Saturday, September 27, 2008

girls night out... BEAUSEJOUR, MB!
( wow...i know! )
last night, five of us gals
( me, mom, dana, lori & christine )
drove out to beausejour for a girls night out of
and a scrapbooking project
taught by the very talented

what did we make?
we turned this old reader's digest hardcover book...
...into our own pretty little scrapbook albums!
we all chose our own colors / themes and i had bought this paper ahead of time to make
a funky girl album "all about courtney" at 10 years old...
her likes ( music, food, interests )
and dislikes,
pictures of her bedroom right now,
favourite foods, candies,
song lists,
stuff like that!
( teehee...thelma, as you can see, when i got home last night, i tore apart the buttons and ribbon that were on the spine and re-did it with some of my stash at home on hemp cord...)

...i love how the basics turned out and i can't wait to start fillling it in with all the pretty papers i bought for it!!

naturally, i cannot leave tyler out of this fun project, so i have a few extra books i bought to make one too for the Tyman!!

here's the gals, hard at their creations!

...and ALL DONE and proud of it...

i had fun playing for a change instead of working and thelma caught me at play on my camera...'s a peek at all the gals projects once completed.

...thanks for a fun night out gals, we'll have to do it again!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the next one. I had fun with all of you.


Anonymous said...

Man those books turned out GREAT kIm and Gals! They are awesome. Something to watch for while garage sale-ing next year is those readers digest books.
Way to go!
They look amazing.
Are you going to have a class again with Thelma to do those?? Hint hint.
Lori N

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I have already planned on my next 2 books that I bought and am planning on another, I just need the book....


Tara said...

Those all look great - nice work ladies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ladies! You all did such a beautiful job, I cant wait to try to make one...Nikki

Anonymous said...

Those LOOK FANTASTIC!! I am gonna have to try that Woot I don't suppose You might post some directions.. Hint hint nudge nudge??