Saturday, March 14, 2009

takin' a day...

my emotional stress load, this week especailly, has been a roller coaster ride.
up and down.
with all the happenings in my family...
( grandma's stroke, grandpa's surgery and all the continued running about after surgery, my cousin ellen's passing and coping with now 'unfixable' issues and of course keeping up with my own family's schedules...)
has just been overwhelming!
so, for the first time ever ( if you can believe it! )
Me, Myself, and I, decided last night while at my hall crop that I just
a day to absorb, to catch up mentally and emotionally, a day to unwind a bit, and a day to have with my family.
most of you know me well enough to know that my life is always on the fast track, flying by the seat of my pants, one event after the other, cram as much as i can in a day...but i am not afraid to admit that for as much as you may think 'kim can do it all'...i AM only human and it does catch up with me too sometimes and i feel down and overwhelmed....these days happen to us all and i find no shame in sharing my defeats this week with my friends and admitting "surrender" for just one day!!
i refer to 'the first time ever' because today courtney had a dance competition, and i just felt for my sanity's sake, that it was one i needed to miss.
otherwise, it would have been yet one more day full of stress and anxiety and i really didn't think i could deal with that today.
i just made me a hot cup of herbal ginger peach tea, and made miss courtney a cup of candy cane hot chocolate and we are chillin' in out jammies still and it's already 12:13pm!!!
she has a room that needed some desperate TLC and i have more than enough to liesurely accomplish myself around here!
...or not...
here's to a much needed mental recovery ME DAY!!!
( no guilt, no regret, no cares )


Anonymous said...

good for you Kim!!!! you are on a well deserved break, you should take these days more often. I am so looking forward to gimli in a few weeks. I too am in need of just some last minute time to myself before all the chaos of having another little one begins.
Enjoy your day and see you in less that 2 weeks eeeeee!!!!!

Tara said...

You made the right choice Kimmy! Had a great time last night and am very much looking forward to Gimli!

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Take that Superwoman cape off for a day or two and relax! Allison

Anonymous said...

You did make the right choice Kim!
I am having my mental health day tomorrow too.
Back in the saddle as of Monday....
have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mike told us about Grandparents and Cousin - sorry to hear such news and hope your day yesterday was all you needed. Hope Courtney did well - I'm sure she did because she is an OUTSTANDING dancer.

Had a good if not short visit with Mike.

Take care of your self Kim - you are an extremely important part of your family and if you wear yourself out too too much it will seriously affect your health.

Take care of yourself as well as all to other family members you are responsible for but, but, but, delegate some responsibility to others as well.

Love you - Mom Griff

Anonymous said...

We cannot do it all.
Try and take some more of those days. We always need them.
Wish there was something I could do.