Monday, September 15, 2008

some stuff.

...know how fresh pretty flowers in a room just brightens it up?
( especially if they're pink...)
i bought some fall colored gerber daisies today to bring over to my grandparents new apartment ( today is official 'living there now ' day )
so i couldn't resist a few pink ones for our home too!
you should buy yourself some'll brighten your day!

AND...i've been asked to share more of Scotland by some here's a story from Cowal Highland Gathering, World Championships, Island of Dunoon.
August 29, our last competition while in Scotland.
we were up and on our way by 6am to catch the ferry over to the island...pretty cool!

...ferry excitement...

at the ferry docks we were greeted with an official 'butterflies in your belly' banner!!!

...there were tons of tents set up with different vendors trying to sell you candy, scottish souveniers, food, toys, games with prizes, highland games novelties and just about anything!
however, none compared to the wonderment and sparkle in the eyes of the dancers as they grazed through THIS tent!!!
it held ALL the trophies for both the highland dancing and also the pipe bands and heavy games!(the row down the left side is all dancing...)
being at world championships doesn't leave much hope in a young dancers soul of winning any of these, BUT the desire and inspiration definitely FILLED the room!!!

...these are the very swords that Miss Courtney performed her 3 & 1 sword for the three judges at Cowal Highland Games...WHAT an experience to keep with her always!
she did four dances that day, and had just turned 10 years old eight days before this event. so she was in a Premier 10 year old class with 30 kids in it. the judges placed only 1st to 6th in each of the four dances Courtney did that day, so it was very hard to place at all.
BUT...courtney did win a 'judges placing' ( which would have been a 7th if only they presented more medals! ) in her sword dance that day!
that's all for now...
i still have 2 runway mini kits left and
1 world traveler mini kit left if anybody still wanted one!
you can email or leave a comment if you want to hold one before they go!!!


lori said...

hello kim
i bet you are tired and exhausted
you definatly have been busy trip school moving
hope ur taking care of u

i will take one of the runway mini
thanks Lori

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking trophies and thankyou for showing us more pictures.I love the sky photo and how is it you can make the flowers look better then when i go and look at them in the store?!!? I will take one runway also please and thankyou ......Nikki

Dana L Gordon said...

I love the flowers and going to buy some tomorrow. Where did you them?
How are grandma & grandpa liking the new apartment? I know I love the pictures of it, it looks awesome.
The pictures you took in Scotland are awesome as well.
I will see you at the hall crop on Friday, 2 others want to join me.

Kim said...

Awww....thanks guys!
dana, the gerber daisies are from sobeys! they are on sale now too for only $1 per stem for dollar days...hello!!

Anonymous said...

HI kim,
I am LOVING the photos. Good job.
Sigh, it is hard to be back home, cooking dinner and being normal after such an extensive tour. Keep the photos coming! Love them.
Say Hi to Heather for me.
Lori N.

Tara said...

$1 at Sobey's?! Well you know where I'm going after work today, haha!! Thanks for the tip!

What a great story and great pics! Can't wait to see all 800 pics, haha!

See you on Monday!