Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gull lake and scrapbooking...

well, we ( being courtney, tyler and i ) just came home from the cabin again late last night!
we went out saturday morning and took along my mom and my niece airiel along with us.
MAN, was it stinkin' hot out or what? with the humidity it was something like +42 mike told me later...thank goodness mike and my grandpa installed a new air conditioner at the cabin last weekend!!! ( or else my poor mom would have melted to mush! )
anyway, we enjoyed another bonfire in our 'yard' and courtney had her very first gull lake weiner roast!! YUM!

LOTS of swimming...

...my grandparents came out to the cabin on sunday afternoon for a night with us. i took this one yesterday morning when everyone was starting to wake up ( at 11am...heehee)
how totally SWEET is it? i love them to pieces!

...and once the kids knew they were awake we all encouraged them to go get 'papa' out of bed!!!

we had a very relaxing few days out there, had a big thunderstorm saturday night/morning ( 6am ) with huge hail and blowing rain...kinda freaky thinking about the tornado that hit our lake last summer....lots of great memories this weekend and lots of card playing too!
( my grandma is hooked on Crazy 8's too...i love it! )
and then we arrived back in the city around 9pm to this awesome looking sky at sunset...
just beautiful!
( thanks to thelma for reminding me to keep an eye on the sky...)

i borrowed allison's for a summer journal class i had in june, since mine didn't arrive in time for the class, and now i'm soooo excited that i have my very own to play with!!!
( yes, i'll share...)
i have only black and white coils in right now for sale, the machine is free to use with the purchase of coils!!!

and this is my demo mini album ( using the BIND-IT-ALL machine to create it )
i told you about that will be at allison's store
The Scrapyard in Stonewall.
it is featuring the new and BEAUTIFUL line by
Creative Imaginations Cream....( it's all fancy edged paper )
i LOVE the whole line and i am still trying to get my hands on my own supply for the shop...
but, for now, this little baby i made from scratch will be 'for looks' at The Scrapyard for a while...
i made the covers by just covering cardboard with Bazzill cardstock and cut the main pages at
6' x 6'. i printed the pictures off in a sepia tone so they would blend with the paper nicely.



Original Inspirations said...

Love, love, love your album.

Kim said...

thanx, thanx, thanx thelma!

Debb said...

Kim, I am In awe of the Master. That album is Fantastic and now I must go and reproduce some of my wedding photos and scraplift some of your beautiful ideas. You Rock!! We are going to our cottage on Saturday for ten days.

Tara LeClaire said...

Kim, that is beautiful! I still say you should have a class on that with that paper (once you get it in of course).

Love it.

Now, onto more important things. It has officially been 5 days since your crop class and still no sign of you on Facebook.

Get on it sister, hahahahaha!

Elizabeth Zoppa said...


I absolutely love your wedding album! I want one just like it. Please have a class for this one.


Elizabeth Zoppa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth Zoppa said...

By the way, let me know when you get this paper in.


AsYouWishGreetings said...

aw your grandparents are too adorable....looks like you had alot of fun! LOVE your album!!! Really beautiful!


Anonymous said...

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