Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fun things!!!

first of all....
ATTENTION Slice Girls!!!!
guess what is finally ready???
the bags have been completed, delivered and look great!
i will be bringing them to the hall crop this friday night for you!

...and here's my finished project from class last friday night at my home class.
it was based on the templates Heidi Swapp designed in the House of 3,
"Carefree Summer Days"
( i seem to be having difficulty copying and pasting her link to her project, but if you want a peek at hers you can see it on her blog at
( the link is on the right hand column )'s mine!
it sure sums up our lake fun this summer at the cabin!!

...thank you heidi for yet another fabulous project idea to share!!
P.S. to my scrappers:
this friday night's hall crop is FULL!!!
there are only about 12 spots left for the
on friday, Oct. 30, so sign up while you can!!
( ) to register.
don't forget your mittens's supposed to SN*W!!!!

...44 more sleeps...sigh!


lori said...

the bags look great so jealous
not ready for snow
think warm thoughts
see u friday

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
did you get Sheila and I and Kim for next crop night? we thought you did. don't want to miss out.

see ya,

Anonymous said...

The bags look great. I am jealous as well.
I love the album. Want to do one or two or three.
See you at the halloween crop.


Anonymous said...

I checked out Heidi's blog and I am surprised you are not going to her class in South Dakota in November. Not that far away and you can make a complete weekend out of it with a few girls and even a business write off and you would meet your favourite.


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

K, that is so hilarious that you put a Team Edward logo at the bottom of your blog posting - HAHA! Love it! The album looks so great Kim! YAY! I loved that class so much! The bags look great too!

Do you have me down for the October 31st crop?



Anonymous said...

Dang them bags look great!!!!
Can't wait to get mine!!
see ya Friday

it's me said...

Thanks for sharing your album for a second time to me!! What beautiful and inspiring work you do!!

Have a FUN night tomorrow!! Wish I could be there.


Anonymous said...

WOW nice album Kim, I am so happy that you are having your crops fill up so quickly, need to get to one of them soon. I have so much to work on and yet so little time thse days. Have fun tonight and hope to see you soon