Tuesday, May 18, 2010



( so, here begins my 'week in the life' project...hope you stay with me all week! )

...our mornings now consist of a visit with Oliver once the kids have finished breakfast. ( he is a good motivator for courtney, being the sleepy head that she is! )

...i dropped the kids off at school and came home to tackle my "TO DO" list!LAUNDRY always seems to be ongoing every few days in this house, so in went a few loads!

...and of course the dishwasher is another daily cycle around here. one of courtney's chores is to unload the dishwasher and load it after meals. ( allowance = incentive! )

...after lunch ( i still go to the school at lunchtime to bring tyler home to eat and then bring him back ) i went to Superstore to get some groceries i needed for dinner tonight. I treated myself to this totally cute Fairy Castle Cactus because it reminded me of my my happy trip to Mexico with Tara, which was only 2 months ago but feels like years...

...then i was off to Costco for more groceries and more photos i had sent in for my Scotland scrapbook album! ( which is coming along fabulously....only one more album to finish selecting photos from and THEN i can start the 'scrapbooking' part of it! )

...i had a few other errands to run as well, and can i tell you that by suppertime, i had EVERY, SINGLE THING crossed off my 'to do' list!!! YAY!!!

Dinner = pita pizzas (with fresh chopped garlic - YUM- and salad.
mom and my niece airiel also came to have dinner with us before my Sketches class i was teaching tonight started!!

...i bought these raspberries and blackberries to have with the rest of our snack break tonight during the class....first raspberries of the season, and they were sooooo yummy!!!!!

...and it was decided by the girls during my class that there should be a photo of me 'teaching' to add to my daily photos for today....hahaha!

...class was over and everyone left around 10:30 and then i got my jammies on, had a quick visit with Oliver, watched a bit of TV ( south park,of course ) and then went to bed!!!
See ya later tonight with todays events!!!!


xoxo... t said...

YES! Love it! You are so much better at this process for blogging about it - that's awesome! I love the pic of you teaching, I wonder why!

Can't wait to begin putting this together and good luck on your week! Although I have a feeling you won't need it since you always have your camera out anyway!

xoxoxo... LOVED class last night!


Kim said...

hahaha....you're so funny!!!

You're right too, i do always have my camera out and handy anyway, so the photo taking should be my easiest part of this project! I am, however, going to run into some problems with the weekend as it's the long weekend and going to the lake.....computer?????

...glad you loved the class last night!!

Leigh said...

Great photos, Kim!
My kids would love to have a bunny-- I made them settle for fish! LOL!

it's me said...

It was great to see you tonight. Can't wait to see Tuesday's entry.