Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

...gotcher green on??

...the kids and i are clad in our green shirts today and it looks like the
"luck 'o the Irish"
is upon courtney today because we just had a phone call that her dance lesson was cancelled
for tonight!!!
( she literally did a little irish jig when i told her the 'sad' news...hahahaha! - until i told her she still had to do some practising though.....)
YAY...a night home and dinner all together!!
well, things are definitely going better here...
my cousins memorial service was yesterday and now she and her beautiful PINK urn have been put to rest...it was nice to see all my other family and extended cousins that i haven't seen in a very long time!!
i am still going to my grandparents every night to administer my grandpa's eye drops following his surgery, and still have two more weeks of it to go...but I am trying to look positively at the running around every night as it's 'tea time' with them instead of more running around....sometimes, you just have to change perspective to get yourself out of a run, ya know??
i thought I'd share some photos with you from our trip last summer from our extra 3 day trip over to
what a better way to celebrate St. Paddie's day!!!

...downtown Dublin...lot to see!

...Wicklow Gap and mountains...

...some ruins on our way to the Monastic site...
St. Kevin's tower at the Monastic site, Wicklow

...when we arrived and proceeded onto the grounds, i saw this painter off in his own quiet little solitude off to the side...i 'touristly' snuck up behind him ( you know...pretending I'm just walking about, checking out the sites...) ahem, and then stole his photo in time!!! I think it's a piece of art itself!

...one of my FAVORITE pictures in Ireland...the kids dipping their feet and exploring in the Irish Sea, in Bray....just such a REAL moment of them oblivious to their surroundings...just in the moment of their discoveries and exploring!!

here's Grandma and Grandpa 2 days ago!!
i told them i needed a new photo to post for our family and friends so they can see how well
they are doing!!
( don't mind grandpa's red and bloody left eye- surgery! )
Hugs to all and I hope you have some fortune in today's mysitcal Irish Holiday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy St.Patricks Day to you and the Family Kim !!! Glad to hear all is going well with you all, sorry Courney for still having to dance tonight but maybe the dinner together will make up for all the hard Jigging you wil have to do. Have a wonderful GREEN DAY...Nikki

Tara said...

Hi Kim! What a lovely post! I love that picture of the man painting, beautiful! It looks like something that would only happen in Europe.

Happy St. Patricks Day to you too!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures Kim.
Enjoy your "Tea Time" grandparents don't stay forever (unfortunately).
Happy belated St. Patrick's day, does green scivies count? HAHAHA the only green that looks good on me and no one can see if it looks bad.


I know made everyone either laugh or go ewwwww.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is you have a way with NICE. I loved the post Kim,

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and the painter, OMG how authentic. I threw on a green tee and didn't even think about it, until I got to physio and seen myself in the mirror and thought hey I'm with it today.!!! Nice pics of Gran and Granpa, glad its turning out well afterall.Have a nice weekend pink-a-licious.