't let him see your drawer at least til the 3rd date!! LOL!
this is the project i made last night for a friend of mine from work. he's been accepted and is going off to "fireman college" in brandon, mb next month!! right now, he's a volunteer firefighter with Springfield Fire Dept . back in october (sorry andrew) he came to my son's preschool classroom and gave all the little squirts a "fire safety" lesson! he did a FANTASTIC job ( i think they all want to be firemen now...) and i have been wanting to make something special for him in thanks for doing something so special for tyler's classroom. i have been putting it off, the whole "no time" syndrome...so, now that he's leaving, i HAD to get it done or else i'd have guilt forever....i hope he likes his special momento of a fun day and i wish him all the best in his training and future career as a fireman. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ANDREW!!! we'll miss you at "work".... :o)