Tuesday, October 13, 2009


MmmmMmmmm GOOD!!!
thanksgiving dinner yesterday at moms was delicious, as always!
little miss courtney was a big help in preparation for dinner and she loved helping out
with Grandma!!

all of us kids were together as well, so we took a few minutes to snap some family pics in moms back yard!! grandpa's poor nose was dripping away from the cold!!!
( don't they look amazing??)
Luv Luv.......

~ sigh ~
and how was your Thanksgiving??


Laura said...

What a great looking family Kim! Looks like your thanksgiving was wonderful! The food looked YUM-O!!

it's me said...

Looks good. We did not have quite the spread as what you did. Can't wait for the next big holiday to indulge again.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have Kim!
It was a wonderful thanksgiving weekend, very restful and I appreciated you sharing yours with us. I also enjoyed the great visit to the St Norbert Market as it was so fun. Zoey looks adorable in her new sweater!! See you later! Lori

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Such lovely pics Kim! It's nice to have the whole family together! The food looked soooo good! Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

Looks like wonderful food along with the wonderful family. Thanksgiving was great on my end as well. Not only did the whole family (brother and nieces) enjoy our thanksgiving dinner together but it was also on my 40th birthday. I loved being with my family like it used to be and want more of it.


Anonymous said...

OH YUMMY YUM YUM!!!! You guy's all looked so great!!! Such a nice lucky time for a family pic toooo!!...Nikki