Thursday, September 18, 2008

sketches class samples

so i'm trying something new by advertising the sketches for monday's class ahead of time!
in a sketches class, you pay $20 and go home with 3 complete 12 x 12 layouts using different sized photos and playing with different techniques and products on each one!
All basic supplies are included in the class fee ( bring your own adhesives and paper trimmer ) and also includes door prizes and a half time snack!
all classes with the exception of monthly HALL CROPS are taught at my house.
you can email to register and i will then give you the address!
all sketches are premade to the design you will be creating, but YOU have the choice in color schemes!
you need to bring 1 black and white 5 x 7 photo
( if you don't have time to print one off, a color 4 x 6 will work just fine too! )
"Unique because..."
you will need to bring 6 - 4 x 6 photos ( or smaller ) to use with a 2 x 2" punch!
"back yard fun"
...and LAYOUT 3 will remain a surprise for the class night...
but you will need to bring 2 4 x 6 photos for that one!
( color OR black and white - your choioce )
6:30PM - 9:30-ISH!!
( we never finish at 9:30, just so you know! )
please call or email to register ( or leave in comments for this post )


Anonymous said...

Kim just beautiful ! I just luvvvv your work and ideas, but then you knew that already. Your kids just always look so adorable in your work also. I'll let you know this weekend cause getting up at 4:30 in the morning is hard for me if im up late...nikki

Anonymous said...

I love the pages. I would love to come to the classes but Mondays are hard for me.
See you later.


Tara said...

I'LL BE THERE SISTER! I can't wait, LOVE the layouts!
See you Monday!

PS: Dana, get your butt to class on Monday, hahaha!

lori said...

hi kim
the layouts lookgreat
i will be there monday
see u then

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim just lurking and leaving a word... I love that Allison Krauss song...

see ya Debbie

Kim said...

hi debbie!!!!
i miss you!

come back to us soon okay!!