Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nikki are a winner!

so remember last post i told you guys to leave me a comment regarding something new you want to try in your scrapbooking??
well, it was an easy thing to enter into the 'random surprise giveaway' and only FOUR of you went for it....
easy odds here!
i drew a winning name for a surprise
you are my winner this time!!
what did you win??
oh yes.
going to be all kinds of variety with these cuties!!
lots more of ideas coming but for now, i'd like to introduce you to the brand new
( nikki this is YOUR SURPRISE! the first 'edition'...teehee.)
a bundle:
one dozen very cute 6 x 6 patterned papers ( including glitter, flocked, embossed, etc...) ready to use for cardmaking, matting, layers...and MORE!!
ALL different patterns!

...i have 15 ready to sell at $3 a bundle so get the fall release while you can...
( leave me a comment to hold or call me if you have my # )
fun stuff.

...and on an even cuter note...
tyler and miss kelly at 'meet the teacher' BBQ at school this evening.
a good day!


Dana L Gordon said...

Congrats NIKKI P.
Those papers look awesome. I want to take a look today when I see you cause I want.

Tara said...

Congratulations Nikki!!!

I would like a Fall Paper Bundle please!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

THANKYOU KIM!!!!!! I just cant wait to use them. Neat thing is I actually have a great Idea in what to use some for already.THANKS AGAIN KIM . LUV YA LOTS. Hey haw is it going in your grandparent new place since they have been in a while now. Need a new update please......Nikki

lori said...

congrats nikki
beaautiful paper
please may i have a bundle
thanks lori

lori said...

congrats nikki
beaautiful paper
please may i have a bundle
thanks lori

ps tyler looks so cute

Anonymous said...

Way to go Nikki! Kim, I would like a fall paper bundle also - keep one for me, Love Mom Thanks