Wednesday, September 3, 2008

home sweet home...

SO SAD to leave Bonnie Scotland.
ever feel like you just 'belong' somewhere and it hurts to leave? that's about how i've been feeling these last couple days...( i was afraid that might happen, that i would love it there so much! )
we returned back home late monday night and went to bed soon after we dropped our luggage inside the door! it is indeed a very long flight and with the time change it really does mess with your head a little.
i've just been kinda draggin' my butt the last couple days trying to get back into the swing of things...of course the kids had their FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL today!!
( tyler grade one and courntey grade 5 - yikes - )
they both had fantastic days and tyler survived his 'dreaded' first FULL DAY of school! hahha!
i took them to subway for lunch to treat them midday and tell me all about their exciting mornings!
and believe me are going to see pictures!!
i took 998 photos in our 20 day trip! so , of course it would be impossible to post them all here, so i will hopefully be able to create some online albums to post and link for your entertainment at your leisure with a spot of tea!!! ( i'll let you know as soon as i figure out which way i am going to have a go at it...)
so for now, here's a favorite of us in Glencoe...soooooo beautiful driving through there....just breathtaking...and also holds a very sad history as well. but not to falter the beauty of amazing Scotland, here you go...

this trip has been so amazing!
so many wonderful memories and so much excitement!
i don't think that everything we saw and did has completely sunk in yet as every day was so busy and packed full of adventure...i still feel pretty overwhelmed from it all.
courtney had the dance experience of her life there...winning trophies for 3 of her 5 competitions and bringing home lots of Scottish awards to show! just amazing and thrilling for us all!
i can't wait to have all our photos printed and put an album together ( but i have promised myself not until i finish writing up mine and courtney's Victoria trip album first! - hey, the photos are in an album, so i'm almost there! )
my house is in the same total chaos that i left it in when we left ( another thing i swore to myself that i didn't want to leave like that...oh well.... )
so i have been trying to catch up and organize myself, do laundry, and try to feel energized and abitious...HA. not enough Red Bull in our fridge to help out there!!!
Scrapbooking classes will be starting up very soon....i will be sending out an important email to those of you on my email list regarding my first hall crop with Lora Leigh at Rossmere Golf and Counrty Club....just a heads up that she had to change her date from it's original date of friday, sept. 12 to now THIS FRIDAY NIGHT sept. 5....6:30pm - midnite....PLEASE email me if you are interested in signing up for this friday's hall crop!!!
so that i can let lora leigh now you want to attend!!!
there will be NO HALL CROP at Rossmere on Sept. 12!!!
...i guess that's all for now....
gotta get some sleep tonight for a good day of energy and ambition tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
Glad to hear you made it home safely and you had a great trip. The family picture is a great one and very gorgous background. Cnat wait to hear all your stories,
Tal to you soon

Dana L Gordon said...

Can't wait to see the 998 pictures and also the ones your mom took. I also can't wait to hear all the stories from you and the kids.

Tara said...

Wow, can't wait to hear all about this Kim! I've already let Lora Leigh know but Grams and I will be there tomorrow night. Will your Mom be there too? I can't wait to see you!

I'll have your soaps with me too!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful just beautiful like you said . The amount of photos that you took should take me till next month to go through with you so get ready for a few days with us having a couple spots of tea.So glad your back girl...Nikki

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Kim! Didn't I take the ones of you and Mike?? Hee Hee. Those are better than the postcards I bought!
Alex was excited to see herself in the group photo! Can't wait to see the whole 998 photo collection!
Don't be so hard on yourself about tasks to be done. I am still in a fog myself, so we need to give ourselves a bit of time to get organized.
Congratulations again to Courtney. We are proud of all our girls and so glad we got to experience the country together with all of you.
See you soon!
Lori & Alex.