Friday, March 6, 2009

R U ready?

...lots to share... and GIMLI CLASS PROJECT PHOTOS TO FOLLOW!!
first...while the kids were eating breakfast this morning tyler says:
"uh, tooth just came out"
just plain out with it, no excitement! ( until he remembered the Tooth Fairy )
I knew it was wiggly but he confessed he bit down on the spoon and it just fell out!!
so....if i dress him in a hockey jersey and a pair of skates, he'd fit right in with the NHL!!!

...and i'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family...
tyler adopted FLOYD the bunny from Build-A-Bear Workshop on tuesday night, paid for in full with some of his birthday money!!
( he was so cute to watch him giving 'hug tests' to make sure he was just right in the stuffing department before he got sewed up )
...and of course FLOYD can't come home naked so tyler bought him some cute Batman pj's!
...yesterday was courtney's last day for curling at school...
she's been in the lunchtime curling club for a couple months now and they wrapped it up yesterday with a fun game against the teachers! ( ice is starting to get too soft and melt )

...teachers kicked their little butts...

...and i did some playing of my own yesterday too...

i totally LOVE using paints on my layouts...and i've been playing a lot lately with felt, buttons and embroidery floss...that adorable little owl was SO EASY & SO FUN!!!!
(just cut out your shapes freehand)

...for this blue painted doodle effect i did on tylers picutre, simply use a Q-TIP end and paint little circles on your 'canvas'...once the paint is dry, use your journaling pen ( i use a black fine point Sharpie pen - but a Slick Writer by American Crafts would work great on photos too ) and draw cirlces around your painted circles and doodle inside them!
( this is also a layout off an elsie sketch i loved! )

For those of you lucky ladies coming out to my 2nd Annual Gimli Getaway weekend retreat in April, here's some photos of your two free class projects!
( this one is completed in my choice of colors BUT you will get to choose your own colors for both projects! )
...just a suggestion...
to leave more room for your embellishments or rubons, etc that you choose to use on your album after, I printed my photos in 2 x 3" and 3 x 4" sizes.
if you cannot do this size on your own computer, you can do what i did:
-go to your local Superstore or Walmart that has a
-use your memory card OR scan in photos and select
'make mini prints'
-here, you will find the choice of size you want to print ( 2 x 3, 3 x 4 , 4 x 6, etc..)
-you can select 4 different 2 x 3 per sheet ( 4 x 6 sheet )
-you can select 2 different 3 x 4s per sheet ( 4 x 6 sheet )
AND MANY MORE OPTIONS like black and white...sepia...
( oh, and the cost per sheet is only around .29 )
embellishments, your ideas in your colors!!


this awesome mini album came from my friend Leigh-Ann over at Freckled Nest ( check out her COOL and INSPIRING blog here
she is a warm and wonderful person with an amazing talent for HOMEMADE projects!
she was recently a guest blogger for the always fun and awesome Elsie Flannigan and that's when i saw her totally cute mini...with Leigh-Ann's permission, i have figured out and created my own spin off her album and will be teaching it to you in Gimli!!
All supplies needed to create 'the basics' will be provided for you...basically what you see in the following pages will be supplied for you IN YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS of many different items!
i am sooooo excited to share this project with you!
( and thanks so much LA for sharing your awesome ideas with us -HUGS )
i wanted to share this project completed in its BASICS as this is what yours will look like when you're done! Sizes may vary at class.

...let me just tell you how many cool fibre pages you will be using in this mini...
-corrigated cardboard
-painted coffee collars
-kraft paper
-bazzill edge papers
-and you will also be FUSING PLASTIC to make a couple pages!

...i can hardly wait...
i've been working on my photos and embellies now to complete it and show you in Gimli...
it's going to be tyler's tae kwon do 'white belt' action shots!
( he loves it already! )
so...there you have it.
get those creative hormones hopping and start your planning!
28 sleeps to go....


Freckled Nest said...

Looks so great Kim!! Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

Now I am very anxious for Gimli.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Too band Tyler can't eat corn on the cob for a while!!
Your layouts are so creative and pretty and the book looks neat as well.

Tara said...

Hi Kim! Woohoo! What a great thing to come back to! LOVE that layout! So excited about Gimli and LOVE the projects!



Anonymous said...

I so can hardly wait to do the class with the creative album with foam and all that stuff. I have to start thinking how I will fill it after.