Friday, July 13, 2007

a bit about not much

not much new to say...
this is my friend tara and i ( she is a TOTALLY sweet friend and she frequents my 'comments' on my blog...hahahaha)
ahem, anyway, i went to her and her 'hubby's house wed. night with my MOM for a Stampin Up party and managed to spill out $117. (yikes)
~thanks again tara for a fun crafting night out with NO PLANNING for me to do~
...and this is for LIZ...

my bride and groom came tonight to pick up their wedding album and they loved all their pictures...(so did i, but i tend to be biased in this position!)
i got their permission to post some of their pictures on my blog...right now, until i reprint and enlarge some for my portfolio i only had an 8 x 12 of this shot.
here it is showing as a picture of a picture so it may not be great quality if you click on it to see it bigger. when i get more i will scan a few more in to show you! this is one of my favorites of the day!
i was supposed to be going to a fundraising social for one of mike's buddies tonight. this guy is VERY, VERY sick so his family is hosting a fundraiser for him as he's been at the hospital/home for a month with no $$$ coming in, with a wife and FOUR kids. but, since i'm still hacking up a lung (worse in the evening) i didn't think it would be good to be around this poor guy. (he's only making a small appearance). but mike had no problem going solo tonight as there will be a ton of his old buddies he hasn't seen in a while...sounds like trouble now that i'm thinking about it...
so, here i am. all alone. ( courtney at mom's for the night, tyler at ed's).
i am trying to get my basement organized and set up my shop for tomorrow's crop.
AND....get this....i am listening to a PRINCE cd i made about 4 years ago....HAHAHAHA...i'm actually enjoying listening to all his old hits...
"raspberry beret" is on now....GOOD TIMES, stereo is nice and LOUD...and i'm getting
accomplised sitting on this computer...
( shake my thang....)
have a great weekend everyone!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

You are hilarious. Of all times I wish I could be a fly on the wall, it is when you are "shakin' your thang" to a Prince CD. Haha!

Thank you for the sweet words, I was so happy you came on Wednesday! And I am looking much forward to Fridays class! I'm not sure what Grams is bringing yet.

Can't wait!


Kim said...

know what tara? at my little class i had on saturday night, i asked if they all wanted to listen to all those 'old 80's & 90's" CD's i had made a long time ago...they LOVED them!!! when one ended, they asked if i had more! it was so much fun listening to all my old high school and social tunes...good times!!
see ya friday!