Tuesday, September 23, 2008

feelin' the groove baby!

sketches class here last night was a hoot, as always!
the gals made the following post two layouts PLUS this one too!
( we always make 3 mayouts at a sketch class )
can you tell i love paints?
i have to admit that this layout is my new favourite...for now!

...i missed scrapbooking soooo much this summer as with going to victoria in july, then lots of cabin visits and then most of august in scotland, i had NO TIME to play with my scrapbooking at all! but after my hall crop this past friday night, i have been sooooooo super inspired to create that it's overwhelming me!
seriously, i can't sleep at night because i have ideas swimming in my head, ( well, plus mike's SNORING doesn't help either...)
anyway, i just want to sit alone and have some time to make art.
that's what i want to do.
today i bought a WHACK of new idea stuff to create with and i feel so energized to get to it...but i have to go pick up the kids from school soon, then right off to dance lessons with courtney...so maybe tonight when they're both off into bed and it's quiet!
idea stuff for myself,
for class projects,
and to experiement with!
I have
does that ever happen to you?
( driving yourself crazy with ideas you want to make and no time to do it??)
c'mon...tell me your ideas that you will eventually try for yourself...
IF YOU SHARE YOUR 'TO TRY LIST' in the comments of this post...
(wink )
( scrapbooking lists to try only people...hahaha! )


Anonymous said...

Wowzers Kim that Layout is gorgeous! I'm going to add that one to one of my favorites that you have done. Since almost everything that you create. WELL ONE OF MY TO TRY LISTS is to make two seperate snowmobiling albums,(one for my snowmobiling man and one for my snowmobiling daughter), I have bought a bunch of embellishments to add to the creation I have in mind. Then I would also like to make one up on Taylor and her ATVs and of course HORSES!!! Must make sure I really do one on that or she would be furious with me. Well those are some of my to try list plans.. Now Kim I luv you so much that I am sick again but did not want to miss my Kim's blog updates so i dragged myself to my computer and lucky me you updated it again!! thanks girlfriend for doing that for all of us fans ....Nikki

Kim said...

great ideas nikki...thanx for sharing...
'sick and dragged yourself to the computer', huh?

how did you do in webkinz world today?


i luv ya 2!

Dana L Gordon said...

I love that one you did of Courtney. She is so cute.
I want to try doing something with paints and the paper tearing thing. You must show me how to properly tear the paper to look good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I check on your blog daily to see what kind of new ideas you have, and you never disappoint!
I want to try the painting techniques that you are so fond of. I am afraid of ruining nice paper so I haven't been brave enough to try painting on them, but you are inspiring me to think out of the box or picture frame as the case may be!
You have too much energy Kim!
Lori N.

lori said...

hi kim
you have so many idears and list ti try how can we even try to think of any that you havnt already inspired into to do buy getting us to think about all the various things and ways to scrappboook i so love ur sketch classes on monday was so nice to be out scrapbooking again summer was just to busy ok the only thing to to my to try list is to make a album for robbie journy thru his fire man course and skills traing till he graduate the cousre (hopefully) have a good day and of course i will be reading the blogs for more idears

Anonymous said...

Cute Kim really cute ,( i only tried it for a bit after i left you blog msg) tee hee hee! ...Nikki