Friday, May 21, 2010


( and still going! )
...although i am playing 'catch up' from yesterday!
...after morning showers and breakfast, we jumped into our routine of dropping the kids off at school ( and of course after some play time with oliver! )

...tyler's school was having their School Division Folk Dance Music Festival at McIvor park today. he said the only dance he likes to do of all the ones he had to learn was
The Chicken Dance!!!
( used to be Courtney's favorite too...)
...have great days at school my babes!!!

...then i came home to more laundry to do. we are PLANNING on getting out to the lake sometime over the weekend to open it up and i didn't want to come home to piles of laundry to do from home AND the, Cinderella...night and day it's Cinderella...

...i have a lot of tax prep work i need to catch up on so when it comes to income tax time next year, i don't feel soooo stressed out and overwhelmed with my bad bookeeping....hahahaa...but THEN i saw my scrapbooking desk and how badly it needed some constructive organizing from monday nights class mess, so i got sidetracked....( i can't work in a messy space anyway....)
***yes, this is the BEFORE photo!!!! i spent most of my afternoon straightening out my desk, gathering paperwork i need for bookeeping, pricing another store order that came in and pretty much stressed myself out over paperwork!!! GAH. i hate it. i was NOT born to be an accountant on ANY measure!!
after the kids came home, we took oliver out for a nice, long visit.
funny how our extended family members can pick up your spirits when you're blue...

...we were down on the floor with him and he was just hopping and jumping all over us, sniffing and snuggling...dang, this is one cute little bunny!!!
( and of course he got a bowl of spinach after playtime for a snack! ) nightime, i was done.
i was crabby, irritable, and "aunt flo" is in town making me even more miserable.
i couldn't wait to sit and relax a bit and watch the season finale of
Grey's Anatomy.
was that one intense show....did any of you watch it too?
holy moly. friend susan had commented after my not so great wednesday that the rest of the week often goes downhill from there.
i had a bad night last night BUT i will not let that bring me down the rest of the week....
i intend to make the best of the weekend with my family, and hopefully we do get out to the cabin at some point, and whatever we do, we will be happy!!!!
See ya later friday night....


xoxo... t said...

Well hello! Those pics of Oliver climbing all over you were sooo cute! Love it! He's so pretty :)

Hope today is better than last night! What could be better than a long weekend coming up?!



Anonymous said...

I love that little bunny,hes sooo cute! Ya i watched Greys,holy mackeral dramatic or what. I am happily reading how far you've come with scotland project. when you get goin you sure go don't ya? I also love your blog with your week in the life, is so cool Will see you on teh 31st.

Anonymous said...

that desk isnt that bad you stress out wayyyy to much! Bunny bunny is so cute and funny! I wish I had one ( only sometimes ) and then it passes in mind nope I don't.. Hope the field trip was fun!...Nikki