Thursday, October 22, 2009

monday night sketches and grandma's geese!

these are the sketches we did at my
Monday Night Sketches class this week!
-using paints and a bit of stamping..creating art!

if you would like more ino on the sketches classes, please email me at
and i'd be happy to fill ya in!!
...i took my grandma on tuesday for her eye doctor's appointment, and afterwards when i brought her back home, i came in for a visit and her 3 geese were waiting for a visit too!
they've been coming back a few times a day to their patio for feedings.
like clockwork, always the same time of day!
it is soooo sweet how she gets them each their own little bowl of cracked corn ( from the Wild Bird Seed store ) and makes them share a water bowl. Amazingly, they don't go after each others food either. as she's putting each little bowl down she talks away to them about their day! they each just wait their turn until she puts their bowl down to little kids!
sooooo sweet!!!!
they come right to their patio and sqwak away until she brings them some food...she has them so tame now that i bet if they opened their patio gate, the darn geese would just waddle right into their apartment and make themselves at home!

...just the sweetest thing...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I can see your grandparents are now enjoying their new living space! And so are the geese! That is so wonderful to see the geese right at home. I find that so heartwarming.
Nice layouts too!
See you soon. Lori N

Laura said...

Kim I love those sketches, they are beautiful. First one is my favorite! Your Grandma and her geese are adorable. Have a great day Kim!

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

That is so adorable Kim! I see now that your loving and nurturing nature just run in the family!

Sketches class was AWESOME! Laura, you should come out! We have fun and sometimes if we don't do what Kim says, she pulls out the nerf gun and shoots at us ;)




Kim said...

TARA!!! You're gonna scare them off!!

Anonymous said...

Just as amazing as you are your scetches KIM!!! Your Grandma is so darn cute with her Geese.Can't wait till next year with a new batch... She will have to get more bowls!!!...Nikki

it's me said...

What a great shot of your Grandma!! It is so cute to see the attachment the geese have with your grandparents. Oh yah, I love your sketches you created as well!! (but that is not anything new!!)

Have a fun Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Wow not one comment about missing Brat at sketches class last Monday
HUH! "I " was having withdrawl just so you guys know.
I loved the sketches Kim, especially with the beautiful scroll stamping.