Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Day!!!

...guess who got their keys to their BRAND NEW apartment today?
Grandma and Grandpa! 9am mike and i, mom, and brothers curt and darren were all ready to go and start moving G & G's stuff out of their house and into their new pad! we will be ( hopefully ) able to finish the biggest part of the move tomorrow for them! but we managed to get all their furniture and all their belongings in today!
i am SO EXCITED for them!
this is a brand new building ( still being completed ) at Concordia Village and it's just perfect in every way for them...they are going to be soooooo comfortable and happy here, I just know it!

( bathroom ONE off the master bedroom! yes, there's another full guest bathroom too, one with a huge walkin shower for Grandpa!)

...grandma's new kitchen...for those 'whenever she feels like cooking' days ( breakfast and dinner in the dining hall is included in their rent! -sweet-

...the happy newlyweds...
( that's what i call them since this will be a new beginning, a new chapter in their lives! )

...and of course a 'cheers' to the moving boys...

i hope you have many happy years in your new home together with lots of happy times ahead!
(they will be officially moved in and start sleeping here on monday!!! )


love in the philippines said...

wow, very special, i like it.

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best ever rate said...

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Anonymous said...

Kim the apartment looks great I think that they will love it! Uhmm whatever the other comments are I hope they dont put a virus in your blog cause it looks weird...Nikki

Dana L Gordon said...

I am so happy for your grandparents. The new place looks amazing, even a nice view from a room (assuming bedroom). Hopefully grandma makes alot of shortbread in that kitchen.
I agree with Nikki on the posts.

Anonymous said...

What a very special day for everyone - wishing Bunty and Adolph the very best in their new home.

Kim said...

yes...i would stay off those other comment links...either trying to sell you something or contain a virus.
my blog is fine though.

Tara said...

Wow, that's great Kim! I am so happy for your Grandparents! And your Mom! Woohoo!

I am sad I didn't get to participate in the contest, I was away in Toronto for work so I missed out :( so YES, you must do Blog Contests much more!

Talk to you soon! T