Sunday, October 4, 2009

yesterday's activities!

so, after almost 6 weeks of prolonging, courtney FINALLY had her
'friends birthday party' yesterday!
we took the kids to
VERTICAL ADVENTURES indoor climbing for a fun afternoon of
wall climbing and tiring out the kids!
if you remember from back in february, we also had tyler's last birthday party here as well.
they kids loved it so much that we thought we'd go again!

...courtney and rachel...

...and kelsey...

...and amanda...

off they go!!!

...miss kelly...

...tyler and kelly climbing together...

carson was dertermined to climb this obstable wall and get to the top...and he finally succeeded!
( so did rachel )
...heehee, kelsey and her signature move today...
"hanging out"
when the kids got tired and needed a break, they would just dangle and 'hang around' from their ropes until they were ready to continue!!

we hope you all had a fun time with us today!
and one last "happy birthday courtney" until next year!
( are we done now? )
~ giggle~


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

How fun, that place looks like a blast! Glad you all had a great time!
Woohoo, see you tomorrow!

it's me said...

It's a YES here for having fun and getting tired out. Thanks again for the invite.


Anonymous said...

TOO MUCH fun for me - I am happy to see the pics. Happy Birthday My sweet Courtney AGAIN. lOVE YOU, Gramma

Anonymous said...

looks like such a cool place to go and get the kids tired out! HEE HEE! Glad they all had a blast...Nikki