Saturday, October 3, 2009

killin' time...

..while courtney was at her dance workshop this morning..
St. Norbert Farmer's Market.
first time there today.
LOVED it!!
here's some festive fall eye candy for you.

...if i were a bunny....

...this "cake" is made out of SOAP!

...backyard egg farming? no thanks, but cute!

meet "ODEN" the pug.
he will steal your sampled chicken fingers when he melts your heart with those eyes! from the market...
she was playing Ode to Joy when i was walking by...very nice!

...and my last stop was to have a bite from one of the many food stands around the market.
i chose a "sausage on a bun" - whole wheat, home made - from the ladies from this colony.
( and they were right about the touch of mustard! )
-6 corn on the cob
-1 banana bread loaf
-1 bag kettle corn popcorn
-1 bag of fresh dill ( for garden cucumber salad )
-1 garlic sausage ring
- 1 jar of creamed fresh honey
- 1 sausage on a bun
a fun morning at the Farmer's Market!!
now we are off to Vertical Adventures for courtney's very belated "friends" birthday party...


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love fall?

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Beautiful pics Kim! I was just talking to Johnny about finding a Pumpkin Patch around here in Mo-Town. Did you see the Cinderella's pumpkins? Love them!

Glad you had a nice day and can't wait to hear all about C's birthday party!

Class last night was so awesome and can't wait for Monday!

- Tara

Anonymous said...

Nice post Kim! It's so close by and I don't go. Apparently St Norbert Market has only one more week to go! So get out there next Sat!
See you during the week. My thoughts are with you and Mike with the service tomorrow. Take care you guys.

Anonymous said...

I so love that soap cake, its such a cool idea. The colors of all thoses veggies. Thanks for the taste of that rockin sausage by the way. I really must head out there for sure!...Nikki

Original Inspirations said...

I'm glad you took my advice. This market never fails to show-off something that anyone could appreciate. I love the photos1