Tuesday, July 31, 2007

morning cuddles

...nothing beats having your kids come into your room first thing in the morning and sneek into your bed with you for some cuddles!!!
tyler woke up this morning before i even had time to go wake him and crawled into bed with me ( mike was already off to work and courtney slept at my mom's last night...)
he said he was ' too excited to sleep anymore mom.'
we are heading off today on a little family trip to the states for some waterpark fun and some shopping!! i am going with the kids, my mom and 16 year old niece airiel, and i talked my grandparents into coming along with us. unfortunately mike couldn't

get the time off work so he has to stay home in a peaceful and quiet house for 3 days...whatever will he do with all that quiet time?? heehee...
anyway, i had to take a couple pic's of my boy 'n i having some lazy morning cuddly pictures!
AND...while finding him something to watch on TV while i went into the shower, i came across this kids show that courtney just LOVED when she was about 3-5 years old...
it's still on tv! i loved that show myself...we still have a ton of the old VHS movies we bought for courtney stashed away!! soooo...even though i have a list of things to do and get
ready before we leave, i snuggled up with tyler and watched Bear entertain my son and make us giggle together!!!

be back in a few days.....


AsYouWishGreetings said...

Aw, mornin' love.....too sweet!

grover said...

Kim..thank you for the nice comment on my blog! You have some great eye candy going on in the creative dept yourself here!!