Thursday, July 26, 2007


i got my yummy order from tara's stampin up party a couple weeks ago...
i LOVE their stuff, too bad it's so dang expensive!
i am quite fond of the 'it's a date' stamp set...i've been eyeballing those for a while and was
happy to see that they were still in the catalogue!
(i used them on the little display card in the photo...)
thanks again tara for a fun night of crafting!!!
...well, i am off to stonewall to go see allison and drop off my mini wedding album for her store, and also to pick up some new stuff to play with for more demo's!!!


Tara said...

Fun fun! I played around with mine the other night and love it!

Hey, are you picking up those tins from Allison today? If so, remember Grams and I want band-aid tins too if possible.

See ya when I get back!

Original Inspirations said...

Love the little "heart" stamps! I'm a softie for hearts, angels, roosters/chickens, lace ... but hearts top my list.