Monday, July 9, 2007

Maggie is in the house!

...we are 'baby-sitting' our friends Bijon for a few days again and she is just the sweetest little pup!!
is very well behaved (i think she listens better than the kids sometimes) and hardly makes a peep, you wouldn't even know we had a dog in our house right now!
we love her company and we're happy she's visiting us for a few days!

...i finally got my summer class newsletter emailed out for those of you on my contact list promised, i put together a few crops and ONE class featuring this altered cloth 12 x 12 scrapbook album...check all the details out on your email!!
if you'd like to be added to my contact list please email your request to

and After...

we had a good weekend with my little god-daughter Taylor's 7th birthday party on saturday...HOT day out that day! and then i had to close at work last night. i'm still sick with this head/chest cold too, actually i think it's bronchitis again. i seem to be pretty prone to getting it for some reason. oh well.
i am just trying to get a TON of stuff done and crossed off my 'to do' list today...
manic monday. that's today alright!!!
oh, for those of you who don't know already...
my favorite scrapbook supplier and artist Heidi Swapp just had her 5th, yes FIFTH baby on saturday too! A boy...and she named him what i wanted to name my Tyler, but NOOOOO, i couldn't name him that....(sorry, i still love the name...had it for courtney too if she had been a boy...) enough already kim...she named him Connor.
lucky boy with a great name....!
have a great monday everyone!!!
LIZ: i am waiting to hear from my bride and groom who's wedding i did a couple weeks ago for permission to post a couple of their pictures on my blog....i'd love to show a few of them off!!!


Tara LeClaire said...

Cute dog! That sounds like fun having a dig in the house for awhile. Could I interest you in two 8 month old kittens while I go to Vegas? Hahahaha!

Can't wait for that album class!

Sounds like you had a great weekend Kim, I did too but am very burnt! I guess I should consider Sunscreen.

See you in two days babe!


Elizabeth Zoppa said...

I always enjoy coming home from the lake to read your blog. I sit down with something warm to drink and read, read, read. Thanks for posting a wedding picture for me - very lovely.
Maybe you should consider a puppy of your own.
Love your Courtney layout.