Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

warning : LOTS of pictures!!!!
Howdy ya'll...
i must forewarn you that i have a weeks worth of catching up to do, so i am going to go with the flow and give you the photo update...
FRIDAY night, i hosted a Halloween Crop Party for my scrapbooking peeps and
i think it's safe to say that it was a blast!
i had a ton of fun putting a theme crop on and i hope that those of you who attended
enjoyed a fun Hallow'd crop!

...the crop also gave my fellow Slice Girls and I a chance to have a quick little "birthday celebration" too....thank you all again for my thoughtful and lovely PINK gifts!! i love it gals know me so well...THANK YOU!!!!!
~ giggle ~
..ahem...i will let the following costume photos speak for themselves...

....and THANK YOU again to Miss Tara for making us some yummy spooky cupcakes!
You Rock.

...i threw out a little optional contest for the scrapbookers to challenge their creativity and scrapbook one of THESE!!!!

...and here's the fun results!!
..the "Cock-A-Doodle BOO" punkin' won... ( michelle nyhof )
loved 'em all, it was very hard to pick only one...thanks for sharing all the awesome creations!!!
...and then it looks like next event i uploaded photos of was tonight...
i made us all a quick little pizza bagel supper and some halloween punch to have before the 'trick-or-treatin' festivities began!
NOTE my cool pumpkin carvings on the table...3.5 hours of devoted labour i tell you...

...then we were onto finishing putting out the decorations that we didn't want to get stolen if we put them out too soon! hahaha....I am serious though!

( the sidewalk is lined with my leftover mini pumkins from last nights hall crop! )

...and then our little creatures of the night got ready for their long awaited fun...
( where did courtney go??? )

...and Batmans trusted and loyal sidekick... ( just like my little man )

"ready for action"

...the mini malinowski's came over around 6pm and the dad's were off with them on their
trick-or-treatin' adventures...

...and then reaping the rewards after with two very happy and excited kids...

now the catch up part..still lots of photos comin'!
meet BELLA.
this is one of the three dogs that our next door neighbors own and tend to neglect.
yes. there we have issues with the lack of care given to these dogs, which i won't get into or else i'll be here typing for hours...anyway, courtney has taken such a loving empathy to this little sweetheart. she is always at our fence the moment we come out of our house or pull up in the back. she CRAVES attention and we give her ( well, all three of them of course ) as much attention as possible through the fence.
i think that if she could, she would squeeze herself right through the fence to come and be courtney's puppy!!!
( courtney took this photo of her...amongst a few others!! )
last friday night we went out with Linda and Dave, all the kids and some of their friends to go
GLO BOWLING ( i love bowling...and i love kicking daves BUTT even more! )
hahhaha Malinowski...anytime, anywhere...
anyway...we had a very 'grown up' night out with our families and then to their house later for
some more self inflicted fun....

linda's adorable new onesies p.j's!!!
SOCK MONKEY??? could this BE any cuter?

...heehee, just having fun!

i am a TRUE supporter of catching those magical moments in your life through my photography...
NEVER pass out around who you thought was's one big 'free for all'
has the hair on your legs grown back yet dave??
( and yes, that is sausage stacked on his head...he was also decorated with onion peels, and peanuts in the ears....)
nite nite, princess!
( we also stuffed his belly button with sausage, which was later found by their dog! )

....and then the following night, last saturday, mike, courtney and i went with the Pinters to
the Haunted House in Dugald...
unfortunately, this is as far as my camera was allowed at the venue...
BOO on that.
THAT was a fun little visit to Screamsville, compliments of Courtney and Taylor!!
hahaha....too funny!
and i think that about covers this past week!
...19 more sleeps...
Mmmmmm, Edward!



Anonymous said...

Whew! that took a while to read!!!! I so loved the Halloween pics! To cute for the scrappers!!! Tara lol! I wouldn't have thought that was courtney, so cool!! LMAO to Dave ! AND STILL LMAO TO IT!Glad you all had a blast! Have a great day or week recouperating from it all....Nikki

Laura said...

Great photos Kim! What a busy fun week you and the family had! you are truely blessed my friend!

Anonymous said...

you guys look like you had a lot of fun this halloween, from the hall crop to the actual trick or treating, such fun for all ages.
That dog is so sweet, just too bad it has losers for owners!!!
love reading your blog and look forward to the next read :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, what great pics! I loved the crop nite, it was so fun and the food was a Halloween treat, big time! Awesome night.
I love your extreme spirit for life! You are my hero Kim!
Glad the kids got lots of loot, just wish I could have seen the dad's costumes, hee hee.
Bye! Lori

it's me said...

Just checking in before bed as I was anticipating on an updated blog of Halloween night scares!! All of you looked great. I hope that they share some of their loot with you!!


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Hi Kim!
Thank you so much for putting on such an excellent event on Friday, as per usual! You always try to go that extra mile for all of us to have a great experience, and that we did! That has got to be my favorite crop ever! Well, except maybe Gimli, hahaha!
The kids costumes look awesome!