Thursday, March 12, 2009


well, they say that bad news comes in lets hope that our family has no more bad news for a while!!
most of you know that a week and a half ago, my grandma had a 'mini stroke'. she is recovering very well so far and has been home from the hospital since monday....she's pretty much back to her spunky lil' self!
and sadly on tuesday, my cousin ellen passed away after a fight for her life battling breast cancer over the last few years. after a check up at her doctors a few short weeks ago, her doctor told her that the cancer had returned, this time in her back. she went through two painful mastectomy's and with the new results, she did not want to go through anymore treatment.
i hope she is at peace now.
...and on a much, much less serious note, but still upsetting news for tyler, my poor little guy got some disappointing news tonight at his swim lesson...
he will have to repeat his level again.
he was doing really well, but struggling a bit with breathing technique on his front crawl...otherwise, he passed everything...why the heck red cross will fail a kid on ONE little thing in the report card, who knows? oh well, i guess his insrutctor is just going by the books!
( and making more $$ by making kids repeat lessons!! haha )
next time little buddy!!! we're still proud of all you've accomplished this session!
high 5 little man!
...being the last lesson tonight, he was quickly distracted with his bad news with the pleasure of "free swim"...

'nite everyone....


Anonymous said...

I am really happy about grandma being home.
So sorry to hear about Ellen. I am very sure she is at peace now.
TOO bad Tyler, But dang you sure look like your having fun.
Things can only get better now.

Take Care Everyone


Tara said...

Glad to hear it's the end of what's been a trying week for you sister. Give a high five to little Tyler on a job well done - sometimes these things are just out of your hands!

See ya tonight!


Anonymous said...

Our sympathies to your family on the loss of your cousin Ellen. Was she a young mom? My heart breaks for her family.

Allison and Darrell

Kim said...

thanks everyone!
...ellen was in her early fifties...divorced about 20 some years ago, and a proud mom to two young ladies in their early twenties...she also has a little grandbaby who is about 6 years old.
very sad to leave such a young family behind...

Anonymous said...

My sympathies with your family Kim.
Now that your tough streak is over, it will be better news from here on in.