Wednesday, July 18, 2007

we're baaaccckkkk!

(only i get to call him that...)
well, we just came home tonight from our little romantic getaway celebration...
we went to misty lake lodge in gimli, mb for a few nights of some serious R & R!
we went here for our honeymoon and also our 1st ann. as well...we just love it there, and i think with every time we go again, i fall in love with that place a little bit more!
i LOVE walking in the pier and seeing all the boats and being surrounded with happy vacationers and other couples in love!

i must tell you, even if you just go there for a drive one day over the summer, the food at Misty Lake is AMAZING...and trust me, you won't leave hungry! the chef catered to us like royalty ( and the fact that they didn't have a whole lot of guests during the week probably helped with the 'special attention')
anyway, our anniversary dinner last night consisted of a bottle of house wine (which i endulged myself in to the max ) a started of bacon wrapped scallops ( mostly for mike )...

...and then a salad for kim and a bowl of 'mexican fiesta' soup for mike! this is mikes main course of a 'flat iron steak' smothered in sauteed mushrooms, steamed veggies in a cream sauce, seasoned roasted potatoes...

and my dinner was basically the same side dishes and the main course was chicken tarragon.
DANG. good food.
we also were on the glorious receiving end of a warm blueberry pie 'a la mode' for mike and strawberry new york style cheesecake for kim...sorry, must eat, no pic's...c'mon, it was cheesecake for goodness's practially another food group for me!!!

...and what would a little holiday for me be without a photo shoot??? let's just say while mike was 'napping off' his meals, i had some time to go beach walking alone and play with my new camera...'s not quite like being there, but you can imagine!!!

( to my surprise...GEESE! this one's for tyler! ) relaxed!
Mike and i are planning on talking to our friends about going on a little snowmobiling adventure out there this winter...they have tons on hiking/skiing/snowmobile trails out there and mike is pumped about taking his new toy out with the kids for a fun weekend! our friends also have a sled so our kids will have a blast riding out there too! now we just have to get a trailer for our dakota sport truck and we'll be set...minus the snow...
( yuck, i can't believe i even uttered that "s" word in the prime of winnipeg summer...)
...happy to be home sweet home...


Original Inspirations said...

Happy 3rd your two! Good to see that you managed to escape and enjoy a few days together. That's important! T.

Tara LeClaire said...

Sounds wonderful! I did a surprise night in Hecla Island one weekend for Johnny and we stopped in Gimli on the way back and it's beautiful.
See ya tomorrow!

Debb said...

Awww! It looks like you guys had a great time! Congrats Kim!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and Mike had such a relaxing time. Now, I get to relax. Happy Anniversary again my dears. Much love, Mom. (Gramma who had Tyler and Courtney for the 3 days.)

.freckled.nest. said...

happy anniversary love birds :)