Tuesday, July 3, 2007

summer has started

well, summer is definately here and we had a blast ringing in the canada day long weekend by going out to our family cabin at good 'ol Gull Lake!
this little bunny has been making his?/her? little home in our yard over the last couple weeks and is getting quite tame around us...while loading up the truck on friday to head out, tyler noticed it nibbling on the freshly cut grass in the yard. courtney ran into the house to get it a carrot and i managed to snap a few pictures of it...(let's just call it a 'him' already...)
the kids are happy to have a little bunny for a backyard pet...and that let's me off the hook with the purchase of a new hamster for now too!

we didn't have the greatest weather while at the lake...it was always windy and i actually managed to catch a head cold by the next morning. i said that this is what happens when i have to slow down and don't have 'things to do'...i get sick.
oh well.
we dug out a family favorite game we all like to play and introduced tyler to it!
it's played pretty much like the game 'sorry' but hey, you can't beat this homemade game out of old counter top materials that my grandpa built MANY, MANY years ago....
we played it a lot this weekend to help pass the windy, cool weather.

...we went for a drive out to beausejour on saturday. mike had to buy some sealant for our 'potty' so i conveniently said, 'oh, i'll come to and then i can go check out the LSS in town'...
i snapped these while on our way to beausejour, although, this one of the 'ditch daisies' is one i planned to take for my Gull Lake tin box album i'm in the middle of making..i always remember seeing these wild daisies along the roads on many walks down at the lake!

and this one of a canola field with an old farmhouse in the background was amazing with the sunshine just bouncing off the field...it was so bright and alive looking!!!

and what would be going to the beach for the first time of the year without making note of it? i actually had to do this twice as the waves washed half of my first attempt away!!!

even though it was quite windy down at the water, it didn't stop the kids from wanting to go swimming...so, i brought my chair down and sat with my toes in the water and let the kids go for it! the water was actually not bad at all. i was expecting it to be a little colder than it was. so they managed to go swimming every day nonetheless! and because of the wind, it was MOSQUITO FREE swimming too...i had no problem being down at the water!

...and one of the most exciting things for me this weekend was having a bonfire! i really don't have any memories of having bonfires in our own 'cabin yard' as a kid even though i have seen pictures of an old fire pit...i only remember having lots of bonfires and weiner roasts at our neighbors yards. so, mike, being the best husband there is, made me a firepit in our very OWN 'cabin yard' this year and we roasted marshmallows with the kids on canada day night!!!
i was excited as the kids, trust me!
and then later in the evening, after a llloooonnngggg wait for the kids, we set off a bunch of fireworks to celebrate canada day!! there were fireworks going off everywhere! after ours we went for a walk down to the water and saw a bunch on the other side of the lake...they looked so cool and pretty reflecting off the water!

...courtney and tyler's first gull lake marshmallows...
( oops, forgot to rotate this one...sorry!GIGGLE )

when we got home yesterday the kids wanted to go for a swim in the pool in our yard...and while tyring to fish out the grass they were dragging in with the net, and while trying to avoid courtney's excited splashing, guess who fell in the pool, shoes and all?
i think the kids and mike's laughter could be heard for blocks all around us.
we all had a great and fun weekend together....it ended all too short.
now we're back home with my 'to do' lists...
i am grateful for such a happy family weekend, safe traveling and even a funny swim with the kids in our pool ( once i got over the shock...)


Elizabeth Zoppa said...

Love your pictures Kim. We had a very similar weekend with fireworks, windy weather and firepits. I even have a picture of a bunny living in our yard. (Could they be related...hee hee?)

Original Inspirations said...

I wish I had taken my camera out when we were doing fireworks on Saturday night! Love the shots you got.

Tara LeClaire said...

What a wonderful story, that's great Kim! You have such a way of expressing your time with your family, it always makes me want to spend more time with mine.
Love ya!

Kim said...

thankyou tara!!
you're so sweet!
...time with family is time well spent!

Debb said...

Your new camera takes great pictures....looks like you had fun!!