Monday, November 2, 2009

fun project!

( before i start...can i just tell you how much i LOOOOVE this song playing??
the louder the better!!!! )
so my november newsletter is a little late coming out
( I blame it on halloween and it's busy-ness!! )
but this friday night is the Kick Off start for classes this month!
now that Halloween is over, and you took a ton of photos, come over and make this
cute felt mini album...perfect for showing off you cute little monsters!!
OR...bring your photos from halloweens past!

-album size is 5 x 61/2.
-12 pages to add your photos and embellishments to...
-6pm - midnite
Friday November 6!!!
class fee $15 - includes all basic supplies to create project, a few extras including some patterened papers and embellies...and as always, a half time snack, coffee and tea!
= a fun night out with the girls and scrapping your haunted memories!
for more info regarding classes and crops, email Kim at
i'd be happy to add you to my monthly newsletter!!
...other news...
my poor little girl is sick, sick, sick.
yesterday ( sunday ) was most unpleasant.
took her to the doc today and she's got strep throat, AGAIN.
she just had it in september too.
because she has developed a "liking" to strep throat and catches it about 4 or 5 times a year, her doctor has referred her to a ENT specialist to consider a tonsillectomy!
FINALLY! she is just like me when i was younger, and getting my tonsils out changed everything..hopefully this will get settled and done within the year!!!
Feel better Punky!!!
Luv luv...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I hope Courtney feels better really soon. I also suffered from strep twice per year, and never did get my tonsils out. So far my kids haven't followed in those footsteps, luckily. I hope Courtney feels so much better now that she's on antibiotics (I assume she is).
See you. Cute album too!

Anonymous said...

Poor Courtney. Hope you feel better real soon.
Love the little album.

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Love love love it! SO wish I could come - we have Maeson all weekend as Jen and Will are going away for the weekend - see you Monday!

it's me said...

The album is adorable!! Love it!! You have some great shots to fill it too!!

I sure hope Courtney is feeling better soon. We will miss seeing her again.


Anonymous said...

Very cute album ideaa Kim! Courtney I feel soooo sorry for you and totally understand cause I too have SREP THROAT plus an EAR INFECTION! Take care all of you and well talk again soon!!...Nikki