Tuesday, July 3, 2007

...almost forgot

...to tell you that on courtney's second last day of school she did her first solo presentation to her classmates!!
she has been learning about ancient egypt this last term at school, so since i have been 'teaching and studying' about the canada goose with tyler, i took on some extra home learning with courtney and her fascinating studies of egypt!! ( now we all want to go there! )
anyway, i found this replica ' statue of anubis ' while looking around in the forks market at the beginning of june. i bought it for her and thought she would have some fun taking out library books and also using the internet to research her new found treasure! after 'taking notes' and deciding what notes would be important information, she put together this little presentation to give to her classmates! she even typed out her presentation as well!
i am very impressed with her efforts and her ability to discover and learn on her own. i did help her to some level, but the bulk of the work was on her own shoulders.
this was not a required topic of her school, it was just something i wanted to do with her to enhance her learning abilities at home and also give us something to learn about together...just like tyler and i have our geese!!!!
way to go courtney!!!! we're very proud of you!

"treasure of the tomb"

courtney and her happy teacher! ( with some of the library books used to research with )


Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Way to go Courtney!

Lucky teacher. I notice she has a rocker/recliner. Do the chairs get fancier as you go up in grade?:) I'm happy with my Jysk chair and the kids love it too! It definitely was Tyler's favourite place to hang with Bunny.


Tara LeClaire said...

Congratulations Courtney, great job!