Sunday, March 29, 2009

the day after....

yesterday afternoon i went with Mike, Dave and a bunch of other friends to
paintball paradise to shoot off an automatic paintball weapon charged with CO2, 200 rounds of paintballs that shoot 250 feet per second, roll around in a dim lit filthy paint oozing man stinking 'search and destroy' room with nothing but coveralls and a face mask for protection....
what the hell was i thinking?
all in all it was something fun to try, and the adrenaline rush was awesome.
trust me, i say adrenaline because you are doing everything in your power to stay hidden behind those barrels and bunkers because you do NOT want to get shot!
it hurts pretty darn good ESPECIALLY when you somehow manage to get shot
THREE TIMES in the freakin' hands!
how does that happen??? in the hands?
those ones really hurt and actually drew some blood...the one i took in the knuckle was probably the felt like someone slammed a car door on it!
anyhow, i will proudly show off a FEW of my battle scars that I'm sure will be really nice shades of purple and blue just in time for my Gimli Getaway weekend coming up in 5 DAYS!!
these really hurt and are super sore and tender today...
but will i ever play again???
only if i bring some kind of gloves next time!!
( my poor knuckle bone is gone it's so swollen!!! )

( this was my last hit of the day...right inside the calf muscle...dang! it's already going purple!! )

...and this one on the outside of the leg is soooo swollen today...i know, what a suck!

...and thanks to dave not stopping shooting after i yell "HIT" when he got me in the hand, he still takes another shoot at my baby back ribs!!! hahahaha!

...yep, good times!!
i don't want to show you ALL my hits, but these ones were the worse will be interesting to see what colors i turn over the next few days!!!
...friday night was my pot luck crop with 7 fun gals and lots of great food!!
i actually got two layouts done myself that night which doesn't happen very often at classes at home, trust me!
my good friend Lori ( a mom from dance ) had given me a card last weekend and i instantly LOVED the design on the front of it....darn, i shoulda taken a picture of it...oh well.
it had these flowers on it that the flower parts were cut out of fabrics and the stems were sticted onto the paper....well, I really wanted to try it on a layout since i love to stitch so much's what I made....of course, I just HAD TO do a layout using the new
Bazzill Swiss Dot cardstock to use as a sample for Gimli!!!
~ giggle ~
...and this one was something i wanted to try using lots of photos in various sizes from one event...i love the painted and glazed chipboard title ( i used Glossy Accents ) and how it turned out!!!

...well, I am off to get some 'welcome bag' stuffing done for Gimli, finish cutting some class supplies and then later this afternoon,
Miss Courtney and I will be watching
TWILIGHT again.....
and how's you're weekend going???


Tara said...

Oh my goodness Kim! Talk about battle wounds! I'm glad you had fun but hope you feel better! And I am happy to say that seeing pics of your experience has confirmed that I will NEVER go paintballing!!! HAHAHA!

Well I had a great time on Friday and lots of work done! Wooooo!


Anonymous said...

Well you should know not to play with boys.
Hopefully the healing starts sooner than later.
Thanks for the tip on paintballing though, I am joining Tara on this one to NEVER go.

See you in a couple of days.

Missed coming on Friday. Really want to see a few of you ladies.


Anonymous said...

Had a great time on Friday kim, and lots of fun with all the ladies that were there, and Mark
I feel for ya with the bruises, get better soon. Hot Stuff!